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Python: How it is Beneficial for Marketing?

Python: How it is Beneficial for Marketing?

Monday February 04, 2019,

4 min Read

Times are changing as we live in a world where more and more information is produced with much faster speed and variety. Nowadays everyone can access the data from anywhere as there are no problems in populating your client database on competitors pricing. Even startups have started the produce a lot of data which enables greater personalization and highly targeted marketing campaigns. Among this massive data, it is helpful to learn code and do stuff with data on your own.

The marketing experts have to continuously strive hard for any successful business that involves processing huge amounts of data on a regular basis. Repetitive tasks like gathering marketing campaign studies, generating reports, analyzing customer behavior, managing social media, measuring conversion rates and much more software development services can consume a lot of time if done manually.

How to Deal with it?

With the help of Machine learning and Data Science, you can automate the data processing tasks. For this, the Python programming language is considered as the best choice for data automation. Businesses have seen a hike in the growth of Python as it is the go-to language for data analysis which is ideal for novice software engineers, marketers, business analysts, bankers, and anyone else who wants to do some more with the data.

Python is considered best at predictive analysis and machine learning. But it can be used to run advanced analytical methods on datasets and make predictions to guide future planning as per the marketing goals.

How Python can be used?

  • Market Portfolio Analysis

The online retailers use the market portfolio analysis to identify the transactions and item combination within those transactions according to the customer behavior. By utilizing the Python language, all of this tedious manual tasks can be automated without giving a second thought. It also does the recency, frequency and monetary value analysis which is essential to identify the customer choice and interests. Based on the customer search and behavior, the marketers analyze how recently and how often the customers make purchases as well as how much they spend on purchases.

  •  Automated Email Marketing

As we all are aware of, email marketing involves sending tons of emails. Sequencing if customer onboarding or retention emails are crucial when leading a prospect through the marketing funnel. Tools like Mail Chimp is used by the marketers to automate their campaigns which is also possible using the Python scripts. The built-in CSV module of Python allows processing large amounts of data by simply creating a CSV file with an email address and HTML files to contain email body. Using Python script, you can also incorporate two files into one and can use email template with customizable variables for each customer to send personalized emails.

  • A/B Testing

Technically, A/B testing is the comparison of the different versions of a website or application to find out which version performs the best. For marketing, you will need a baseline and desired conversion rates, the number of website visitors in a control group and test group for running this test. It is estimated that if the difference is close to the desired conversion rate it signals that the A/B test is completed successfully.

  •  Easy to Learn and Use

Rather than spending more time and effort on repetitive tasks, Python allows marketers to focus more on other important activities by handling all the tedious work for them. Python is gaining popularity as one of the world's simplest and most readable languages to learn for beginners as it can help to automate their daily routine tasks. Also, a large community of developers is available on GitHub to solve your problems related to open source Python scripts that can simplify the life of any marketer.


The daily routine of marketing managers involves a lot of tedious tasks which can be easily automated by using the Python programming language. Python can be used for various marketing cases like A/B testing, automating bulk emails, market basket analysis and much more. Hence, it requires marketing specialists to have coding skills as an add on to contribute to the success of a business as they no longer have to spend much time on repetitive tasks and focus on important task instead. The choice is yours!

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