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Reasons To Opt For Professional Invoicing Solutions

Reasons To Opt For Professional Invoicing Solutions

Monday March 04, 2019,

4 min Read

Professional Invoicing App

You know or must have heard about invoicing. But do you want to about how to do invoicing in a much easier, quicker and error free way, that too in a single handed way. If you want know about it, then this article is written by experienced professional from the industry, read and get to know more about how to take your business to the next level in an organised yet simple manner.

What is invoicing?

Invoice is piece of paper rather a business document which states the details on the good or services sold by the seller to the buyer, the quantity of each and every goods and services, the price, and the date of the activity. There are different types of invoices used for different purposes like the retainer invoice, performa invoice, credit notes, timesheet invoice, recurring invoices and commercial invoices.

Why is Invoicing done?

Any organisation or firm conducts and maintains online invoicing app on the regular basis.  Invoices are maintained by both small and big entities. Now invoicing helps in various ways:

  1. If invoicing is done date wise, it is easy to track each and every transaction and also know about their details.
  2. As there is regular maintenance, there is less chance or no chance of any kind of legal hassle.
  3. Every year there is tax filling. Proper invoicing makes tax filling way easier.
  4. You get clear view of your business analytics i.e, where your business is standing at a particular point of time.

What is professional invoicing?

Professional invoicing is a software application that allows doing invoicing in an organised systematic manner. It is an ideal companion for receipts which allows assigning receipts with images of an invoice. These receipts can be categorized as travel expense, meals etc. It is of great assistance if you are a small business owner and frequently need to make invoices, POs and estimates at extremely affordable prices. The invoices are made in professional pdf files, colour coded tracking, smart payment procedure, fine gain tax control, team management, shipping and payment, custom invoice Ids, receipts with images, client company signature and various at facilities. They offer free trail for six months period.

What should it contain?

It must contain the business name, the contact details, the invoice number, the invoice date, the due date, the client’s company name and the total amount which is due.

Features of Using Professional Invoicing

  • Instant Invoicing: Professional invoicing helps in making invoices instantly which can also be shared with clients and customers immediately.

  • Custom made Invoicing: As per the company or the brand requisites, you can select templates, create invoice IDS, footer/ disclaimers, tax ids, shipping options, multiple taxes up to four decimal points, company logo, clients signature, company seal and many more PDF customization options.

  • Cloud sync, offline Mode: Sync all your data from all your devices in the real time, it switches to offline mode when the device is not connected to internet.

  • Helps in tracking reports and data: Since the system is completely computerized, every data is systematically maintained, this highly helps in tracking the reports. Color coded tracking makes navigation of data much easier. In depth reports are given to you to present bigger picture.

  • Team Management: Professional invoicing helps in adding multiple users. It is the perfect companion for both small and big firms with multiple members. It further provides to build in user access control.

  • Excellent Support: Clients are treated with utmost care and valued as their own team members.

How does Professional invoicing helps?

Your business is taken to the next level in these simple steps:

  • Create an account and customize your invoice
  • Send invoice in under 2 minutes
  • Helps in keeping the track of paid, unpaid invoices and helps in staying more organised.

The professional online invoicing application is now widely available for mobile phones. You can download the application and regulate the entire process by the tip of your finger. Initially companies used to hire big accounts team to look after the financial aspects, but today the entire process has been streamlined by the invent of these types of apps which not only reduces the man power but at the same time the process is faster, quicker, hassle free, less cumbersome and error free.

Invoicing is an important part of contemporary online businesses. It is backbone of financial planning and an important aspect of cash flow and in turn smooth running of the business.