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How To Survive The Disruption In The On-Demand Food Delivery Business?

How To Survive The Disruption In The On-Demand Food Delivery Business?

Tuesday March 03, 2020,

6 min Read

On Demand Food Delivery Business

Nowadays, even if we come across our street or road or even our neighborhood our eyes might have caught many food delivery persons here and there. It shows the growth of the food delivery business which has become one of the on-demand industries in hundreds. Every new firm is making up its mind to start its own food delivery business to taste victory by earning billions nope millions of dollars. Can you just count yourself a few of the food delivery companies, yea, everyone’s mind would have directly gone through the Uber eats, FoodPanda, Zomato, Swiggy, etc? But why are there no new startups? When there are tens of top tires and hundreds of new firms

When you aren't able to survive in your food delivery business, then it will gradually change into a loss for you. Here let me give you a few tricks which will help you to survey in the on-demand food delivery business.

Do Market Research

To survive in the on-demand food delivery business one has to do the correct market search on the following.

Locality’s environment - The hyper usage is from the Urban and Semi-Urban areas which have potential market growth in this sector. Yea, it's tough to do research in the vast data. But it's a must, so, do deep market research on that particular area where you are interested to launch your delivery system.

The curiosity of the folk - Once you came to know about the region’s market value, you must collect the full data about the users/customers in that region. This will help to know a bit more about their interest and behavior toward the food delivery software related system. This will also help you to reshape your system to gain more.

The countable leading light of restaurants in that region - When you are known about the interest of your customers, you should carefully take the analysis of the restaurants that have high positive reviews while tieing up with those restaurants your business will gain more revenue. At the same time try to produce a wide variety of food and cuisine to select from. People love to surf more when they are given enough time. 

Delivery assistant availability - When you get the right knowledge about the restaurants and its value among people in that region, your next step is to gather your own delivery team to deliver the best service to your users.

Survey and segment the age groups - The known truth of the steady increase in food delivery system is by Gen Z peoples whose age is between 22-35. They are the most users of these sectors. So take a survey to know how many percentages of Gen Z are available in that region.

If you're done with the market research of the particular place you will get the data of the region’s customers. This will allow you to choose the exact food delivery idea according to that location.

Choose the best technology platform

To gain more revenue in the online food delivery industry one has to choose the exact platform. Be sure that your application has unique features and attractive UI/UX. 

Mobile application - in online food delivery service be sure that your customers are able to access your website on their mobile phones but also there is an option to download your apps in their respective stores (iOS and Android). This will give your user a convenient and outstanding user experience. If you are going to develop a mobile application for your own business then you have to consider these things as listed below.

  1. The must-have features in the app - Your mobile app features should give equal importance to both the users (customers and delivery person) this will make your app more user-friendly. Including too many features which are unnecessary for your ordering system will lead your app to deteriorate.
  2. Payment gateway - One of the important features you should consider is the payment gateway. Because the world has changed to digitize so people are often looking for cashless options in all their ordering systems. Therefore integrate your application with the best payment gateway because to keep your user's needs in the first place.
  3. Scalability of your application - Though you're developing an app with all features is not enough. Since there is no steady level in on-growing technology, it can change or even your user's opinion may change. So you have to develop your app as customizable. Which can be customized at any time according to the user's needs.
  4. Before and after launch technical support - developing an app with the above features and launching it on the stores. That's it? Is the work done? Nope, after developing and launching your app. You must have a maintaining team for maintaining your web application and technical support for constant updates and bugs free use.

These are the four main things one must consider while developing a mobile application on the right platform. By now you might have got the knowledge about how to survive in the on-demand food delivery business. What is the next process? Taking it to the right targeted customers. It can be only done by investing in online and offline marketing.

Invest in online and offline marketing

Your money power plays an important role in advertising in the competitive on-demand food delivery business. As much as you invest that much recognition will be achieved. Here I have mentioned a few tricks where you can get easily noticeable by your customers.

Search engine optimization - Nowadays it's become mandatory that googles high ranked are the best one among the people’s point of view. So you must achieve a high ranking in google by using effective search engine optimization techniques. It can be achieved by Ads.

Social media marketing - As I mentioned above Gen Z, all those people are found in social media only it's a good choice to invest in social media marketing which will generate more leads.

  • Buzz notification
  • Pre-launching marketing
  • Email marketing

The best offline marketing is by giving ads in newspapers and posting banners. Once people keep seeing your brand constantly they will remember you more.

Final say

Since day one, the competition has been increasing in the online food delivery system day by day. The above-mentioned tricks and tips will guide the new firms to know how to start an on-demand food delivery business and how to survive in it constantly.