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7 Impressive Ways to Get Potential Business Investors

7 Impressive Ways to Get Potential Business Investors

Thursday December 12, 2019,

6 min Read

Many new entrepreneurs have great ideas that can take the business world by storm. But hardly 10 out of 100 entrepreneurs succeed in their endeavors. Why so? Due to the lack of funds.

Though they might be talented and their idea something that can transform the industry, only a few lucky ones turn into reality. Because as the statistics show if 100 projects are pitched to an investor, he will invest in only 10 of them. So, there is a huge gap between having a business idea and implementing it for one’s benefit. However, this gap can be filled by raising proper funds with the use of a successful PITCH.

Your PITCH is the single most thing that could either take your business off the ground or sink it like the good old Titanic. It could either turn your business idea into a skyscraper or turn it down to eternal oblivion. Therefore, it matters the most!

Here are a few ingredients to an ultra-professional, compelling and an outstanding pitch that you can present in front of your investors to get funded!

A detailed Business Plan is all it takes

Whether you are simply presenting yourself in front of the venture capitalists or angel investors or you are negotiating with them, having a business plan is the key. It is very important to make them understand your business goals and intentions well in advance, for which a business plan can be used.

A detailed business plan should consist of all the important information regarding the goals and targets of the organization in a particular time period. Each of the projects should be stated in a business plan and segmented into several sub-categories to comprehend them easily.

Although it is important to mention all the main points in a business plan, it is equally important not to overdo it as it becomes too overwhelming for the investors. Rather than bombarding the investors with a full text laden business plan, make use of bullet points. Also, mention only the most significant and relevant information regarding your business operations in these bullet points.

Use your previous results and achievements as a trump card

This is perhaps the most overlooked method of impressing the investors and getting them onboard. We as entrepreneurs are so busy focusing on the future prospects that we completely ignore our previous successes- which are enough to work their magic on the investors!

Not too many investors like spending their money on brands that do not have success attached to them. They like to invest their money in a startup that has some previous achievements to look up to.

The crux is that your pitch should contain information about all your previous accomplishments as they act as your biggest strength when it comes to impressing the investors.

Upgrade yourself using an Elevator Pitch

Take your investors on a short yet very effective elevator ride!

This approach of impressing the investors is called the Elevator Pitch. Though it might seem a daunting task, trust me it is the best way to avoid boredom as well as get the investors on board using a short and to the point elevator pitch.

The crux and the main essence of every elevator pitch out there is brevity and its effectiveness. Therefore creating elevator pitch is the key to your success. It is also a great example of how a short and crisp presentation can help you turn your projects into something great!

Present with short and to the point Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Detailed business plans are always effective and welcomed by the investors, but that shouldn’t be the only method employed by you. Sometimes using Pitch Deck PowerPoint presentation templates can be very useful as they act as visual aids.

Therefore, before laying out a full-blown business plan in front of the investors, try your luck with a pitch deck that outlines both the problem and the solution.

Engage with branding

A sneaky, but efficient way to inspire trust and interest in the investors is by establishing a complete brand presence with your logo, color scheme, and signature in the presentation.

Not introducing your brand gives an impression of a sloppy and undecisive brand identity that can make you lose investors.

Thus, provide clear-cut branding information in your pitch to entice and engage your investors.

Address to impress

You are ready to take on the business world by providing solutions to the current problems. But is that enough to impress the investors and save your precious project from crumbling down? I don’t think so!

Addressing current issues is obviously important, but providing apt solutions to all the possible problems can make a world of a difference!

Highlight all your possible issues and challenges in your business PPT template and if possible devote a separate section to all of them to grab immediate attention of the investors.

Investors are always drawn towards projects that give them a surety that their money is safe even when the circumstances are not ideal. By addressing all the possible business issues, you are letting them know that you are equipped enough to tackle all the problems without much difficulty.

Let your team do the talking

Organization is the magic word when it comes to attracting potential investors and funds when you want to grow and expand. It is the be-all and end-all of all your projects that are required to be funded.

Every investor wants to know the people who are running the business in which he is about to invest. He wants to ensure that his money is in safe hands and will use it for all the right reasons. 

So, let your team members talk for your organization by explaining their roles and duties. Promote all the important members of your company including your co-founders, as investors tend to trust the leadership of a group rather than a startup that has only one person to govern its operations.

This method of using your team members as your support system sends out a powerful message to the investors that your company is a well-oiled machine, capable of handling anything and everything!


There are different kinds of investors in every niche, but all of them appreciate a project that has transparency, efficiency and a purpose attached to it. With a no-nonsense and well-structured business plan, you are opening the gateway to your success by attracting more investment proposals. Also, by showing your preparedness to overcomes all the business problems and adversities you are inspiring confidence in them which is sure to get you funded!