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Spaciux Joins Hands with MRJ’s Architectural Brainchild- Design Matrix

Spaciux Joins Hands with MRJ’s Architectural Brainchild- Design Matrix

Monday December 17, 2018,

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Until two years ago, the worlds of architects in India were greeted bi-monthly by Design Matrix. A one of its kind magazine, which was circulated with emphasis on design and more importantly the people behind these designs. A brainchild of Manohar R. Jhunjhunwala, popularly known as MRJ, Design Matrix worked with extensively researched data and excellent visual representation. During its stellar run time of six years, Design Matrix interviewed many well-known architects like Hafeez Contractor, Sanjay Puri, SuntoshBaheti, Canna Patel, Shabnam Gupta, AchalKataria, KalhanMattoo and SanthaGourMattoo to name a few.

Lauded by the entire architectural and design community, Design Matrix was known to forecast global trends and worked with the aim to bridge the knowledge gap in the design world. Even though it was withdrawn, it still remains popular within the fraternity and back editions are still collected and appreciated.

Sensing the need of the hour, Bangalore based architectural firm, Spaciux.com has taken it up on themselves to bring back the magazine in a digital format. They wish to make it easy to access and circulate in today’s digital age.

Design Matrix was started with the aim to explore the ‘behind the scene’ aspect of design, discussing the ones who formulate and create it. Spaciux.com has been spearheading the campaign to endorse and present the creations of professional from the design world on all social media platforms, thus connecting the architectural world with rest of us. This move is hence a statement from the organization to provide extensive data for the rest of the world, from the world of architecture and design.

Design Matrix has a massive reservoir of content, thanks to the well-appointed expertise of its founder. MRJ is synonymous with happy world of architecture, spending five decades amongst the fragrance of wood and ethos of design. His vast marketing experience include Rammica, HPL, National Laminates, Durian Imported Furniture & Durian Laminates. Spanish brand Finsa & Faus laminated flooring & UK based brand Travette engineered hardwood flooring, both benefited from his knowledge. He also created his own brand of MRJ Laminated flooring. Also introduced Pinewood & SPF from Interpro Forest Products, a Canadian lumber company, to many buyers and right now helping Uniply as an Executive Director on board to launch their new products and steer them to new achievements.

“It’s a prestigious moment for Spaciux.com to be associated with MRJ and take his journey further. We’ll strive to fulfill all his expectations.” Minal Dube, founder of Spaciux.com added on this occasion.

At a time when there is very rare information about Indian architecture on the World Wide Web, this initiative by Spaciux.com and MRJ comes as a welcome collaboration. Soon, award winning Architects, their works and interviews will be available on the social media pages of Spaciux.com. They also provide architectural photography services to Architects and Interior Designers.

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