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Tackle the Situation and Stay Updated with a Coronavirus Tracker App

Tackle the Situation and Stay Updated with a Coronavirus Tracker App

Monday May 18, 2020,

6 min Read

There are 3.5 billion people using smartphones across the world. The revolution of smartphones has been evident with its increasing popularity over the years. From just communicating with one another, this Internet Era has made smartphones an integral part of people’s lives. In simpler terms, people have access to the entire world via smartphones. With that being said, can these smartphones help us during this grave situation of the coronavirus pandemic? 

To answer this question, even giants of the industry, Apple and Google are partnering to create a contact tracing app. This has made it evident that anything is possible in this modern era of on-demand apps. As a result, even budding entrepreneurs or already established ones can help people by initiating the Coronavirus Tracker App development. With the app, users have access to almost every information regarding the disease. Moreover, they’ll get to know the possibilities of contracting the disease even in the nook and corner of the world. In this blog, you’ll get to know how these tracker apps work and how to develop one.


How are users benefited with a COVID-19 tracker app? 

  • Initially, users download the app and register in the app either manually or through social media handles. 
  • Upon registering in the app, users are asked for details, including age, weight, pre-existing health conditions, etc. 
  • After providing basic details, they are asked questions on the symptoms of the disease, including fever, cough, chest pain, diarrhea, etc. 
  •  This collection of details continues on a daily basis, and the details are shared with medical professionals and experts in the field. 
  • Users are provided with health suggestions and preventive measures. By enabling location services, they are provided with the impacts and details of the coronavirus in their locality. 
  • Users and notified in case of any emergencies, thereby letting them stay updated and keeping them away from the disease. 

How can Bluetooth-based contact tracing help curb disease transmission? 

According to researchers and developers, Bluetooth can be an effective way to contain the spread of the disease. Let’s take a look at how this technology works, 

Whenever a person is tested positive for COVID-19, an anonymous code is sent to smartphone users within close proximity. A Bluetooth signal usually has a proximity range of 2-10 meters. This way, all people within the range can be notified instantly. Moreover, with the help of this technology, even contact tracing with the victims can be identified. Governments, all across the world, are launching these contact tracing apps to prevent community spread. These apps can be effective only if a large part of people download the apps and provide Bluetooth access in their smartphones. 

However, there are certain limitations in using these Bluetooth enabled contact tracing apps. They include, 

  • Battery drains are evident when Bluetooth is enabled for an extended period of time. 
  • There are chances of data theft and privacy issues, as well. 
  • Cellphone surveillance is against the liberty of people in certain countries around the globe. 

How can tracking apps guarantee safety and privacy? 

With so many privacy issues, these apps should guarantee its users that their personal data is in safe hands. There are several ways to achieve this. They include, 

  • Collect only required information: As per the saying, “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” make sure you collect only necessary information from users. This way, it becomes easier to store these details safely and soundly. 
  • Restricted access to data: Only admins of the highest authority shall have access to data. This prevents the mishandling of data and ensures the safety of user details. 
  • Providing transparency in the system: It is wise to mention who has access to user data in the privacy policy itself. This way, users can be relieved of data thefts and misuse of data by others. 
  • Encryption of servers and databases: To prevent loopholes in the system, it is mandatory to encrypt servers and databases where user details are stored. Moreover, developers need to have in-depth knowledge of encryptions to guarantee the safety and privacy of the app. 

What are the features that can be integrated into the tracker app? 

Features are highly significant in any on-demand app. Features increase the popularity of the app in the market and enhance the scalability, as well. A comprehensive coronavirus tracker app development must include, 

  • User app
  • Admin panel

Features of User app: 

  • User Registration: After downloading the app, users register in the app via different social media handles. 
  • COVID-19 Instructions: Users get to know the official instructions provided by medical experts with this feature. 
  • Self-Assessment: With this feature, users can self-assess themselves, thereby identifying their probability of infection based on the symptoms. 
  • Instant Notifications: Users are notified instantly for any specific instructions or information regarding their locality. 
  • Invite friends and family: With this feature, users can share the app with their friends and family, thereby helping their entire community stay updated. 

Features of Admin panel: 

  • Admin dashboard: Admins get to know the entire activities of the app from a single place. 
  • Send alerts to users: Admins can notify users at a particular location or the entire users by sending alerts regarding important information. 
  • Update instructions: Admins can update COVID-19 instructions from time-to-time, thereby letting the users stay updated about the infection spread. 
  • Manage databases: Admins can effectively manage databases and encrypt them securely to prevent data theft. 

What are the latest medical standards that a Coronavirus Tracker app must adhere to? 

Being a healthcare app, the coronavirus tracker app development must adhere to strict medical standards. The latest medical standards worth considering include, 

  • HIPAA: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a medical standard ensuring to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without patients’ consent. In order to protect patients’ details, all healthcare apps nowadays must adhere to HIPAA. 
  • EHR: EHR, known as the Electronic Health Record, is a systematic way of collecting patient details digitally and storing them securely. With tracker apps collecting users’ health details, it must be EHR compliant, thereby ensuring the safety of user details. 

Wrapping up, 

The world is awaiting a COVID-19 tracker app so that people can tackle the situation more easily. It is high time we prevent widespread disease spread across different countries. A Coronavirus Tracker smartphone application can greatly benefit the entire world battling the disease. The app must ensure the privacy and safety of user details. With features helping users to stay cautious and updated, the tracker app can help humanity resurrect from this undesirable quarantine situation in the shortest time possible!