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The rise of On-demand multi-niche delivery apps during this Coronavirus pandemic season

In the wake of COVID-19, almost 95% of US families use at least one on-demand delivery app. Walmart nearly saw as many as 54,000 downloads while the target Grocery Delivery app saw 53,100 downloads. China’s eCommerce sales have been boosted by 36%. Learn how to launch a multi niche delivery app here

The rise of On-demand multi-niche delivery apps during this Coronavirus pandemic season

Monday March 30, 2020,

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The locks on our doors are tightened by keys in the hands of the Coronavirus. The extent of this fear has been increasing manifold ever since the first casualty of the virus occurred in China. People do not have access even to the grocery store or the restaurant at the end of their streets. COVID-19 has made even essential products, a massive demand in the market. With Governments imposing strict regulations on people in various nations across the world, people are stranded in their homes.

Almost all people across various nations are practising social distancing. Modern technology has rolled up its sleeve and has arrived at a solution to the issues of the people. Smartphones have addressed this issue by allowing us to use the on-demand delivery apps. Food and grocery are delivered to people's doorsteps almost instantly. 

How are on-demand delivery apps helping people in this pandemic? 

Food delivery apps like Doordash, UberEats, etc., have already seen a surge in this pandemic season. In the wake of panic buying and essential buying, Grocery delivery apps have also risen to this occasion to help people out. Grocery delivery apps like Instacart and Walmart have already become the destination for most of the people. 

Delivery apps

People are handling the pandemic by adopting measures like Contactless delivery options. The business owners can cope up with the demand by managing supply chains efficiently as well as providing awareness to delivery professionals regarding the transmission of the disease. 

According to recent sources, almost 95% of US families use at least one on-demand app. Walmart nearly saw as many as 54,000 downloads while the Target Grocery Delivery app saw 53,100 downloads. China’s eCommerce sales have been boosted by 36%, with 71% of the customers purchasing online through smartphones.

It must be noted that all these on-demand services are carried out by business owners risking their own lives to benefit people in need. 

Strategies to be followed by on-demand delivery apps in this pandemonium season

If you are a business owner or planning to enter this on-demand business venture, here are some strategies to be kept in mind for efficient functioning,

  • Adopting ‘Contactless’ delivery options

By preventing contact between the delivery professionals and users, the transmission chain of the disease can be broken. 

  • Hiring Delivery professionals

To meet the growing demand, delivery professionals have to be hired. Giants in the industry have already begun to adopt this strategy. Amazon is planning to hire 100,000 delivery professionals to meet the demand of the users. 

  • Uniting with Local business

For efficient functioning, supply chains are highly essential. Joining hands with a local business venture can help in coping with the demand and adds to the restocking of commodities. Coming forward to join the local business can be an ideal choice for grocery delivery apps. 

Advantages of these on-demand delivery apps

These on-demand delivery apps have proved to be highly advantageous to users as well as business owners. The advantages are, 

  • Customer Satisfaction

Users fear to step into the streets and reach a crowded marketplace. These on-demand apps have made people get rid of the fear and purchase the products they need. Instant services have added to increased customer satisfaction. Moreover, users can choose varied products in a single place. 

  • Delivery through bot

Companies have adopted different services to prevent this pandemic from intensifying. One such step is delivery through bots. Delivery bots deliver goods or food packages at the people’s doorsteps. A delivery professional isn’t necessary if services are adopted by bots. 

  • Increased Revenue to business owners

The demand for on-demand delivery apps have taken a clear boom in this season. People demand more from these on-demand delivery apps. The greater the demand, the larger is the revenue added to the pockets of business owners. While people are content that services reach their doorsteps, business owners are content that revenue is generated through the app. 

The rise of on-demand Multi-niche delivery Apps

What if you can order food and do grocery shopping all in the same app? These multi-niche delivery apps have gradually begun to gain importance in the fast-moving world. People find it time-consuming to navigate between apps and track their orders simultaneously.

With these apps, users have control over their orders effectively. Providing multi-niche deliveries in a single app can greatly benefit the users. Apps like Gojek have already entered this emerging business venture. A Gojek clone app can vastly benefit end-users. Characteristics like convenience, affordability, and reliability add additional advantages to the app. Deliveries that can be done in a multi niche delivery app include,

  • Food delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Medicine delivery
  • Essential products delivery
  • Courier delivery and
  • Flower delivery etc.

Development of a Multi niche delivery app

The multi niche delivery app must contain some essential features in the app. Features in the app are the deciding factors in determining the app’s performance in the market. Essential features of the app include, 

  • Geo-fencing
  • Personalized Search filters
  • Schedule bookings
  • Multiple payment options
  • Booking records
  • Real-time tracking facilities
  • Ratings and Reviews

Advanced features of the app include, 

  • Saved Address
  • Invite and Earn
  • Lost item management
  • Fleet management

In this pandemic situation, people demand multiple deliveries to be made, including food and grocery. People find these multi-niche delivery apps, time-saving, and user-friendly. 


On-demand doorstep deliveries are the need of the hour. People, in this quarantine period, have demands sitting at their homes. The advent of on-demand delivery apps is solving the issues of the people. Developing a multi-niche delivery app can act as a one-stop destination to all the people’s needs. The market is growing exponentially with huge demands made by people that are to be fulfilled. 

 This is the right time for emerging business owners to step into the market. The market is demanding, and technology has responded. A business owner needs to look upon the scope of this business venture and invest wisely in this business.