10 Best Business ideas in India 2020

The 10 ideas discussed in this post can be done by anyone irrespective of age, gender, specialization. The best part of these 10 Business Ideas is that most of them need low investments. However, revenues can literally be very high.

27th Jan 2020
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This decade was more about startups. Many startups such as Flipkart, Makemytrip, Ola, OYO started and made it big in the Indian markets. The entire media was full of these big names.

However, this does not mean that small or medium-sized businesses did not grow. And there is still an ocean of scope for new businesses to grow in 2020. Also, online businesses grew quite a lot.

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10 Best Business ideas in India 2020

Hence let us discuss the best business ideas in India with low investment.

Below is the list:-

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Content Marketing

3. Blogging

4. Professional Photography

5. Coaching Classes

6. Recruitment Services

7. Translation Services

8. Franchise Business

9. Wedding Planner

10. Event Management

The last decade showed a remarkable change in the shopping habits of the Indian user. Not only shopping habits but the lifestyle of the Indian middle class has also changed. This gave a significant amount of opportunity for entrepreneurs to try their luck. Internet and fast data availability have given an enormous push to small scale online businesses. The government of India has also played a vital role in providing a suitable environment for new businesses to come up.

Let us discuss the best and small business ideas in 2020 in India.

Affiliate Marketing

This is an entirely online business idea. But it can do wonders if done in a proper way. You just need to have a large group of followers on any online media such as FB, Youtube, Website to earn through affiliate marketing.

Large business companies such as Amazon, Flipkart need people to market their products. Affiliate programs help them create an army of Affiliate Marketers. These affiliates get a commission on every sale made through them. People earn in million through affiliate marketing.

Since online businesses such as Amazon are growing every year this definitely is a go-to business idea in 2020.

Content Marketing

This is another very good way of earning online. Big giants such as Infosys, TCS to middle-level media companies to websites to bloggers every one needs content. In the coming decade, content creation and distribution will be big.

If you have a team of people who can create/edit videos, record podcasts, write articles or take and edit pictures then you can bet big in the next decade. The investment is minimal and earning is significant.



This another online business idea in India. If you have a skill, experience or success which you want to share with others then Blogging is the way. There are so many platforms that can help your blog. For example, you create videos on a particular subject then youtube is the best platform for you. Or if someone is good at taking the pictures then Instagram is the platform. The platform changes with the way of expression. Below is a small list:-

Facebook for writers and video makers

Youtube for video makers

Instagram for photographers

Pinterest for those who can edit and create pictures or slides or presentations online.

Podcasts for those who are good at articulating verbally etc..

You can earn from Blogging. Major investment in this business is just a laptop/desktop and internet connection however their earnings sometimes go in millions per month.

Coaching Classes

Gone are the days when teaching was considered sacred and was not charged. Now education is one of the most profitable businesses. The preparation of every exam needs a little guidance. The investment is minimal in this business. You can choose to teach online which will cost you nothing and the entire fees will be the profit of the revenue. There are companies such as SimpliLearn which gives you the platform to teach students online. The best part is that you get paid for it.

Recruitment Services

One more online business idea in India. In the last decade, companies hired more employees than ever before. In the next decade, the trend will increase. The major problem which companies face is the correct mapping of resources to requirement. Recruitment guys can solve this problem. With the increase in hiring, the demand for recruitment services is expected to go high.

If you have contacts and you can get the openings required in the organizations then sourcing the resume from platforms such as LinkedIn, Naukri, monster, Indeed is simple. Once sourced you can get the interview for the candidate scheduled. Once the candidate is selected you can claim your commission from the organization.

The investment is minimal and all you need is contacts and an internet connection. The yearly paid account of Linkedin or Naukri is another investment but all this can easily be recovered from the commission earned. If you are already in this business then you must know that this is one of the best upcoming business ideas in India.

Professional Photography

Professional Photography

In the last decade, the buying capacity of Indian buyers has increased manifold. This enabled people to buy costly equipment required in fields such as professional photography. But this is mostly a one-time investment which can help you earn for the rest of your life.

You can choose your sub-niche in photography and start your business. One of the most profitable niches is marriage photography. In India, marriages are expensive affairs. Hence marriage photography at a standard level can get you a lot of earnings.

Social Media has given a completely new dimension to celebrations and parties. Moreover sharing the pictures of celebration online has become a trend. People have started asking for professional photographers for every event. So birthday celebrations, engagement ceremonies, pre-wedding shoots are very good opportunities for professional photographers to earn.

Translation Services

If you have a team of individuals who are good in different languages. Then this is the business for you. In fact, this is the best business idea for a group of students or a group of housewives. If you can spend some time learning various languages then you can take the translation project online and work as a freelancer. The amount paid in this business line is quite good.

The investment is just in terms of time. Once you have learned a language you can start bidding for projects online.

Franchise Business

This is one of the safest business ideas in India. The best part about this business is that you do not need to worry about branding. The big names such as Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut, Dominos, etc attract crowd just due to their international brand value. This kind of investment ensures profit without any headache of operational activities(since in most cases the operational activity is handled by the parent company).

This business is for those who are looking to invest some money in profitable business. Many successful brands give their franchise after taking some amount as a security deposit. The deposit might vary from brand to brand. Parent companies also put forth certain conditions of eligibility such as a piece of land, and a minimum constructed area so on and so forth.

Though the initial investment in this business is a little high however you will get it compensated later on. Without any headache for the operational activities, you will earn your money.

Wedding Planner

You know how grand Indian weddings are. The Indian wedding season gives a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to help in taking care of operational activities and other related arrangements. Planners do a lot right from helping the bride and groom to choose their dresses to plan the entire event.

People who are creative and have a liking for colors, celebrations, parties with manageable speaking and management skills can easily get this business started.

The investment is negligible when compared to the earnings. You can completely exist online no need for concrete offices. You would just need a team of 5 - 10 people who can get the assigned work completed on time.

Event Management

The lifestyle in India in the last decade has changed a lot. People have become more open, friendly and have started celebrating more. In fact, people look for a chance to attend the parties. Right from festival celebrations to new year parties to concerts to casual parties, there is a lot which Event Managers can do.

People who are party buffs, like to be among the crowd and have a few management skills can pull this business off. You just need to have a few contacts. Event Management companies act as a bridge between celebrities and organizers of the event. They earn a lot. This is a never-ending business and has an even bigger scope as we step into the next decade.

Success is all about getting started. I tried my best to curate all the business ideas which can be done by anyone. I started Blogging without thinking much and I am happy doing it. You also take a plunge and start.

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