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10+ Best SEO Reporting Tools For Agencies (2020) Free & Paid

Are you looking for top 10 Best SEO Reporting Tools In 2020 for agencies that will help you to increase your website growth.

10+ Best SEO Reporting Tools For Agencies (2020) Free & Paid

Thursday July 16, 2020,

8 min Read

Are you looking for best seo reporting tools for agencies in 2020 then you are on the right place. To excel in digital marketing, you might have employed a lot of SEO strategies, but how would you know if your website has a good SEO strategy? It is important to analyze from time to time to see whether the SEO strategies are becoming effective or not. To have the edge over others, you must monitor the performance from time to time. In such scenarios, the SEO reporting tool helps. Through the SEO reporting tools, you come to know more about your client's likes and dislikes, and hence you can curate personalized solutions to meet up with your client's requirements. You can also create more engaging contents by understanding the needs of your customers, and this will help you to capture better leads that will convert to sales.

Hence to have a best SEO strategy, it is essential to have efficient SEO reporting tools. Let's glance through the ten best SEO reporting tools that will help you to have powerful SEO strategies and will eventually help you to accelerate website growth easily  

Best SEO Reporting Tools For Agencies (2020)

1. SEMRush

SemRush is a powerful tool which is popularly utilized by the digital marketing companies and the entrepreneurs for SEO reporting. This acts as a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs and helps you in curating unique contents for your clients. It helps you to have an enhanced brand value by boosting your rankings. Let's look into the features below:


  • SEMRush helps in improving SEO of the websites and helps you to produce more engaging contents for the customers
  • Missing and duplicate Meta descriptions can be known by using Semrush
  • With the help of SemRush, you can optimize Google My Business
  • Semrush helps you to perform a content audit and prune contents.

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2. KWFinder

As indicated in the name, the keyword finder tool helps you in identifying long-tailed keywords. This eliminates the keyword, which is irrelevant and replaces them with SEO friendly keywords so that you can get more relevant traffics to your website.


  • Here you can search in forty different languages to facilitate a local search
  • The KWFinder tool helps you having more engaging contents for the users
  • This tool brimngs more orgamic traffic to nyour website
  • The KWFinder tool helps you to prioritize tasks by building more automated reports. 

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3. Moz:

The Seattle based company has gained massive popularity off late due to the fantastic features. This is undeniably good SEO reporting software. It is one of the best. If you want to have quantifiable results, then you must go for this tool without any second thought


  • Keyword explorer helps you in knowing which keywords get used more frequently. The best part is that you can create a customized keyword list handy and you can update it whenever required.
  • Moz Pro allows you to track local and national searches. This is highly effective in attracting more users to your website
  • Moz Pro allows easy detection of the issues so that they can be fixed at the earliest. The site crawl feature will enable you to have more site audits.
  • Moz Pro allows you to have page optimizations by recommending specific improvements.

4. Agency Analytics

If you want to have a successful marketing company, then you must have this tool with you. This comes in the category of the best SEO reporting tools. This helps you in monitoring your rankings and to have the edge over your competitors. The SEO reporting tools available in the market are not so useful as compared to this one. The automation of the reports with the help of Agency Analytics saves you from a lot of manual effort. This tool facilitates searching the relevant terms to your business so that more organic traffic can be diverted to your website


  • The agency analytics tool helps you to have customized .This helps you in prioritizing
  • With Agency Analytics, you can create a personalized report for your clients, and it will be automatically delivered to them to their inbox. Hence you don't have to take the hassle of creating spreadsheets.
  • This highlights your brand by portraying your logo and your domain this helps in building the credibility of the customers
  • Backlink metrics of your client can be easily monitored with the help of this tool

5. Ahrefs: 

If you are looking for a tool with the most extensive base of backlinks, then Ahrefs can be the best tool ever. This is one of the most efficient SEO reporting tools. This SEO reporting software helps you to build a robust SEO strategy. Do not compromise on your SEO health and get this tool soon to attract more customers. This tool can perform multiple tasks, and by investing in this one tool, you can save the money from investing in various tools.


  • It has an SEO site audit tool which helps in boosting your rankings.
  • The site crawler visits approximately billions of website every hour
  • Helps in tracking new and lost backlinks
  • You can track mobile and desktop rankings with the help of Ahrefs tool, and you can even get daily weekly and monthly reports.

6. Google Data Studio:

Google data studio features in the list of the most potent SEO reporting tools which enhance your ranking through interactive dashboards and engaging reports. The customized data and the readily available panels inspire your team members to excel every day. We understand that your time is valuable; hence we ease the burden of manual reports by making everything automated.


  • This tool helps you having all your data in one place so that you can prioritize and analyze the data very quickly.
  • The data visualizations help you in telling impactful stories that can grab more eyeballs and increase your website visitors
  • Pre-built data connectors and calculated metrics help to put more meaningful insights into the data gathered.
  • This tool allows you to add big query data to your dashboard

7. Screaming Frog:

This tool helps you to0 improve onsite SEO. Screaming Frog is listed in the category of the best SEO reporting tools. The best part is that you can access many features for free, however, if you are looking for more advanced features, then you may need to purchase the licenced version. Now connecting to Google Analytics and Search console becomes a cakewalk for you, and you can even view the URLs blocked by robots file.


  • Reduces time-consuming tasks
  • The screaming Frog helps you to find broken links to site and metadata
  • With the help of screaming Frog, you can also find the temporary and permanent redirects
  • This tool generates XML sitemaps and integrates it with Google analytics

8. Authority Labs:

SEO tracking software is a favourite of many website builders and digital marketing and SEO companies. You can enjoy seamless client reporting with the help of this powerful tool. The tracking the competitor domains with the help of Authority labs you can surely have a competitive advantage and reach the pinnacle of success soon.


  • Gives you reliable and accurate results that help in building better credibility of the clients.
  • This tool allows you to expand your search by adding domains
  • With the help of this tool, you can also track the mobile ranking and the keywords that the users utilize ion the mobile searches.
  • You can enjoy a free trial for fourteen days.

9. Kiss metrics:

This SEO reporting tool has helped many companies to have improvised SEO strategies and to have the edge over others. This tool increases your conversions and helps you to have better ROI. Hence identify the roadblocks to your success path and eliminate them effectively.


  • This tool effectively tracks website visitors
  • The platform id highly efficient and the tool has an easy user interface
  • The reporting m ethics helps you in amazing consumer behaviour trends so that you can work on solutions and produce solutions that are more customers centric.
  • Behavioural analytics is a helpful feature of this tool, and it sets this tool apart from the other competitors.

10. Sideliner:

Utilize this powerful SEO reporting tool to track and eliminate duplicate contents. Now you can identify the pages that are portrayed in the search engines. The link patterns are analyzed between your pages, and this tool helps you to create more engaging and unique contents for your clients.


  • Identifies and resolve the issues with duplicate contents
  • It has a unique power page feature which distinguishes it from the other brands. With the help of this tool, you can determine how many times someone links to a page from within a site
  • Excludes typical contents like menus and navigation and instead focus on challenging areas
  • Removes broken links to improve the efficacy of your website

Best SEO Reporting Tools - Conclusion

Thus the article lists the best SEO reporting tools. However, before choosing the best SEO reporting software, you must understand your objectives and pick the software that will be best suitable for you. You can go for Semrush which is the best tools for your business.