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Open Letter to Indian Parents!

“Many of us end up getting into unsatisfying careers, wondering what we are doing? where we are? How it happens? We feel frustrated, but we never dare to complain”

Open Letter to Indian Parents!

Monday February 11, 2019,

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Dear Indian Parents,

It’s Sunday, 3:30 pm in my watch, Again I received a message last night around 1:00 am from an aspiring entrepreneur asking, can you help me with INR 10,000? I was wondering why this guy is asking for money late night, even I don’t know him. I was asking questions to understand why he needs this? What makes him ask me? Even I was not surprised when he told the reason. Generally, I meet guys like this whether it is a social media platform or sometimes in person, He was having a fantastic business idea. He explained it to me it was really awesome. He asked his parents for a small amount of INR 10,000 to start his startup, But they denied, Not because they don't have money to fund him as they had already invested around 10lacs to make him engineer, They Denied because They feel insecure, they believe Job is better at least he will get paid monthly or he can get a government job and get settled.  

This makes me write this open letter, I want to speak to Indian Parents, what I feel deep inside. what your children feel, I want to ask few questions from you. I want to tell something today, I am not hurt! But I have many questions in my mind going on!

You must be wondering who I am? I am the co-founder of a New generation multichannel marketing venture saletancy.com and also I am a co-founder of vaptual.com where Entrepreneurs, busy professionals, CXO's can get there virtual executive assistant. Yes, I am not an engineer or doctor, I don't have a government job, I am not a millionaire, I face challenges every day but I love what I do, I am passionate about it, I am on a mission, I have a solid vision!

I want to ask if you can invest huge amount for engineering, MBBS etc to make him an engineer, Doctor or whatever .Why don't you spend a small amount to build your children's dreams, to make him do what they love.I am sure you are not against that they become successful or they build his future , In fact you will be the happiest person on earth when you see your child successful, but I am sure you don’t believe in them, in there vision or I can say you are over possessive as a result you push them to an overcrowded path which ends up with nothing.Just running in a never-ending race, No time to listen to the voice of the heart. No time to follow there vision, dream and passion.

Even when it comes to education, You decide the subject what to choose, You never asked what he wants to choose. You decided that they should become an engineer, doctor or government employee, What if they may not interested in that. have you ever thought?

Today, Respected Mr. Narendra Modi is the biggest example you must be aware, Imagine if their parents ask them to become an engineer or forced their views on him do India get such a visionary leader?

Reliance is the biggest company in India, Its founder Respected Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, himself is the biggest example that business is not about a degree from a Big college instead its more about vision, mission, and passion. I have plenty of examples like this.

I am not against Engineering, MBBS or any education or Job, If someone loves to do this they must pursue, I am only against the views which are forced on young child’s ,specially girls .They are not allowed to follow their passion.

Do you know? You ended up making him fall into a trap which has no vision or mission for them as they were not having a passion to do that. They were having his/her own passion which you burnt with the flame of distrustful, insecurity and over possessiveness.

I believe new things can't be done the old way. Sometimes I feel that you had to limit his/her dream .you forced your views on them which you had seen or you had heard from neighbors and your friends. believe me, they are also just following what everyone is doing they also heard from somewhere they also don't know what will be the outcome.

This letter may not change the world or mentality of everyone but I will be glad and happy if it can change the life of some.

In last I would like to request please make sure to allow your children to spread their wings and fly! Let them think out of the box!

With Love,

Gangesh Pathak

Founder & CEO at saletancy.com

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