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Optimize Social Media Marketing Campaigns with AI Chatbots

By ashish singh chauhan|8th Feb 2020
Social media marketing via traditional tools is highly costly and thoroughly ineffective. Contrary to this, by making use of conversational AI chatbots, you can boost the engagement rate at a very cost-effective price.
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Earlier marketing is viewed as an art. But, with the rise of the digital world, it has grown as a science of human psychology. Because, at present, to run a successful digital marketing campaign, you should have a good understanding of user behavior and platform.

Like, here are a few things that social media marketers should know:

  • what kind of content is suitable for a platform?
  • How users will react to certain elements of the campaign?
  • How to leverage the reaction of users for meeting the business goals. 

Nowadays, presence on social media has become a determining factor in the success of a business. That’s why many enterprises largely depend on such platforms to capture the attention of the buyers, build a customer-friendly brand image, and seize the market. Social media presents great potential for reliable growth. But it’s not an easy task to foot in the world of social media marketing, to attract buyers. There are a few challenges behind it. Firstly, it takes a lot of effort and resources to create social media marketing campaigns as per the interest of the users. 

When compared to the traditional techniques of marketing, digital marketing is much cheaper and more effective.

The motto of such digital marketing campaigns is to build a good brand image that buyers can rely upon. So, a business can enhance user engagement and sales. But, despite getting user engagement on the social media marketing campaigns, it has been seen that businesses fail to get conversion rate in the same proportion.

As a result, digital marketing grows more hectic and challenging. Whereas this can be altered with the next-gen conversational AI chatbots, that can keep the users engaged and get the most out of campaigns at a very fast rate than traditional methods of marketing.

Why Social Media Matters?

Undoubtedly, social media is graced as the favorite spot for users to connect with the world. With billions of active users on social media sites, it has become essential for businesses to leverage their presence via marketing campaigns to attract more customers.

At present, almost 80% of global businesses are desperately running digital and social media campaigns to get hands-on engagement and conversion rates. But, are you getting enough conversion rate with traditional methods of marketing? Because, a low conversion rate can impact the cost of running such marketing campaigns, ROI, and business productivity.

Two-way communication is the sole enabler in motivating the prospects to the transactional phase.

Therefore, it gets necessary to turn towards conversational AI chatbots, that have the potential to unlock a whole new world of digital marketing.

People follow brands on social media

Social media connects people with the brands they love, hence users like to follow and keep and eye on such brands. So they can get latest updates regarding offers and products. Hence by engaging with the users on a personalized level, you can enhance the experience and pitch products and offers in a more realistic way.

You can influence customers

Conversational chatbots allow you to engage with the users in real-time and answer their product-related queries. With two-way communication, it becomes much easier for you to begin a sustain conversation with the users and record their responses as well.

By understanding the user input and preferences, AI chatbots can learn about the individual choices of the buyers. This data can be leveraged to build campaigns tailored as per user preferences. By influencing the customers with personalized marketing, you can enhance the marketing campaign respectively.

How Conversational Marketing can Help? 

Conversations have played a major role in marketing and advertising. Because it gets easier for the buyers to understand a product or service and get convinced, when they know about it.

What makes marketing interesting? A marketing campaign be it online or offline is solely based on letting people know about a business, product or service in the easiest way possible. It’ s an important channel to outsource the stocks among the relevant audience.

A marketing campaign should be attractive and to the point. So people can grasp it the way it was composed.

A conversational marketing strategy can be defined as engaging with the audience and letting them know about the product or service via one to one communication.

Conversational platforms are the future of marketing, they can make it scalable to reach out to thousands of audience on a personal level.

When you engage with the users via conversational platforms like AI chatbots, you can not only market products but also collect the user analytics that will eventually help in composing a perfect marketing campaign as per user interest.

What makes selling products a tough task? To be clear, 65% of times its traditional tools of marketing that fail a product.

Get Most Out of Digital Marketing in Low Cost with AI Chatbots

AI chatbots can change the face of digital and social media marketing campaigns.

Marketing products and services is not an easier task as it requires a lot of work. Like, finding the right audience, their preference, and most importantly analytics of previous marketing campaigns. Even after getting hands-on all these, the risk of failing a social media campaign stands high. Albeit, AI chatbots can make it easier and more effective. Because a single chatbot can connect with thousands of visitors at the same time. Hence, it can keep human resources from taking up the repeated tasks, and can do much, such as:

  • Understand User Preferences
  • Understand users based on geolocation
  • Boost engagement rate on website
  • Target specific and right audience
  • Get real-time conversion rate