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Target Keyword: 4 Steps to Rank for your Search Term

Making a Target Keyword and rank for it on search engines is the most basic goal of SEO. Here are 4 Steps you must follow to Rank for your Target Keyword.

Target Keyword: 4 Steps to Rank for your Search Term

Tuesday June 18, 2019,

4 min Read

Target Keyword

Making a Target Keyword and rank for it on search engines is the most basic goal of SEO.


In case if you want to grow your business through Search Engines. You need a target keyword your which people who purchase your product/services search on google. 


In case if you are doing a blog, you are looking for the target keyword which either people in your space are searching for. Also it could be problems or questions searched by people outside of your domain.


However, when it comes to generate the most relevant traffic from the SEO. Most of the people do it wrong. And because of this they end-up getting less result from that traffic.


If you want to generate more leads and conversion from your organic traffic. You must follow the below keyword research techniques in the respective order.


#1: Define your Goals


Target Keyword - Define Goal

By defining your goals I mean the start as well as end goal. Your end goal has to be either lead or conversion for certain. It could be getting more users at the beginning or more engagement with certain call to actions. 


#2: Find the user’s intent behind the Target Keyword


Target Keyword - user intent

This one is critical.


In order to generate the lead or conversion from the traffic, you must have the relevant users. 


In other words, People's intention behind your Target Keyword must be relevant to your end goal. 


Ex: People who search for "dji drones for sale" are certainly looking to purchase a drone. Rather than those who are searching for "how to make a drone".


In order to do that go through the discussions and Q&A around your topic. 


Here are the search strings you can go with.


  • "keyword" + "forum" 
  • "discussion" + "forum"


Read the conversation people are having around your topic and identify the terms related to your target keyword. 


You will easily identify what people who search for the target keyword are loking for in real. You can also use any keyword research tool like ubersuggest to go even more further. 


Once you finish with keyword research, you must proceed with the next step.


#3: Optimize the content On-page for the Target Keyword


on page seo

Now, if you want to rank for your target Keyword, you have to optimize your content for that search term.


This is what you must take care of while optimizing any page for certain target Keyword.


  1. Use SEO-Friendly URLs
  2. Start Title With your target Keyword
  3. Add Power Words and Modifiers To Your Title
  4. Use Your Title in an H1 Tag
  5. Put high quality Multimedia within your content
  6. Write Subheadings in H2 Tags with the main keyword as well as other related terms
  7. Use your target Keyword in First 50 Words
  8. Link to other high authority websites.
  9. Use Internal Links to other content in your website
  10. Boost your site's loading speed
  11. Use LSI keywords within your content
  12. Optimize your images for the keyword
  13. Boost your social share
  14. Write a longer content


Here is the complete on-page seo guide by brian dean you can follow for more better insight on it.


#4: Improve your domain authority and promote your content


Target Keyword - improve domain authority

You found the perfect target keyword or keywords for your business and optimized your content for it. 


But, you are not going to generate any traffic from search engines unless your website has an authority. Also, in case if your target keyword is competitive you are going to need several high quality backlinks pointing to your content.


Now, this iss where most of the people do the mistake. They create the most amazing content out there and wait wish that traffic will come. 


I call this "Publish and Pray" approach. 


The approach might be working 7 years back when there was not much content online. Today over 4 million contents are published on the Internet every day.


Technically speaking, you need to boost your content by promoting it and get some backlinks pointing to it initially. 


As soon as you start getting organic users, you have to focus on user experience. Google is using Rankbrain Algorithm which focuses on user experience above any other factor. 


Once you slash the user experience, there is no going down. 


There you have i, Steps to rank for your target keywords. Hope that helped you.


Do share this guide on your social media.