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7 Video Ideas for Your Next Instagram Content

7 Video Ideas for Your Next Instagram Content

Wednesday January 22, 2020,

6 min Read

When it comes to increasing your brand’s appeal and connecting with your audience, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to go. Why? Simply because Instagram is all about visuals, just like human beings. A study of the human brain found that 90% of all information sent to our brain is visual. Amazingly, our brain just needs 13 milliseconds to process an entire image. 

The second reason is because of Instagram’s popularity― it’s currently the sixth most popular social media platform with 1 billion active users and over 100 million posts uploaded daily. However, the number of marketers who utilize videos is still too low compared to images, even though videos are proven to be more effective in driving engagement on Instagram.

Instagram report

Source: Mention

You don’t have to make the same mistake, start creating video content in your Instagram marketing, whether it’s for normal posts, Instagram stories or Instagram TV. If you’re still not sure what to make, stick around and read through these 7 video ideas for your inspiration. 

1. Vlog

Many influencer marketers grow their audience just by consistently creating vlogs. Well, brands and companies can also benefit from making vlogs, especially for those that have a charismatic figure as a selling point. In a world full of blog posts, vlogs are just what you need to stand out. 

Vlogs are free and easy to make. Just shoot a one minute video talking to your audience about your business plan, marketing tips or things in general. Compared to advertising, this kind of video will come off as more genuine and will definitely increase your audience’s emotional connection to you. 

The best example would be VaynerMedia with its charismatic CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk. He regularly uploads motivational videos on his IGTV talking about marketing and business tips. He also updates his daily activities on his IG Stories to stay connected with his followers.


2. Tutorial

A tutorial or an educational video is one of the most common and popular types of content on Instagram. It’s super effective in attracting the audience’s attention because it’s useful, valuable, easy to digest and share.  

Create quick videos with tips and tricks based on your industry. For example, if you’re in the beauty industry, you can do a makeup tutorial. Or if you sell kitchen appliances, you can create a video of how to cook something while subtly demonstrating your products. 

Take a look at this video from West Elm, an interior design retail store. They created a short video on how to turn even the tiniest space into a beautiful outdoor dining room.


3. Interview

Inviting well-known and respected figures in your industry to your channel can definitely boost your views and engagement rate. Ask thought-provoking questions to spark exciting discussions with your guests as well as your audience in the comment section. If it’s successful, you can even turn this into a weekly show.

Although it’s not easy to invite successful people to be your guest, it’s worth trying for various reasons:

  • You can learn from someone else’s success and experience while creating content at the same time.
  • It will elevate your brand’s reputation and value having well-known people on your channel.
  • Your guests will most likely share the video on their own account as well, which means that their audience will be aware of your brand too.

Wistia has its own weekly show called Brandwagon, where they invite business leaders to talk about marketing and brand building.



4. Teaser

If you have a long video that can’t be uploaded to Instagram, you can always upload the full video on your website or YouTube, and then post a snippet of the video on Instagram as a teaser. This has become quite a habit for many brands and companies. 

For instance, when a movie studio wants to promote its upcoming movie, a teaser will be most likely dropped on Instagram before the release date to create hype and buzz around the movie. Back in April 2019, Marvel Studios intensely posted a series of teasers to promote its latest juggernaut, Avengers: Endgame. As a result of the hype, the movie went on to claim the highest box office opening of all time.


5. Funny videos

Everyone needs a good laugh every now and then, so why don’t you give one to your loyal customers? Uploading a funny video of your products every once in a while gives a refreshing vibe to your marketing campaign. It could also strengthen the emotional connection with your customers, especially when your video is relatable to most people.

This particular advertising from Ikea is the perfect example. This short video shows Ikea’s anti-slip mat product in a simple and funny way. Ikea successfully shows the benefits of its product while also makes people smile at the same time.

funny video

6. Video meme

One of the most popular types of photos on Instagram is a meme. People love memes because it’s usually funny, relatable, and shareable. People tend to tag their friends on a meme post if they can relate to it. That’s why so many memes have become viral.

However, one type of meme that brands haven’t regularly used yet is a video meme. It’s just like normal meme, but with moving images. One of the few brands that constantly create video memes is Allstate, an insurance company. In this particular post, Allstate brought up the serious issue of financial budgeting in a fun and engaging way.

video meme


7. Animation

If you’re looking to explain your product or service in a quick and simple way, try animated explainer videos. This kind of videos is usually very short, just under a minute, which suits perfectly with Instagram. And, it’s easy and cheap to make, you just need a few video-making tools and platforms

Do you know what is Silver Arrow? Is it a brand and what does it sell? By looking at this short animated video by Breadnbeyond, you’ll figure out all about Silver Arrow─ what kind of brand it is and what product or service it offers.




Videos are an effective way to increase user engagement on a social media platform like Instagram, and more marketers will start making videos. Before it gets too crowded, now it’s the best time for you to start using video in your Instagram marketing campaign.

Now before you start, remember that Instagram is a social media, people use it to engage with their friends and seek entertainment. So, make sure to create videos that are relatable, fun, engaging, and useful. 

If users find your videos useful or relatable to their current situations, they’ll be more likely to share the videos with their friends who suffer the same fate. This will create a snowball effect where your content has a chance to go viral.