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What is Google's Rank Brain

Googles Algorithm keeps updating and these 2018 predictions will guide you to fine tune your SEO as there is an overhaul with the Rank Brain 

What is Google's Rank Brain

Friday October 27, 2017,

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Google introduced Rank brain in early 2015 but has been an important factor of ranking since then. There have been repeated signals of improvement in the Technology and since the inception of seamless integration of Google's AI (Artificial Intelligence) with most of its technologies, Algorithms have also been given an overhaul.

What is Rank Brain?

In the most simple terms, Rank Brain is an algorithm that measures that time Users interact with the Search Result.

For example, if you search for: "Travel Guide"


Suppose as most of the users, you click on the first link and start reading the article. But you just don't find what you are looking for and jump to the second link.

The Second link is also not very helpful and so is the third.

The best content that relates to your search is in the Fourth Link. When many people start following the same trend and start reading from the Fourth Link, the ranking of this Link will automatically jump from Fourth to the First.

But how does Brain Rank define the Ranking?

There are two major factors that Brain Rank Focuses on:

1. How many people are clicking on your Search Result?

2. How much time are people spending on your website?

Now lets break these two down and understand this in detail:

1. People Clicking on your Search Result!

There are many Strategies that we have discussed on how you can improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) in SEO Tips and Tricks. 

Once you improve the Search Ranking the second part is crucial as you don't want the person to jump off from your website.

2. How much time people spend on your website?

The most important thing here to understand is Dwell time.

Dwell Time in the most simple terms is the amount of time a user spends on your website. As per one of the Analysis from search metrics  which indicated that the Time on the Site of the Top websites is on an average 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

This can be achieved through great Content on your blog.

There will be much more informative information that we will keep sharing so you are prepared for all the nuances that will be coming with the new updates of Google SEO in 2018.