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Sumeet Jindal of Postman News Uncover the Secrets of Facebook Ads

Sumeet Jindal of Postman News Uncover the Secrets of Facebook Ads

Monday September 23, 2019,

5 min Read

Sumeet Jindal

Planning to create Facebook ads? Confused where to begin from? Find how to utilize targeted advertisements to increase your local business. Sumeet Jindal, owner of Postman News, who has shared some useful tips that will help you to create a powerful Facebook ads.

Why local Facebook ads?

Rather than making use of boosted posts in order to drive engagement, your complete business can easily get more profit on its marketing investment by means of local Facebook ads. These are intended to bring a large number of clients through your door. 

You can easily set these to serve individuals nearby to your area by giving a proper direction to the store. You can also provide a contact number so that they can contact you easily or let the client message you in case if they have any query in their mind. All with just a click on the options from the advertisement. 

If you don’t have an idea about how to create it in a better way then consider the below mentioned tips that will surely help you in boosting your ROI.

Let’s get started!

  • Make utilization of powerful visuals 

Staying ahead from the competitors is quite tough in today's modern era of challenging business. But, by using the right image and video you can capture the attention of people. The image needs to be relevant and powerful since the human mind takes seconds to process images. 

In addition to this, visuals also increase the chances of an advertisement being conveyed to your target audience. Visuals can increase content visibility by 94%. According to research, it has been found that posts with attractive and catchy pictures get more engagement. 

Relevancy is quite imperative here. Images that you can use incorporate:

  • Action shots demonstrating happy clients in the store
  • Images spotlighting the items you sell, clients as well as your entire team

In case, if you have confusion in your mind concerning the ideas then you can examine your news feed. This will give you an idea regarding how different brands are making use of visuals in social media marketing. 

  • Target specific audience segments 

To enhance the overall performance of your Facebook advertisements, alter your targeting. This is usually done in two ways:

First, in order to start, the foremost thing that you should do is to research your client base. Cluster them into fragments based on socioeconomics, purchase behaviour, client history as well as other information. 

Second, change the message for the audience segments. Of course, you will not prefer to serve a similar ad to each section since each fragment has diverse considerations, needs, concerns as well as interests. 

When creating local reach campaigns, make numerous advertising sets with advertising variations as well as messaging that takes into account different audiences. Rather than running single local reach advertisement focusing on everyone, you will simply have numerous advertisements intended at each viewers segment. 

  • Trial ad variations

It's imperative to test advertisement variation; in short, assess your advertisement performance while making small changes. The best way is simply A/B test the advertisements by simply making two versions. Make slight changes to one component you think might have a maximum impact on the conversions. Run those advertisements one next to the other and observe which version actually performs well.

After that, make another variation in order to test once again. Below given are some elements that you must test which incorporates:

  • Call to action
  • Image 
  • Advertisement copy, headline as well as a description
  • Bidding strategies
  • Unique value bid for your advertisement

Ensure to make slight changes. If you try to alter many items then you might face difficulty in knowing which alternation is accountable for increase or decline in performance. 

  • Evade ad fatigue 

Do you know when advertisement fatigue happens? When users on Facebook see the same advertisement multiple times. The more frequently you display the advertisement to the same individual, more engagement will drop. 

This is another reason why advertisement variations for the audience is a better choice. You can easily set up advertisement rotation so as to convey your different designs as well as to eradicate the possibility of ad fatigue. The best methodology is to simply rotate through various images.

  • Build ads around promotions

Facebook advertisements aimed at improving local reach as well as attract people towards the brand. They are likewise intended to get enough traffic to your store. Items, events as well as business ideas can invite a visit. Ensure you talk regarding your existing promotions as well as special offers or ideas in your advertisement. Even, the hint of huge deals and offers can be sufficient to attract more clients into the store. 

What you can share in Facebook ads?

You can share the below-given things with Facebook ads!

Highlight promotions: You can tell individuals something regarding the promotion like sale, happy hours and so on. Moreover, you can promote local items and can provide individuals with an incentive too to visit the business. 

Demonstrate some ways you are part of the local community: You can also utilize these ads for telling a story regarding your complete business roots. 

Build buzz around your business: You can even make use of Facebook ads so as to inform your clients in your vicinity regarding promotions and events. 

Summing Up

Once you comprehend all the essentials of optimizing Facebook advertisements, the entire concept will become quite easy for you. Eradicating guesswork as well as handling specific audiences, no doubt is the topmost priority while creating powerful and engaging advertisements. 

Discover ways through innovative visuals in order to hold your audience’s attention. After the creation of advertisements, test frequently as well as make little changes so as to make huge enhancements to the conversion rate.