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10 Emerging Startups (With Unique Ideas) In Delhi-NCR

10 Emerging Startups (With Unique Ideas) In Delhi-NCR

Wednesday November 06, 2019,

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We all know Bangalore is a Hub of startups but now Delhi-NCR is becoming the new home for startups.

In this story, I’m sharing 10 new age startups (with unique Ideas) from Delhi-NCR. Enjoy!

1. StartUp Monk

StartUp Monk is an end-to-end startup ecosystem enabler and a community platform bringing all stakeholders of the Indian Startup Ecosystem together. It aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs build innovative businesses that disrupt traditional and upcoming industries by helping startups in areas such as investment, business strategy and legal affairs.

Founded by Sivesh Kumar (CEO) and Dishant Shah. Startup Monk runs a media house creating content that simplifies the ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs, alongside providing startup consultancy services. Apart from this, they also organize startup events across the country which bring like-minded individuals to discuss the changes in startup ecosystem from time to time.

They have also partnered with a lot of stakeholders within the ecosystem, which is further aided by an online platform that connects investors, VCs, mentors, E-cells and Service Providers and Startups on a single platform, ensuring easy matchmaking and collaboration between these entities. StartUp Monk is currently bootstrapped, with no external funding.

2. myQs

There has been an explosion in Online Learning hence acquiring skills has become easier than before. There is one element is that is missing from all these courses - retention. Humans tend to forget 90% of what they learn in the first 28 days unless an attempt is made to retain the information. 

Research has shown that low stake spaced out tests are the best way to engage students helping them retain information in the long run. 

myQs uses this as a premise to help users retain their skill sets via its unique gamification platform. myQs currently has more than 26,000 downloads and close to 1 Million unique responses on its platform since its launch in February 2019. 

The venture is bootstrapped so far by the cofounders – Rishi Rais and Dhawal Sehgal, both graduates from the University of Pennsylvania holding a Master’s degree in Computers and Information Science. myQs is part of the Wharton VIPC Incubator as well as part of the Amazon EdStart Innovator program. myQs plans to be “The skill sharpening app” for all disciplines requires continuous learning and retention.

3. Crumblyy

Mobile first has been the calling for all digital content startups in current times and they have been a frontrunner in penetrating mobile-based content discovery space. 

Anurag, a SIDMBA pass out from IIT Delhi started Tnine with Rahul, an alumni of Delhi University and later joined by Jitendra from FGIET. Having worked in different companies they understood the dynamics of content space. They developed an app named Crumblyy which soon became a major hit in USA and was being noticed in India too. Having found a rhythm, they built a team and soon became self-sustaining.

Content space has been facing a crisis because of its clutter and they want to solve this problem. Crumblyy delivers byte-size content in immersive formats such as images, videos and short-crisp texts. Due to its massive advantage over other long-form content platforms, Crumblyy has acquired more than 1.5 million users, with an average of a million card reads every day. 

Growing everyday without any external funding has been a fairy tail journey that they have been covering.

4. Mind Connect

People at Mind Connect are compelled by the simplicity in which the human mind works. They have initiated their journey towards enabling brands to connect better with their prospects and consumers.

They intend to partner with companies and enable them to identify opportunities/problems they face and help them find the best and the most relevant solutions that enable you to maximize your business returns. The most critical problems have been solved successfully through the simplest of solutions.

They are a Business and Marketing service provider, and they believe in helping companies realize their business goals.

Founder: Sumit Saxena

Funding: Self-funded

5. Dramantram

Dramantram is a creative agency that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to innovate, create and communicate. As storytellers, they aim to set up a creative environment with new and innovative ideas so that their audience grows aesthetically rich and intellectually sound.

Started by five graduates from diverse backgrounds and industry experience, Dramantram is a bootstrapped agency since 2015. Their team-centered approach keeps them intensely focused on collaborative relationships where they do not view client’s work as "jobs" or clients as new projects. 

