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7 easy effective ways for Small and Medium Enterprises to boost Diwali sales

7 easy techniques to ensure a ‘Badi Diwali’ for all the Small and Medium Enterprise owners.

7 easy effective ways for Small and Medium Enterprises to boost Diwali sales

Monday October 21, 2019,

4 min Read

A good Diwali for a businessman is the one where he gets bumper sales in his store. For him, profits are the proverbial ‘Diwali Dhamaka’. In their quest for greater sales, these businessmen often lose their direction and expend their energies in the wrong direction. Making a note of this conundrum I have listed 7 techniques to ensure a ‘Badi Diwali’ for all the Small and Medium Enterprise owners. 

1: Discount Offers No One Can Ignore

Unlike other days, during Diwali, the customer has a reason to buy. He already has that mindset. So if the customer has walked into your store make sure your offers are the best in the market. The customer should feel that he has got the best deal in town. Make sure that your Diwali offer includes your profits as well. Be specific, and have reasonable terms and conditions for your offer. Diwali is the perfect opportunity to create a win-win situation for you and your customers. 

2: Use Gift Vouchers 

Make sure you hand out vouchers to every good customer that uses your services or shops at your store. Keep the terms and conditions of these vouchers reasonable and make sure that the offer period is limited to Diwali only. The short term validity of the vouchers will create a sense of urgency in the customer. If he does not use the voucher he will surely hand it over to someone who might. This will ensure that more customers visit your store and you get repeat sales from those who are already shopping at your store. It is also one more thing that you are gifting to your customers as they leave. A satisfied customer will be your best promoter. 

3: Loyal customers should be special customers

Make use of your customer database. Segregate your premium and the repeat purchase customers who had already brought business to your brand. Target your top 100 customers. Focus on them and give them special attention by giving customized and special offers. Make sure they feel a personal connection with you and your store. Call them and have a one on one interaction to let them know that these offers are exclusively for them. 

4: You’re not selling you’re celebrating


Your customer is in a celebratory mindset. Your store or office needs to reflect this inner state. Make sure you decorate your store or office space beautifully for this day. Your employees should also be dressed as per the Diwali theme.  This will lift the mood of the customer. It will also help to differentiate your brand from others. Beautiful decorations are the best way to attract customers. 

5: Your best promoters are your employees

Your employees work on your brand day and night. They have a personal interest in promoting your brand. Give them proper brief and include them in your marketing plans. Use their presence on digital platforms to promote your brand. Their friends and families might start using your brand because of that personal touch. Simple steps like making your best offer their WhatsApp status might attract new customers to your brand and your store.

6: Use Sales Team to your advantage.

Nowadays brands are competing with online services and stores. The big advantage you might have is a sales team. The best way to ensure repeat customers is to give personalised service. This can be achieved through two steps. The first step is to give the right incentives to your sales team. This will motivate them to sale better. Second is the right training for your sales team. Make sure that they know their products inside out. The customer should not feel confused about what they should buy. Your sales team should coach them into buying the right product for them. If they are motivated with the right incentives they will put the extra effort happily to sell your services or products. This will help you achieve your desired targets for Diwali.

7.  SMSs and Emailers Work

The world is hooked to technology and the best way to get their attention is through digital marketing. Use SMSs and E Mailers to connect with people personally over technology. Make sure there is general awareness about your offers and deals in minds of your potential customers.

With these 7 techniques it easy to have a successful Diwali season. The greatest asset of Diwali is the customers’ mindset. Remember,  they are looking to buy. It is time to bring out your best game and ensure that they buy from you.  These techniques are very easy to implement. Start working on them now. Do not miss out on the Diwali rush and achieve more than you targeted.