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Optimise Your Content for Search Engine with These 7 Tips

Content curation is as necessary as optimizing it for search engines in order to woo your customers as well as Google.

If you want to attract more traffic to your website, you have to be smarter with the content you publish. It is one of the challenges that every business face. You have to optimise your content for search engine optimisation that also appeal to the web users.

Most of the time people don’t understand the concepts of SEO. It is not only about using tools and strategies to enhance the rankings. SEO is about putting the needs of the customer first, before search engines. For a thriving business, you need to go beyond the norms of simply throwing some words around and calling it content. The content should accomplish two primary goals, i.e. appeal to the reader and solve an issue.

Content writing is not an easy task, that's why so many companies hire content writers for their business. People can misunderstand your ideas and messages that will lead to unresolved conflicts and mission statement, with crappy writing. With so much competition in the market, companies need to invest in reliable content writing companies to get the best. With informative and unique writing you can infuse your thinking, the brand message, and smart decision making principal into your business.These writing companies can create a positive impact on the people with their blog post and articles.

Article and blogs are a really important part of online marketing strategy and social media management. Here are ways to make your content search engine optimised-

Be intentional

First, figure why you are creating content and care about writing. It's all the clarity, with excellent writing you can ensure the audience engagement from the newsletter, emails, blog post, articles to stories. All have a clear sense of purpose for writing. The content writing starts from the core message of the brand ad covering all the aspects of products and services to the future. You need people to feel the impact of your writing by creating valuable content.

Voice of the company

While creating any post, make sure your writing is the voice of your company that people hear. Whether you are writing a blog or article, establish a style and method. You can evoke emotions with your content writing style, so make sure to use it wisely. Voice can be the brand message, goals and other information about your business.


Regular writing

Commitment to writing is necessary to create an online identity of the business. At least write two long posts a week. Write about your company, products, services, failures, news, much more. The regular writing will keep you in the focus of the people. They will also know that you are active in doing business. Keep updating new articles and blog posts about your business. It will not help you in search engine ranking improvement but also create trust with the customers. 

Keyword research

The secret of attracting more people to your business is choosing the right keyword. Keywords are those phrases that people enter on the search engines. Find out relevant keywords people are searching for (it should be competitive as well). Make a list of keywords that you will be using for your website or blog post.

Include keywords in your content

Being a content writer doesn’t mean dumping keyword into your content that doesn’t make any sense. Use keywords through the article. Peppering your content with force keywords won't get you anywhere. You have to use these phases tactically throughout the post. For example, in case you're running a web designing company. You contact a content writer to deliver web content around the keywords "Web Designing” or “Web development services”. These keywords are likely extremely near what a portion of your potential clients is looking for.

•   Incorporate your primary keyword in the title.

•   Repeat it in the first 300 words.

•   Use H1 or H2 tags (it isn’t necessary to use the keywords in both tags).

•   Try to utilize a variation of your keywords throughout the article or blog.

•   Bold your titles and subtitles and write in small paragraphs.

Keep your heading brief; under 120 characters makes for a solid match for internet and social media shares. Keep in mind that web crawlers just record the initial 65 characters, so make your heading brief. Let's take a look at how to compose an outstanding heading.

•   Incorporate numerals in your post, for example- "10 Hot Haircuts to Change Your Look."

•   Incorporate secretive words, for example, "mystery" to make your heading catchy.

•   Offer the convenient solution: "6 Different ways to find Web designing company."

Write something people want to read about

Before writing, ask yourself this critical question, who cares?

Most often writer pumps content that nobody cares about or write just for the sake of writing. The end users are people on the internet, not search algorithms. You know your business best, so use it to your advantage. You can discuss your products and services or news relating to your business.

While it is easy to fill pages with keywords, if people coming to your site won't find anything worth reading, they are not going to stay. Ensure to enlighten your audience. Also makes them need stick around to become familiar with your business and what you do.

Make use of pictures

Use SEO optimized images to make your post more attractive. Add hyperlinks to your website when you post articles or blogs on other sites. It will help redirect people on your site if they found your content engaging.

Your content should be 100% unique

Don't forget for better search engine rankings, your content should be creative, engaging and 100% unique. You can use many tools to check the plagiarism of the content. Original content is the heart of search engine optimization. It is a secret ingredient to the higher placement on the search engines.

Create SEO content strategy

Define your goals and write for the target audience. Do you want to increase sales or want more traffic coming to your website? Create content accordingly. Know the target audience who are going to read your content. Then develop marketing strategies to represent your website's products and services to the visitors. Think about what kinds of content people would like to learn about.

Optimise Meta Discription

A meta description is the extra text that shows up in search engines after the URL. It tells the online web users what the link is all about. It gives people data to decide if your content is what they're searching for, and eventually help them choose to click on or.

The length of this meta description should be less than 300 characters. This length is best which recommends and give readers an insight about the link. So, in addition to being informative, your meta description ought to incorporate the long-tail keywords for which you are endeavoring to rank.

External and Internal Links

The crawlers of the search engine index every link. It's critical to interlink your content, not exclusively to help search engines, but also let reader know about the information they can excess.

Moreover, external links provides trust and significance. For instance, in case you're attempting to rank for "Delhi web designing company". It's useful to link that web page to other pages like your Google maps or social media account.

Hire content writers

The best way to get professional content for your company is to hire content writers. You can post the jobs or hire a content writing company.

If you are looking to save time, then hiring professional content writer will surely free up your time. You can use this time to focus on your business competence and satisfaction of the customers. A professional writer how to create engaging copy for the audience. They are trained in the art of persuasive writing. They know what it takes to build a good copy that people will not only read but will share also. Also, while writing for your business, they will research your company and goals. They will help you to communicate with your customers with well written and researched content.


Content marketing is a new trend that has taken the internet by storm. It is here now and is not going anywhere. It has now become an imperative factor between the success and failure of the digital marketing strategies implemented. A content writing company in India would be able to help your business with any type of content related services.