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6 Types Of Influencers you Deal while Influencer Marketing Campaigns for your Brand.

6 Types Of Influencers you Deal while Influencer Marketing Campaigns for your Brand.

Tuesday May 19, 2020,

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Every new brand that comes has a story to tell and the business takes the help of influencers so that they narrate the whole story to the audience through the help of social media. Influence marketing helps you promote your brand. They help your brand reach nationwide as well as worldwide with the power of social media. It is always seen that there a strong relationship between the influencer and the people

who follow them. 


The ones who follow these influencers on any social media application usually trust them and try to imitate them. Usually these influencers show the products in the video and talk about the features of the products. These products/services are been shown to the public maybe through images or videos.

For eg. a makeup/cosmetic product can be shown my applying on the face so that is what an influencer does. He even gives you reviews about the product, they sometimes even rate the products. Their loyal followers then engage with that content, boosting your marketing reach. As they are their role models. Influence marketing is an effective marketing tool.

Influencer Pyramid

Following are the Influencers broken down into 6 types:

1] Mega Influencer: 

           As the name says mega influencer which means “mega famous” people. Actors, musicians, athletes and social media personalities come under mega influencers. These influencers have atleast one million  and they fit it this category. It is seen that with the help of mega influencers your products will reach a large number of audience. If you want your product to go worldwide mega influencers are the best option. But at the same time they are expensive to work with.

 Example For Mega Influencer:

Kylie Jenner, she has 170 million followers on Instagram. She is said to be one of the youngest self made billionaire. Kylie charges $million for per sponsored post or advertorial when she works for a specific brand.

Benefits Of Mega Influencers:

•They influence large group of people.

•Celebrity Association in brand promotion.

•Sales increases at its best.

2] Macro Influencers: 

              Macro influencers are types of mega influencers with a good amount of followers. Their followers are between 100,000 million followers. Macro influencers are usually bloggers, vloggers, social media stars.These type of influencers typically focus on one specific category. It can be their hobby, it can be their daily lifestyle, makeup, clothing, jewellery, fitness, sports or related to business. These kind of influencers are been trusted well by their followers and are great influencers.

Examples Of Macro Influencers:

           Chris Brogan is one of the example for macro influencers. He’s a journalist, marketing consultant and a story teller.He’s  also a speaker about social media marketing. Brogan grew with the content he used to give to his consumer. Macro Influencer helps in awareness stage for specific category.

Benefits Of Macro Influencers:

•Their followers are loyal. (followers take their opinions seriously)

•Accessible for everyday brand.

•Good at raising awareness and creating a good brand, image in peoples mind.

•Well known by the local community.

3] Micro Influencer:

           Micro influencers are the ones who have followers between 2000 up to 50,000 on any social media channel.  It is seen that they are focused on their specific passion or some specific topic. Even though their followers/ audience are comparatively smaller in group they are then too very effective. They are typically well known for one specific area and are have good engagement. Their are many Agency out their who deals with Micro & Nano Influencers as Influencer Near Me.

               Micro Influencers usually stick to a single topic or content. It helps a business in the most effective manner. They usually stick to a single topic/content. It helps a business in the most effective manner by helping it reach its goals. Micro influencers post only their true experiences hence they are been trusted more.

Example Of Micro Influencers: 

             Natasha Noel is one of the example for yogas micro influencers. She has thousands of followers, they post videos or images that are related to fitness. It helps her fans to stay fit and the average post receives a healthy amount of engagement.

Benefits Of Micro Influencers:

•Good for local business.

•Deduction in cost.

4] The Advocates: 

          An advocate influencers are the ones who share their experiences of any specific product or service. They market your product/services through word of mouth. They bring in new customers by giving positive reviews and creating a good content for their followers.

Benefits Of Advocate:

• Helps in brand visibility.

•Helps in broader reach with more than family and friends.

5] The Referrer:

           A referrer is someone who drives audience to your website, online profile, place of business. They are the ones who give trusted recommendation and experience for the specific products/services. They are highly trusted by the audience. It works as people trust more than the TV advertisement. It is believed that if a product is referred by a friend or family person the product is usually of good quality and moderate price.

              Through referrals help, even though we can’t reach thousands of people but they can easily reach hundreds with a single face to face or social media channels.

6] The loyalist:

             Last but not the least they are the loyalists. Loyalists are the ones that stand with your brand through all your thick and thins. They are constantly supporting the brand and show their involvement throughout in brand awareness to their audience.They are the ones who narrate your brands story to the audience and they grow along with you.

Example For Loyalists:

             Sam Fiorella and Robert Clarke are the best example for loyalists as they found “The Friendship Bench”. This program has supported the students with mental health problems. They have been to many schools and have been mostly supported by many people. This program has a iconic yellow bench which helps student to talk about their mental health and it is seen that 20% of students came forward. It was mainly due to the support of those two loyalists who didn’t back off. 

                  Hence an loyalists is an important person who doesn’t leave your brand in any circumstances and makes sure that he works as a team and help brands achieve their goals.


Benefits Of Loyalists:

•A loyal team member in your group.

•Helps in brand awareness.

•Stand along with the brand in all circumstances