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Become a digital entrepreneur with these 6 necessary skills

Become a digital entrepreneur with these 6 necessary skills

Saturday August 08, 2020,

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Digital Etrepreneur

The arrival of internet opened many opportunities for the people who once couldn’t even imagine becoming a social media manager or beginning an e-learning startup. Now that we are facing Covid-19 situation and people are losing jobs, many have realised the need for going digital, and the basket of opportunities entailed.

As Albert Einstein said once, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
Also, Guy Kawasaki stated, pursuing your passion makes you more interesting, and interesting people are enchanting.

Hence, this is the right time if you want to begin something of your own, be it in any industry.

However, the question that you may have is, how to begin? What skills do you require to be part of this digital entrepreneurship bandwagon? Worry not dear readers, let’s delve into details.

How to begin?

Idea: Do you have a stupendous idea that can solve a problem? Great! Start planting the seeds. Every situation comes with an opportunity. When demonetisation happened, it started e-payments and became a boon for companies like Paytm. In these COVID times, when people were frightened of going outside and stocked on the verge of panic, online grocery stores flourished and it is still happening. Hence, if you have a concept that can be used in this digitisation boon, start formulating a business plan.

Niche: If you are a creative person, then find out your best niche to run a YouTube channel, create a Facebook, Instagram page, or building a website. Here also, the core mantra would be helping people through entertainment or information. 

How to execute: Learn these six essential skills

Digital Marketing - It includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). All three of them are required to build a robust presence online in terms of ranking on search engines and garnering audience that engages with your brand.

Creative + Content + Curation - These 3Cs play an integral role in engaging the audience and attracting them towards the website or social media page. Whether you write a blog or a video script, it has to be attractive. Even social media promotions won’t work without them. Thus, learn writing and editing skills to create a wonderful content.

Analytical Skills - To learn about the movement of the audience, their interests as well as demographics, and social media trends, analysing the data is quite crucial. Nowadays, Facebook and Instagram provide analytics on a business page. For understanding the website traffic, sign up on Google Analytics and sync it with the website url. It’s free to use.

If you are wondering about how to learn the above three skills, I would suggest to research a course that can help you to comprehend the nuances pertaining to digital marketing and writing. 

Tactical Planning - Whether you run a blog or a YouTube channel or a business, you need a calendar to follow and execute, based on the strategies that you streamlined. The flexibility to change the planning as per response from the audience is also a part of this skill.

Networking - Talk to your audience, experienced entrepreneurs and influencers to learn new tactics and spread word about what you are doing.

Leadership - You can’t run any business without leadership skills, because you would require to manage and motivate the team. Research and read about it as much as you can.

In a Nutshell

In today’s scenario where jobs are in peril, if you know a skill or have an idea to help, give it a chance. Who knows, maybe you become one of the next top entrepreneurs or influencers.