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Safety Tips For College Students Living On Campus

Safety Tips For College Students Living On Campus

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

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With the increased number of criminal activities being reported, this has also taken a toll on student’s security. The institutions have actively participated and installed security gadgets to protect their students from any noxious activities.

Safety is the prime factor that shouldn’t be compromised in any way, and effective measures should be taken to ensure it. No matter how strict your campus may be to protect its student from any adverse situation, you should play your role to avoid it.

There is no specified limit or precautions that can ensure complete safety of an individual; however, some practices minimize the chances of misery.

Here are some of the tips you can use to protect yourself:

Use Locks:

You may feel that your dorm is safe since it is surrounded by people that are enrolled at your college, you are wrong. You don’t know most of the people residing there and an intruder may mask himself as one of those.

You may have valuable possessions at your room- electronic gadgets, college books, thousands of dollars and what not. So, if you are leaving your room to seek a dissertation help uk or to use the bathroom down the hall, make sure to lock your room door as you go.

Notice Your Surrounding:

Have an eye on the surroundings and observe the people you cross. Avoid getting distracted by using a mobile phone or any gadget on the way, since they can make you lose focus.

Don’t Drink:

A night out with the college buddies may seem like a dream come true, and you should enjoy this leisure time as much as you can, but stay sober. A person in the drunken state is more prone to troublesome experiences such as robbery, sexual assault, and physical abuse.

Inform Someone About Your Whereabouts:

If you are residing on campus, it is recommended to tell someone about the schedule you will be following and where you are to be found. It is better to hand your friend or a family member list of contacts you come across with.

Familiarize with Campus Environment:

If you are an international student and have zero idea about the campus, try to accustom yourself with the emergency exits and security procedures. For this purpose, you can contact the security staff to guide you through the security protocols.

Don’t Trust Everyone:

Trust is a virtue that has to be earned, don’t trust people simply because they study in the same institution as you. You have no idea about their nature or activities or the past they had, so don’t risk yourself and be careful with the trust part.

Don’t Post Everything on Social Media:

If you want to be safe then don’t give out all your information on social media platforms; omit details about:

·        Your regular workout sessions.

·        The gym you use.

·        Your favorite restaurants.

·        Your study schedule and location.

·        Selfies that might indicate your location.

·         Your friend’s credentials.

Avoid these, if you don’t want unexpected vile guests.

Have An Emergency Plan:

What if you come across a hostile situation? What will be your course of action? Remember, always to have a backup plan, so you know exactly what to do if such situation arises. Ponder on the following:

·        Who will you contact?

·        Who resides in your proximity and can reach you in a fraction of seconds?

·        What are the exit routes you can use?

·        Which security bodies operate on such issues?

By preparing yourself mentally, you can help yourself better if certain conditions arise.

Abide by these tips strictly; you are precious to many and don’t let that go in waste by your negligence.