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The Leading Blockchain Development Companies in 2020

The Leading Blockchain Development Companies in 2020

Wednesday June 24, 2020,

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Blockchain is a reckoning force that bears the ability to bring targeted transformation in the traditional processes, streamlining it for a better, more digitally advanced and futuristic world. From financial services, healthcare, real estate to governance, blockchain has left its positive impression across sectors and continues to do so. With the world, accelerating fast towards mass adoption of blockchain technology, here I present a list of the leading blockchain development companies that are doing remarkable work within the domain.

HashCash Consultants

Founding Year - 2015

HashCash Consultants is a global software company that specializes in blockchain development and cryptocurrency solutions. They offer their blockchain products and services to global enterprises across industries including financial services, real estate, healthcare, etc.  These blockchain innovations enable organizations to move and settle financial assets while providing platforms for enabling payments, cross-border and otherwise. HashCash has its blockchain network, HC Net with a robust network of partners across geographies. From DApps development, smart contracts creation, ICO services, STO, to blockchain based remittances, they have a plethora of solutions, with scalable applications and products.

The company runs the US-based crypto exchange PayBito and offers white label crypto exchange software to its global clients. Apart from blockchain and crypto services, HashCash offer IT services and solutions concerning AI, cloud computing, Big Data, etc.

Key Services: Enterprise blockchain development & IT services


Founding Year – 2007

Headquartered in San Francisco, USA, LeewayHertz offers end-to-end blockchain services and solutions to a global clientele. Along with standard blockchain services and products like DApps, smart contracts, crypto development, ICO, STO, etc, they are known for their customized solutions as well. LeewayHertz has an experienced team that offers consultation to enterprises regarding choosing of blockchain platform after a keen analysis of their requirements.

Key Services: Blockchain Development


Founding Year – 2007

Initially offering IT solutions to enterprises, Intellectsoft has scaled up to be one of the top contenders among blockchain developers with their main office in California, USA. From its inception days the company has earned a repute through its offerings of quality services and scalable solutions. They were quick to leverage the new-age technologies to offer the same to the clients all over the world. The company specializes in blockchain, Big Data, AR, IoT, and AI.

Their blockchain services include DApps, blockchain consulting, blockchain-based mobile applications, smart contracts development along with both public and private blockchain development for enterprises.

Key Services: Blockchain, Big Data, & AI


Founding Year – 1998

Itransition started off as a software development company in Belarus, then gradually moving its base to USA. At present it has headquarters in Denver, Colorado. From standard software company, they have upgraded to become one of the leading blockchain development companies in the US with a prominent list of clients across geographies. They are fully invested into blockchain solutions and their implementation, creating smart contracts along with ICO development.

Key Services: Blockchain & Big Data  


Founding Year - 2007

Headquartered in New York, USA, PixelPlex is a blockchain and customized software development company that has a track record of delivering more than 300 projects to clients globally. They are known for providing scalable solutions in blockchain technology, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and remarkable AR/VR experiences in the gaming domain. Apart from that, they create agile applications for both web and mobile platforms.

Specializing in blockchain services, PixelPlex is hired by global enterprises for consultation, DApp and smart contract development, smart contract audit, crypto exchange and wallet development, and more.

Key Services – Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence


Founding Year – 2009

Based in San Francisco, USA, ArcTouch specializes in blockchain development and mobile application creation. With more than ten years of experience, the company boasts of an experienced team of skilled developers who helps businesses transform their processes through blockchain integration. They also offer blockchain app development and customized solutions to clients. Apart from blockchain, ArcTouch is known for offering cutting-edge solutions in IoT-backed smart applications, mobile, and voice app development.

Key Services: Blockchain & Mobile App Development


Founding Year – 2012

Accubits Technologies Inc. has grown to be one of the leading blockchain development companies with its headquarters in Washington D.C. It has offices all over the world, offering global clientele with robust and scalable blockchain solutions that include DApps development, smart contracts creation, crypto wallet, and token development, rewards system, loyalty program, and integrated blockchain services. The company has also earned a name for its innovative AI solutions.

Key Services: Blockchain & AI


Founding Year – 2014

The company is based in Jersey City and is considered as one of the top blockchain development companies in the USA. They have built their client base, by their ability to turn the requirement and vision of the client into scalable blockchain applications and products. SoluLab has delivered hundreds of quality projects to prominent clients over the years and continue to do so, owing to a team of highly skilled developers.

Key Services: Blockchain development & Mobile App Development  


Founding Year – 2016

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Inn4Science specializes in the development and implementation of robust blockchain platforms, DApps, etc. They offer services to global enterprises hailing from various domains. The company provides its clients with consultation services, smart contract development, wallet creation services, crypto development, and more related to blockchain technology. Inn4Science is known for their dedicated support to clients throughout the various stages of project development, even post-deployment.

Key services: Enterprise Blockchain Development


Founding Year – 2017

The BlockBox may be the last one on the list, nevertheless, it is a well-known firm that offers blockchain development services to enterprises. They endorse a proprietary blockchain framework, which delivers high-quality development services catering to multiple sectors including banking, supply chain, healthcare, finance, cryptocurrencies, and more. Their blockchain services include DApps and smart contracts development, private blockchain development, crypto exchange development, STO, ICO, etc.

Key services: Blockchain & Cyber-Security

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