Rather, they become new partners for mutual growth.Each work is tailor-made to the client partner’s need, expressing their message with clarity and packaged in aesthetics that connects instantly with the target audience. They act as an extension to your marketing team and be the catalyst for progress.

6. Power8

Power8 is a state of the art IIoT+AI platform focused on optimizing utility bills through the power of IoT+AI. They help commercial buildings/industrial complexes reduce their power consumption by 25% monthly using AI deployed on top of IOT systems.

They gather data that describes thermal dynamics of the building and use that as a feed to optimize the systems to give temperature as a service using AI.

Power8 comprises of MESH of sensor network communicating OTA (over The Air) data to perform the following:

A. Visualization: Visualize more than your consumption and get a deeper understanding of best practices.

B. Operations: Data driven, monitored commissioning, and building management. Operate HVAC at lower cost save power bills up to 25%

C.  Predictive Control: Autonomous, intelligent, and adaptive control. Through machine learning and powerful models our platform is able to learn about your building, empower your staff, and control your HVAC costs to increase the value of your property.

They raised an undisclosed angel round from Stockbay Partners - Nishish Jha (Unigrowth, Ex CSA Mahindra) in May 2019 and are looking to raise Pre series A soon for rapid expansion in Middle east and Canada due to the early traction in the demography.

Founders: Abhinav Saxena, Himanshu Ujjwal Singh, and Gaurav Kansal

7. BetterDrones

Kanav and Abhishek started BetterDrones. This idea of starting a company came into mind after they thought of pursuing their hobby to profession which give them enormous happiness and satisfaction.

BetterDrones is totally bootstrapped startup, they started with small amount of money, some help from parents as well and lots of passion. BetteDrones work in two domains, Training in UAVs and Aerial data acquisition using UAVs for multiple application like Survey, mapping, agriculture, inspection etc. 

Both of them are integrated together to make a sustainable and safe ecosystem for flying a UAV as professional under the guidance of DGCA. They train people professionally and according to the industry need so they can choose this industry as their career. Also they are working on some in-house products in agriculture for giving their part to the farmers of country.

8. Marsplay

Marsplay is a socially curated shopping app, that seeks to employ the long tail of influencers to surface discovery & commerce of interesting fashion products and brands - fulfilling a felt need to stand out, in one's attire and accessories, in the age of homogenised fast fashion.

Marsplay provides the inspiration, with a ready & fast-growing community of creators and shoppers on the app, and then removes the friction to impulse buys, by providing a ready buy' button, thus creating immediate fulfilment for shoppers; affiliate revenues and a virtual and ready storefront at the moment of impulse, for creators.

Marsplay is founded by Misbah Ashraf and Ayush Shukla who comes from a very small town, has raised an undisclosed amount of pre-series A round of funding led by Venture Highway with participation from Alvin Tse from Xiaomi, and Jonathan Lau, Partner, Cadorna Ventures. Existing angels including the personal offices of Shailesh Rao, a partner with TPG Growth, and Nikhil Mohta, Director, ICICI Ventures also participated in the round.

9. TwinCloud

TwinCloud Creations (Founded by Gauri Vatsa and Uma Peri), is a self funded event management company, a Fashion show of mother and child ( 7- 19yrs ). It has three fold vision- to empower mothers and their children through various workshops on hormonal changes and impact on behaviour, to create awareness of healthy, green lifestyle and to bring such products directly to consumers. 

A journey which started in Jan 2019 and took Gauri to the farthest corners of India in search for the most natural, organic and handmade fashion and beauty ingredients and products. 

10. E-Tark

E-Tark helps in resolution of consumer complaints with any product or service bought from the market. Right now the service is provided only for smartphone complaints. 

It's a first of it's kind of service in the world because they facilitate the consumer to engage with companies without the consumer having to go to any service centre or any third party, with our legal inferences generated instantly and in an unbiased way (something which takes a minimum of 1 day for any legal service provider) because they have a complete automated system. 

They don't have any funding as of now they  are about to get investments soon.

Founder: Rahul Kumar Mandal

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