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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in UAE, Abu Dhabi & Dubai

By Tarun Nagar|15th Jan 2020
if you are searching for a mobile app development company in Dubai then here is the list of top 10 mobile app development companies in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.
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Growth and development in almost every business these days are due to the technological advancement that they have adapted. One of the technological advancements in the development of mobile applications.

Making a business successful these days is not possible without introducing a mobile app for it. And as the demand for mobile apps increased so does the need to hire a mobile app developer.

There are many countries famous for acquainting themselves with technological innovations first and one of these countries is the UAE(United Arab Emirates). With rising businesses, the demand for their requisites has also increased to a great extent.

Mobile app development is one of these requisites. Therefore, many corporations or businesses are now looking for a mobile app developer for hire.

The outstanding performance and capabilities of mobile applications have made businesses run after them. Thus, the demand for mobile application development companies also increased.

And if you are searching for a mobile app development company in Dubai then you will be able to find a suitable out of the below-mentioned top 10 mobile app development companies in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

The List of Top 10 mobile app development companies in UAE,Abu Dhabi,Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait 2020.

  1. DeviceBee
  2. Dev Technosys
  3. Hyperlink Infosystem
  4. Dow Apps
  5. Traffic
  6. FuGenX Technologies
  7. Apphitect
  8. Intellectsoft
  9. Mautilus
  10. iChanical


The DeviceBee company is known for several mobile app developers in Dubai. This company is filled with numerous, engineers, analysts and tech geeks that work to serve their large number of customers.

The employees of this company create business plans, innovative mobile applications, and websites. One of the best aspects of this company is that it caters to its customer’s needs in the best possible manner.

Dev technosys

Dev Technosys is the reliable company to satisfy the current digital demands of business. The company is working amazingly for last 9 years and therefore owns its loyal tribe of customers.

The international partners are associated with the company because of its ultimate technical solutions. The bespoke customer centric web and mobile app development services are reliable solution for boosting the business growth and increasing the earning potential.

The company has successfully delivered 950+ projects and has 450+ loyal clients.

The large team of 120+ software experts ensures the best to the clients. Innovate, improve and serve is the target of the company and this is why Dev Technosys has been able to render the solutions across the industry verticals.

From small scale businesses to the large scale industries, from single page applications to the complex enterprise applications, Dev Technosys guarantees the viable and seamless solutions.

Hyperlink Infosystem

This top-notch company was started almost a decade ago in 2011. It is capable enough to provide its patrons with the desired design and development of mobile applications for their respective businesses.

The main features of this company that contributed to placing it in the top 10 are delivering applications on time, a management system of the best quality, updating with the latest technologies, and fulfilling the client’s requirements.

Dow Apps

This another mobile app development company in Dubai also started almost a decade ago in 2011. So far the company has served over 1500+ customers.

The developers at Dow Apps are quite skilled in their work with the help of which they can able to curate effective and dynamic technologies and strategies for their customers.

These developers keep themselves updated with the latest technologies in the market and thus fulfill the demand of their clients with this knowledge.


This is one of the most powerful companies with its office at 4 sites and 90+ mobile app developers in Dubai. The company is known to deliver timely and professional business solutions to all its patrons.

Therefore, it focuses more on the creative aspect of mobile application development. The extremely talented marketers and technologists of the company serve numerous big names at a global level.

FuGenX Technologies

This is one of the leading mobile application development companies and is mainly known for meeting the client’s requirements and covering risks as well as opportunities.

The company has also won many awards for its various product launches in the world of digitization. It renders support(technical) for data science, machine learning, designing and development of games, artificial intelligence, and automation as well.

This company is always in search of a skilled mobile app developer for hire, that is how they have the best developers.


Apphitect has a record of creating a large number of successful mobile applications. This is because the company develops unique applications that are of immense benefit to the client.

The specialization of the company lies in the development of AR-based applications. The company is known for mobile application development, marketing of mobile applications and E-commerce as well.


The company is known to hire a mobile app developer who is skilled in their work as well as has a good experience. Intellectsoft develops both mobile applications as well as web applications.

The company meets the demands of the rising startups and that of the established businesses. The company was started in the year 2007 and since then has served over 300+ customers.

The company develops applications for Android and iOS platforms and the development of CMS, mobile applications, eCommerce and custom software are some of the fields in which the company excels.


The Mautilus company develops applications for several operating systems and devices. The company serves clients at a global level and can fulfill the requirements of all its patrons.

A large number of developers and programmers are working in this company and deliver the best services to the clients.

The company is now creating a view on the Smart Home, IoT, Augmented reality and Virtual reality as well. Currently, it is serving the development of E-commerce, mobile application, UI/UX designs, for both the operating systems, Android and iOS.


iChanical is mainly known for curating uniquely designed mobile applications that fit the requirements of the businesses today.

The most beneficial feature of this company is that they can develop mobile applications for almost all types of platforms.

At present, their offices are in UAE, India, and Australia where their excellent team of creative and dedicated developers is working to curate innovative mobile applications.

Hybrid, iOS, and Android are some of the platforms for which they work. Branding, mobile application development, web application development, web designing, and big data analysis are some of the sectors to which they devote their services.

Summing it up

In the entire world, numerous mobile development companies are finding their place, daily. But some of the top and best mobile application development were these in the UAE. They have their names in the top 10 due to excellent work performance and effective applications.