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Demand for on-demand tutor apps saw huge spike during this COVID-19 pandemic: How these apps can be better developed?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, over 1.7 billion learners are forced out of schools globally and they are turning to online tutors. Time across these online tutoring platforms has been increased by 50% since the outbreak. Find how these apps can better serve in this pandemic.

Demand for on-demand tutor apps saw huge spike during this COVID-19 pandemic: How these apps can be better developed?

Friday April 03, 2020,

6 min Read

The Coronavirus has made people’s lives gruelling. People are stranded in their homes without even essential commodities. Governments of major nations have imposed social distancing to be followed strictly. Lock-downs are prominent in various areas, including workplaces, schools, colleges, etc. This has severely affected school and college students and prevents them from getting the necessary education. Students find the situation boring without knowing what can be done in their leisure time.

Parents also worry that their children are deprived of the education they are supposed to get. To solve these issues, modern technology has provided us with tutor apps where students can be taught online sitting in their homes. Online tutoring apps like Udemy have already begun to create an impact in the market. The effect of coronavirus on schools and colleges and the steps involved in the development of tutor app is discussed here. 

Impact of Coronavirus on Educational institutions

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, over 1.7 billion learners are forced out of schools globally. 
According to UNESCO, over 90% of the total students are affected due to coronavirus pandemic. 
More than 100 nations have implemented nationwide lockdowns, including offices, schools, etc. 
There are approximately 832 million learners in the world. 

Closure of schools and colleges have led to various complications in the educational industry. 

The rise of online tutor apps

Online tutoring apps are in the limelight for quite a few days. Students are enrolling for different courses and are opting for different tutors across the world. With the quarantine period expected to prolong further, these online tutor apps will be in high demand. If you are an entrepreneur looking to capitalize during this timeframe, this online tutoring app market can be an ideal market to venture into. Let us look at some facts and figures before deciding if the market is capable enough, 

China’s online education industry has multiplied its revenue by 154% since the start of the year. 
The private tutoring market will generate a revenue of $7.37 billion by 2023. 
CAGR expected in this online tutor market is almost 8%. 
Apps like Byju’s have seen a 60% increase in the usage of the apps since the pandemic. 
Time across these online tutoring platforms has been increased by 50% since the outbreak. 

Development of an on-demand tutor app

Now that we know the demand and potentiality of the market, the development stage begins. The development of on-demand tutor apps involves the features that are to be included in the app, the functionalities of the app, and the launching of the app. There are app solutions like Udemy clone app which can fast forward the development of tutor apps.

Online Tutor App

The stages include, 

  • Preparing the app development script: App development script is the plot of how the app should work. It essentially contains the functionalities of the app, the workflow, ideas that can be included in the app, etc.

  • Features of the app: The features of the app determines the scalability of the app. Features are classified as basic features and advanced features. They are discussed in detail below. 

  • Launching the app: Once the app is trial-tested and completely developed, launching has to take place. Deployment of the app across different platforms like, Android, iOS, and others, takes place in this stage. 

Essential Features of the app

Essential features decide the working of the app. To develop an on-demand tutor app, the essential features include, 

  • Registration: Students register in the app by providing details of their education. Students can register through different social media platforms. 

  • Search filters: Students can apply different search filters based on their subjects, duration, price ranges, etc. Personalized suggestions based on students’ interest is also possible in the app. 

  • Booking/ Registering for a course: Students can enroll for courses or book a live course with the instructor. They can also schedule a course to inform the tutor well in advance. 

  • Price Estimation: Students can show interest in a course and enquire about the payment details with the tutor in this feature. 

  • Payment: Students can pay via multiple payment gateways, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, etc.

  • Ratings and Reviews: Students can rate the course on a scale of 1-5. He/she can share their thoughts on the course and instructor in the form of reviews available in the app. 

Advanced Features of the app

These advanced features differentiate your app from the rest of the app. Some of the advanced features that can be included in the on-demand tutor app can be, 

  • Premium benefits: With this feature, students can conserve time by contacting the tutor 24x7. Students will have to pay an extra amount to avail of this feature. 

  • Download Sessions: With this feature, students can download their course materials and access them whenever needed. This increases the user’s commitment towards the app. 

  • AI personalized recommendations: This feature involves the use of AI to provide personalized recommendations to students. Recommendations are made based on students’ watch history, their interests, etc. 

How is the revenue generated from the app? 

These on-demand tutor apps can generate revenue in various ways. They are generated as, 

  • In-app advertisements: By displaying advertisements in the app, revenue is generated. Collaborations with different companies regarding advertisements can generate a valuable source of revenue through the app. 

  • Commissions from payment: The business owner acts as a bridge between the tutors and students. Passage of information is possible only through the app. Hence, whenever students enroll in a course, the app demands a certain amount of the payment as commission. 

  • Subscription fees: Revenue can be generated by providing a premium subscription to students. Once the subscription fee is paid, students have access to premium benefits, including downloading the videos, 24x7 access to tutors, etc. This can add a substantial revenue option through the app. It is the features that are accessible by paying the subscription fees that attract students to availing them. 

Wrapping Up

Lockdowns have deprived students of the education they are destined to get. While technology has provided them this opportunity, they will grab it with their hands. Hence the demand for this market will continue to rise in this quarantine season. This can be an ideal time to develop an on-demand tutor app and attract students by its latest features. Approaching an app development company can get your app developed in the shortest time possible. So, think, react, and enter this potential business venture.