The Best HR Software For 2019

Do you really own a great HR software? Let’s find out.

The Best HR Software For 2019

Monday January 21, 2019,

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Apparently, the market is flooded with ample HR software. All of them are gushed with a long trail of features and benefits. And surprisingly enough, all of them bet themselves to be the best, even when what they all offer is almost the same. So, basically what they do is they serve you the same dishes differently in the plate. The one who manages to serve the same dish in most aesthetically appealing manner tends to win you over. (read- trap)

Well! That’s marketing and when you are on a lookout for the best HR management software for your company, you are sure to fall for it. The only way to not fall for this bait is to be smarter and know what really makes an HRMS the best fit for your company.

Here we tell you what most of them have in common and what actually makes a software better than the rest. Let us begin separating the wheat from the chaff.

Most of the software, if comprehensive will surely have recruitment, payroll, attendance and workforce management modules in place.

However, what sets them apart from each other is how carefully all of these modules have been made.

Basically, details matter a lot. It is actually when you know how they function in reality that you will know the real picture. Mentioned below are some of such unique features that set an HR software apart from their competition. Take a look.

Insightful Reports- Reports, i.e the HR analytics should always be a key factor when you are trying to discern which HR software is the best. The more the reports, the better. The payroll report may be something offered by every software provider. So, see what other relevant and vital reports the software is able to display. Attrition, headcount, average tenure, avg. attendance, leave consumed, salary leaves encasement, total expense, total tickets, open positions, avg. training, avg. resource utilization, total travel expense reports are some of such reports that raise the utility of any HR software.

Seamless Integration- No employee is resourceful enough if he cannot collaborate. Likewise, no software is useful enough till the time it has the capability to integrate well. So, an HR software can only be considered phenomenal if it can be integrated with financial tools and candidate and consultant portals. Integration with BI should make the software even more worthwhile in your eyes.

Mobile Attendance Update- Time tracking has always been a major concern for the employers. In fact, when there is no system in place to keep a check on total working hours, the employers lose a large sum of money in paying for overtime and for the hours in which the employee didn’t work for the organisation. Moreover, features like geotracking, geofencing, live photo capturing are rare and necessary. They allow the remote and mobile employees to update their attendance via a mobile app.

Feature-Rich - Many of the HR software aren’t comprehensive enough. Either they sell payroll, recruitment or any other module. However, investing in an HR software that offers technical support for all HR functions is a way better alternative. You can pay for the modules you currently want to use and easily get the software upgraded when you want to.

Flexibility- You will face many problems if not initially then surely later if the software would not be flexible enough. Policy mapping and the ability to create dynamic workflows and multiple admins must find a place in your must-have list. Without it, workforce management becomes quite difficult, especially when the headcount is increasing speedily. The feature helps you in more ways than one. You can change the admin configuration and make as many admins you want. Apart from this, a truly flexible HR software lets you customize the workflows and much more.

Ease of Use- The UI of HR management software you plan to buy or you already have should be impeccable. This is one of the best ways to test how best an HR software would be for your organisation. No matter how good the software is, if you and the employees won’t find it easy to use, it won’t be worthful. Seamless navigation is really important to make the employees realise the importance of the software.

Not so good UI will make the employee resistance to the software usage firmer.

Other Rare Features- There are also many other features apart from the aforementioned ones that play a prominent role in streamlining HR functions. Kudos, email alerts, employee directory, event announcements, document directory, and new joinee name highlights are just a few them. All of them help the HR in improving the employee happiness and satisfaction quotient which indirectly has a huge impact on employee engagement and productivity.

The Way Ahead

Remember, using less efficient software or the one that isn’t the right fit for your requirements will hamper the productivity and happiness of your employees. We are sure you don’t want the effect to be negative at all. We have gives you the cues but the decision is still all yours to make. So, choose the best HR management software or switch to one if you are using any already to see the spur in productivity and management soon.