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7 amazing technology trends to look out for post COVID19.

COVID19 is here to stay, but technology likes to differ.

7 amazing technology trends to look out for post COVID19.

Monday June 08, 2020,

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2020 has been one terrible ride. Although, the year started on a good note with all the signs of growth hanging on the front door. It is not the same anymore but certainly, we got some really good tech to the rescue. The 21st century is no more bound by logistical issues and unconventional set-ups. Technology has made it possible for us to reach out to anyone, anytime, and of course anywhere. 

Last time I checked, the pandemic lost to the spirit of teachers teaching children over Zoom, businesses were running operations over Slack, retailers started selling their products over the internet, and so on. 

It’s times like these that help us recognize the voids and fill them with suitable solutions so that there’s never a next time. Well, nature will run its course no matter how hard we try to understand its algorithm. 

The key is to keep growing with all the knowledge we have so that the next time we are prepared. 

In this blog, I am going to share my viewpoint on 7 such technologies which will guide us in a world post-pandemic-2020. Let’s run through each of them and understand their importance so that one of you might end up working on it, making way for smarter solutions in the future. 

Augmented Reality– An immersive technology which can make you go WOW, is loved and developed by major organizations all over the world. With AR, we can visualize almost anything in our sudden surroundings. Thanks to smartphone penetration, all we need is a desire to integrate our physical world with the virtual setup. 

Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and many more companies have joined the race to make AR worth our time. 

This technology can help retailers, product designers, experience curators, and multiple other organizations in reaching out to their customers in a unique way. E-commerce companies have already started enabling AR experience of their product on their website. With all that happening, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the tech will help in lifting the market post-pandemic.

Virtual Reality– One cannot talk about immersive technology without mentioning about Virtual Reality. It is magnificent and efficient at the same time. People have been in awe of it since they saw someone wearing a box on their head. Virtual Reality can let you be present anywhere virtually. 

The gaming industry has been utilizing its full potential for long. High time that we start introducing it in multiple sectors where it can eliminate physical contact. 

Microsoft’s Altspace VR helped many organizations in conducting interactive and highly productive group meetings. Facebook’s Horizon could also be the answer to home quarantine. 

Internet of Things– This tech is re-defining how we interact with our surroundings. Since its inception, IoT has been making things smarter than before. Creating a pathway between devices, enabling them to share information is certainly a valuable trait in the 21st century. With its application, many companies have been able to create solutions that are very helpful in tackling Covid19. 

Private Proximity Registration created by WMW will help people and organizations in creating a geofence around them to maintain social distance. 

Smart wearables and Connected Thermometers are helping doctors and hospitals in keeping a constant check on the temperature of the patient. I believe this has a long way to go. 

Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning– AI and ML has been the flag bearer of deep tech all this while. Nothing fascinates us more seeing a machine doing things which we are supposed to do. 

AI is making them smarter, superior, and more competitive so that the next generation can make bigger discoveries without bothering about little things which of course their computer can handle. 

From analyzing the pattern of symptoms in the patient to helping in the discovery of its vaccine, this tech is surely has a vital role in fighting the pandemic. 

In the coming years, we will see more of AI which can help us in predicting the spread of disease in the population and understanding the pattern of it. All is not lost yet!

5G– The 5th generation of the internet is here. Every smartphone company is rushing to launch their own 5G handset. Blame it on the virus, their attempts are delayed. Sooner or later we all will have access to it and surfing the web won’t be the same again. 

As the internet is at the core of every tech mentioned above, this will help researchers and officials in deploying solutions faster than before. Tackling the disease is going to need a faster internet connection for sharing the information. 5G will make sure that happens at lightning speed. 

3D Printing– 3D printing revolutionized the manufacturing industry since day one. It is not cheaper somehow, as of now, but we are yet to discover its full potential in the coming years. From designers to ideators, this tech is helpful for all of them in visualizing their concept without the hassle of getting into industry-grade manufacturing. 

It has also been helpful in faster development and deployment of essential items like masks, face shields, and ventilators. 

All it needs is a design file, the rest can be handled remotely.

Drones– Drones have been a unique discovery of our generation. Although its usage has been much regulated all over the world for security purposes, governments have got a lot of lenient lately on its development and application in public life. 

From distant monitoring of the lockdowns to delivering essential items in remote areas, this tech is already making news. Medical professionals are also using it to monitor the temperature in public areas as well as spraying disinfectants. Healthcare and logistics industry can benefit a lot from its applications. 

As a generation, witnessing a pandemic for the first time, we still have a lot to learn. Thanks to improved communication services, we are ahead of the disease as of now. With all these technological developments, we can hope to tackle emergencies like these more efficiently. In the meantime, just keep the bug of curiosity alive and kicking!

Augmented reality for everyone.