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How To Organize Activities For Employees And Workers?

How To Organize Activities For Employees And Workers?

Wednesday July 22, 2020,

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Since the beginning of the '90s, team building activities, activities for employees and workers have been used with force to improve the productivity levels of work teams and encourage the creation of high-performance teams to stimulate organizational growth. Click here to find the best activities for workers and employees.

Teamwork is the most effective way to achieve objectives if you want to go at the same pace as large companies and multinationals, periodically carrying out activities for companies for your work team. Although it seems a little unreal, it has been proven that playfully imparting knowledge is highly effective.

According to studies, employees who receive training through practical programs manage to retain around 90% of the content. On the contrary, those who receive information in traditional classrooms only process approximately 20%.

Encouragement Of Activities For Companies In Employees

The activities for employees and workers for your team can help you achieve an optimal work climate, once employees have a pleasant time while acquiring tools for their growth, you can positively motivate them and propel them towards teamwork. Get to know about employee engagement activities during work from home via reading online.

Generally, company games days are held outside the office and in groups. The dynamic is to propose practical scenarios where everyone must seek the solution to a conflict. The purpose will be to promote collective work and exercise company values.

What Is Productive About Employee Activities?

Playing a game within work teams has more interpretations than it appears, fosters a moment of relaxation, but at the same time promotes and reinforces tools for productive work.

Often the employee activities for your team help develop socialization and integration skills and seek to get participants to put tools into practice such as:

· Find creative solutions for problem-solving.

· Improve interpretation and communication skills.

· Prevent prejudice from forming on team members.

· Problem solving and leadership exercise.

· Participation and collective work.

· Confidence and ability to listen.

· Exhibition of ideas and new contributions.

The Best Activities For Workers That You Can Apply:

Employee Engagement

We recommend 4 company activities for your team that can help you put team building principles into practice in your organization.

  • Orientation game: The Outdoor Training game for companies consists of hiding objects on open ground that participants will have to find with the help of a map and a compass. Two teams must be created and the one that manages to find the greatest number of objects will be the winner. This game promotes leadership, collective work processes, and decision making.
  • The shepherd: Two teams must be organized and each one must appoint a leader who will have the role of shepherd, he must guide the rest of the members who will be the sheep, they will be blindfolded and must listen to the instructions of their leader to get to the corral.

This activity helps improve communication within the team and strengthens bonds of trust.

  • Obstacle course: The idea is to make two teams of eight people overcome a series of obstacles, with varying degrees of difficulty. Each team member must overcome the track and the team that achieves it in the shortest time will be the winner. This is an ideal team-building event in summer and with the beach.

This game enhances teamwork, perseverance, and motivation.

  • Positive: Couples are organized where one will tell about a negative event in his life and his partner will have to talk about the same event, but giving it a positive meaning. The roles are later reversed.

Participants promote the principle of resilience and learn to take advantage of the positive that negative situations can leave.

The activities for companies for your work team represent a training experience of great institutional value that can inspire behavior and improve the conflict resolution capacity of the entire team.

With these group dynamics, the company can transform the weaknesses of the work teams by motivating them and thereby increase productivity to achieve its objectives.

How Do Business Activities Help?

It is the topic that we want to briefly address, as there are more than a few managers who overlook employee activities within their management plan. Ultimately, unconvincing balance sheet results and, at worst, deleterious effects on the organization that could have been avoided.

To better understand the scenario, we invite you to learn why and why these games are important if you want to have a healthy and efficient company that does not fear to show itself to the environment. On the contrary, their good performance will serve to inspire other managers and entrepreneurs to do the same in their environment.

What Do The Activities For Employees And Workers Help?

Improving productivity, strengthening trust between teams, overcoming difficulties, or taking on challenges is part of the challenges that companies face in a changing, competitive, unpredictable, demanding environment such as that of the times. From the advertising spot that was enough to improve sales, we have gone “face to face” with the user, thanks to the networks.

It implies new challenges for the leading team in the organization since it will have to respond with ingenious initiatives. They usually correspond to different types, depending on the needs of the company. They can be worked by areas or departments, or on specific days according to the profile, role, and needs of each subgroup within the business organization.

  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Problem resolution
  • Planning
  • Teamwork
  • Cohesion

The modality also varies, whether it is activities for employees to be carried out in the usual work environment, or outdoor activities (Business Outdoors Training) and team building that is characterized by experiential learning practices. Both generally involve the participation of external teams that act as animators in each program.

One of the virtues of this type of game is the practicality with which everyone participates. By being part of the community in a new experience, motivation grows, mutual recognition improves, and skills and competencies that remain overlapping emerge. The leader or mentors will be attentive to recognize the new contributions of this experience.

The result is the new contributions that come from each meeting or shared experience. Many companies that focused for years on traditional actions find new fields of expression and encounter where to expand the best of each organization, while anomalies are being corrected with a surprising result.

It is no longer just a work team or a sales group repeating a formula in unison, whose coldness is also perceived by the user or client. Now they look for warmer, more authentic responses, with a sense of identity with the product and the organization.