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Start a Digital Marketing Website for your Service

Learn how to start a digital marketing website for your small business. Read on to find out.

Start a Digital Marketing Website for your Service

Monday July 01, 2019,

4 min Read

If you are a digital marketer, maybe it’s time for you to level up your services and start thinking of yourself as your own brand. By doing this, you will be able to attract more clients for your digital marketing services. In order to establish your brand, the first thing you need is a website. In this article, you will learn how to start a digital marketing website for your service. You will be able to raise awareness for your business and build your own digital marketing agency.

Why you need a digital marketing website

You might ask, what’s a digital marketing website for? You can easily post your services on social media sites such as various Facebook groups, Twitter and Linkedin Network, and even on an Instagram business page. Moreover, there are lots of freelancing platforms out there such as Upwork where you can offer your services through a professional portfolio. 

However, with freelancing websites, you get a fee cut-off when someone books your services. Transaction is not direct and while this can be an advantage for those who are just starting out to avoid getting scammed, it has some drawbacks too. When someone books a service, 20% of that amount goes to the service site.

With a website, the opportunities are many. You can get 100% of the fees paid to you, you can establish yourself as a brand and market yourself better to a general audience. Having a digital marketing website can also establish you as a credible professional and expert in your field. 

Basically, having a website makes you and your digital marketing business official and legitimate.

Where to create a website

Nowadays, it’s very easy to acquire a website of your own. You can do this by signing up for an account with a website builder. A website builder is an all-in-one-tool that allows you to create beautiful and professional websites for an affordable fee.

Basically, here is what you need for when you decide to get a website: a custom domain, a website host, ample file storage space, a clean website template design, extra features you want to input on your webpages, and your site content. You can have all these things with a website builder. It will be easier for you to get a website in minutes. Even if you don’t know how to code or program!

If you have no budget for creating a website, you can build a free website using the website builder. You can create a website absolutely for free. Otherwise, there is another option which is to pay a monthly price of $5 USD per month to get all premium website features and for site maintenance.

Benefits of creating a website on website builder

While provides the aforementioned essentials on website building, signing up for a website with them also gives you extra features which you can install on your webpages. Check out some of the following features for business you can input easily on your digital marketing website:

These are just some the business features which you can easily install on your website:

Premium website templates

Traffic and data statistics

secure SSL encryption

Mobile optimized websites

Extensive photo galleries

Guestbook for messages

Appointment calendar to inform site visitors of important dates

Contact form

….. And many more!

What content to put on your digital marketing website

If you are new with website creation and with building your first digital marketing portfolio, here are the most important information that you should place on your website:

  • About Us page
  • Contact Information
  • Press Releases
  • Blog Page
  • Past projects and portfolio
  • Companies previously worked with
  • Services offered (This is where you put your specialization and other digital marketing services. Check below for some examples)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - On page and Off page
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Pay-per-click Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Guest Posting
  • Backlink building
  • Website Analytics
  • Blogging
  • Brand Management
  • PR Crisis
  • Social Media Management - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

These are just some examples of digital marketing services that you can offer to your potential clients. Of course, you can expand or trim down these specializations according to the skills that you currently have.

So start a digital marketing website and hustle now!