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Predictions for Top 2020 Trends on Popular Social Media Platforms.

An urge for knowing the top trends for 2020 is rising worldwide. The global key trends of 2019 by Google are actually trending all over the world. The video launched by Google Trends helped viewers to understand how the year 2019 went.

Predictions for Top 2020 Trends on Popular Social Media Platforms.

Thursday January 02, 2020,

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An urge for knowing the top trends for 2020 is rising worldwide. The global key trends of 2019 by Google are actually trending all over the world. The video launched by Google Trends helped viewers to understand how the year 2019 went.

It was the year of Copa America as the top news and India vs. South Africa, as the most searched detail. Social media searches are one of the most critical searches annually. While Joaquin Phoenix has been one of the most searched actors in 2019 after the launch of Joker, you may find the Top Gun: Maverick as the most trending movie of 2020.

Predictions for the top 2020 trends are on every social media channel yet; you can opt for the most popular social media platforms. Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram have released their set of prediction for trends of the next year inflow.

The Top 2020 Trends Worldwide

The year 2019 has been a futuristic one with technological inventions like 5G, Robotics, Blockchain, IoT, 3D Printing, and much more. Similarly, 2020 is going to be a more advanced year of science. While Xbox Series X and Play Station 5 are already launching in the next Holiday Season, there is much more the humans are going to focus on next year.

TrendWatching has its own set of 2020 trends live on the site. The year according to them has some top trends that will bring opportunities and effects on everyone.

§ The Green Pressure Initiative will surely be a trend for 2020 after all; it is the economic matter for a clean and green environment. With the second virtual news anchor in China, the interest of people in 2020 will opt for better human brand avatars. 2020 as expected to be a time of latest technologies will surely have these avatars.

§ With almost everything available as a service in 2019, the people in 2020 will most probably be demanding relevance as a service. The digital era has taken customer standards very seriously in previous years. While brands keep helping people, the channel has estimated brands to be helping people who think they were left behind in 2019.

§ While the channel thinks social media platforms will opt for civil media strategies and develop meaningful connections among individuals; there is much to explore on some of the most popular social media platforms about trends of 2020.

Top 2020 Trends by Social Media Platforms

Among all the top social media sites, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are zinging about the trend of the upcoming year.

Trends for 2020 by Pinterest

The Pinterest Newsroom has discussed 100 trends that will surely add meaning to the next year. However, some of the most popular ones include trends under categories like ‘Beyond Binary’, ‘Conscious Consumptions’, ‘Finding Balance’, ‘Home Hub’, ‘Internationally Inspired’, ‘Pampered Pets’, ‘Responsible Travel’, ‘Re-wilding’, ‘Space Everything’, and ‘90’s Rerun’.

§ More parents are opting for gender-neutral names. Therefore, this trend will keep increasing next year with additions in the unisex gender names list.

§ The protest posters from humorous task to serious issues are trends. Next year, you will be witnessing more climate-change protest signs.

§ Spanish bathrooms are being inspired in every corner of the world. You may find more of these styles with the distinct archways down to the decorative tile.

Trends for 2020 by Twitter

The Search Engine Journal has 18 hottest trending topics from Twitter for the next year. Twitter finalized this list after analyzing billions of tweets of the past three years through machine learning.

It discusses six trending themes that covered all the popular topic of this social media platform. According to Twitter,

§ People are shifting from conversations on physical appearance, body image, and diet to better discussions on health of mind and wellness of the body. It is a great change that is more likely to grow next year.

§ The interest of people in conversing about spiritual practices like yoga, chakras, Zen, and mindfulness is 45% decreased.  People are more in discussions regarding alternative spirituality topics that lead to healing, energy, and astrology.

§ More creativity is going to highlight in the next year. Twitter users are marking tweets regarding entrepreneurs, builders, makers, writers, and similar people.

§ With emerging technology, people are also opting a habit of appreciating themselves. Self-confidence is essential and individuals are already breaking stereotypes and discussing issues on gender and diversity.

§ As discussed earlier, Twitter too believes the next year to be a time when more concern on climate will be given. People are opting strategies, and 2020 trends will most probably have them on every platform.

§ With the tech life of 2019, you can clearly understand how futuristic 2020 will be. More inventions on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence will be adding to the advancements of next year.

Trends for 2020 by Instagram

While the popular social media platforms have been reviewing their top 2020 trends, you can view Instagram trends and forecasts for 2020 as well.

§ The platform thinks that content will continue to gain popularity next year, along with better tools and strategies for content marketing.

§ The Instagram TV has been a trend, and an indeed hit this year. It will further grow with better features in 2020, and you will able to find better stories on the platform.

§ Online shopping through Instagram is a success. Among all the 2020 top trends, you may find more content and influencers related to shopping on the platform.

2020 As a Set of Uncertain Excitements

The next year is very predictive and futuristic according to many. While the most popular social media platforms are creating an image for the year of technologies and AI; you can still create a list of uncertain impossibilities next year.

Highlighting these trends of 2020 is an important approach for people to set up a plan for the most-awaited year to come. Everything about these top trends will come into being if you opt for strategies according to them.

With all these in black and white, the main focus is on one question, ‘Are you going to be a part of the 2020 trends or not?

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