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Reasons to Choose a Mobile App Development Company Over a Freelancer

Reasons to Choose a Mobile App Development Company Over a Freelancer

Friday July 12, 2019,

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Mobile apps have become a vital need for SMBs and enterprises. As per Statista, there are 2.1 million apps available for Android users and 1.8 million for iOS users. This rapid swell is down to the continuous innovation made in the mobile industry over the past decade. But that’s not to say, the industry has reached its zenith. The scope of mobile apps is being tested and redefined on an everyday basis. So, as mobile app experts, our sincere advice to modern businesses that have yet to jump on the mobile app bandwagon is to do themselves a little favor and partner with a leading mobile app development company. Following are some of the most immediate benefits a business can derive by hiring a mobile app development company:


Reasons to Choose a Mobile App Development Company Over a Freelancer

Better for startups and big projects: Hiring a mobile app development company is a much better option than working with freelancers. A company with its dedicated resources and valuable experience follows the mobile app development process with a tried and tested approach. They analyze the client's requirements and accordingly guide them about the service they have to offer. With a mobile app development company, you also get the much needed technical support post the project completion. All your requirements for designers, developers and testers are met in a single place. 

Budget-friendly- This is another key benefit of hiring a mobile app development company. When you hire a development company, you will pay only for the work they deliver to you. Most companies offer several payment plans to choose from and you can opt into the one that suits your needs and budget well viz. hourly, weekly or monthly etc. Although the cost of getting an app developed from a freelancer is comparatively higher, but the overall reliability and peace of mind you get from a specialized mobile app development company’s work is incontestable. 

Availability of technical expertise and resources- Availability of technical expertise and resources is a huge plus with mobile app development company. Companies use the latest tools and technologies to build applications for their clients. Ultimately, you benefit from the use of the latest technologies and programming practices that make your business apps futureproof

Tuned workflow:  Hiring a mobile app development company allows you to benefit from a tuned workflow. So every time you request update or clarification on an issue, you’re connected with a responsible member. As people working closely or directly on your project, they offer a highly satisfactory response to your queries. 

As soon as you describe the nature of your inquiry, you’re connected to the concerned person. Most reputable mobile app development companies maintain work logs and perform great reporting. 

Round the clock support team-  At the time of entering into a contract with a mobile app development company, you're assured of round-the-clock technical support for all your queries. No such benefits are available when it comes to freelancers. So, unlike freelancers who can avail themselves depending on their timetable, or burden of work, a mobile app development company will always be there to take your requests and deliver a prompt response. 

Companies care about their products: Another key benefit of hiring a mobile app development company is their readiness to associate themselves with their delivered projects. Accrediting themselves with successful projects elevates a company’s reputation and improves their portfolio Companies aren’t like freelancers, and they are picky about the projects they work on. In addition to that, they also maintain a high level of security of the client’s application and confidential data. 

Long-term relationships: Finally, companies are intent on building long-lasting relationships with each individual client. To that end, they’ll always stay in touch and resolve your concerns as need be.


These are the key benefits of hiring a mobile application development company in India. So, if you’re thinking of getting a mobile app for your business, then without any doubts, reach out to a reputable mobile app development company that promises quality products, has a reliable and proven past experience and understands your requirements well.