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Child Visa Subclass 802's Rules and Regulation for Migration

Child Visa Subclass 802's Rules and Regulation for Migration

Friday July 26, 2019,

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Definition of Child Visa

Child visa is a kind of permanent visa that enables eligible parents to support their children to stay in Australia. Whenever this application could be lodged and granted, it is necessary for the child has to stay in Australia. It is also noted that if any child holds any other countries visa then the child cannot be allowed for applying for this visa, this condition is called a ‘no further stay' condition.

Criteria for Child Visa

The criteria, which are important for the child visa is mentioned below:

  • The child has to live in Australia.
  • The parent or partner of the parent who is eligible supports the child.
  • The child age should be younger than the age of 18 and also a regular student in the age of between 18 to 25 or the child could not able to work for the disability and fully dependent on supported parents.
  • The child has to be single, not engaged with someone or married to someone.

Criteria for an Eligible Parent

The criteria for an eligible parent are mentioned below:

  • It is important for the parent, the parent also a citizen of Australia.
  • The parent should hold a permanent citizen visa of Australia.
  • It is also possible if the parent is eligible for New Zealand.
  • The parent of the child has to be a biological parent or if the parent is a step-parent then the parent has legally responsible for taking care of the child.

Condition for the Sponsoring Parent:

  • It could be noted that the sponsoring parent should have the written approval of each and every person, those persons are legally eligible to decide the child where stay.
  • According to the laws of the home country of the child, it has to permit the child for removal.
  • This rule is permanent with any of the Australian children.
  • Sponsoring parents to have to meet with some certain character, this is followed by the requirement.
  • After the age of 16, it is necessary to provide a police certificate from each and every country where stays for one year or throughout the last 10 years.
  • First 2 year the sponsoring parents support the child in Australia to satisfy maintenance requirements and not trust on welfare.
  • The sponsoring parent could be provided with sufficient accommodation.
  • The parent could help the child to establish in Australia.
  • The parent could support the child to join English classes any of requirement.
  • If any case the environment of the child is changed in some way it is directly affected by the parent's eligibility for support the child and also affected the child visa's eligibility.

The application method of Child visa:

The Government of Australia is very alert in their conditions; this visa is included protection for a child. The most important concern for the child is the main attention of the visa. If the parent wants to secure a visa for the child, first the parent has to stay in Australia and then consult with the Australian Government. The Government of Australia could help the parent to direct the way, which is followed by the parent for the successful application of child visas quickly.

About the Visa

This visa permits the child who is already in Australia to live in Australia. This child visa approves the parent who is eligible to sponsor a child to stay in Australia. If the child's age is less than 18 years the parent could allow applying for the child visa on behalf of them.

Benefits of Child Visa:

  • This child visa permits a child to live in Australia permanently.
  • The child could be eligible for the study and work in Australia.
  • This Child visa allows the child register in Medicare and all healthcare-related to Australia's scheme.
  • Sponsor the relatives who are eligible for permanent citizenship.
  • Travel from and to Australia for the next five years is allowed from the date, which is granted the visa after the five years need another visa for entering Australia.

Eligibility criteria for the visa

To achieve this child visa subclass 802 the child should fulfill all the criteria. The criteria are mentioned below:

  • The child should be supported by the parent or the partner of the parent
  • The child younger than the age of 18 years and could not adopt.
  • The child could be adopted when the age of the child is under 18.
  • In the age of between 18 to 25, the child should be a full-time student
  • The age of 18 or older child not able to work for the reason of disability and dependent on the parent who is sponsoring.

Sponsor of the child

The sponsor of the child is the parent who is a citizen of Australia. The parent who is a permanent citizenship holder of Australia is also eligible citizenship for New Zealand. The partner of the child's parent could also sponsor the child but the partner also should be a citizenship holder of Australia.

Relationship between the child and parent

  • There is a special bond between the adopted children and parents more than the biological child
  • A stepparent who is separate from the partner for a long time could take the legal responsibility for the stepchildren who is the younger the age of 18.

The Child’s interest

If the child's interest is best and the age is under 18 than the visa could be granted.