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The 8 Best Webinar Platforms for Your Business

The 8 Best Webinar Platforms for Your Business

Monday August 05, 2019,

8 min Read

Believe it or not, webinars have brought even the shybies to stage. It all started to present something to distant students, clients and business partners.

After the businesses have taken a plunge on to internet, the implementation of the internet architecture kept on evolving into more ways of doing business. Webinars is one such way to connect to their partners, clients and customers to present information about their product, or a proposal.

Why Your Business Need Webinars?


Here we have two similar terms that do the same thing, webcast and webinar. Webcast is the broadcast of the presentation without the involvement of audience whereas webinar is a two-way communication of the same presentation.


There are couple of good reasons that a webinar can help your business to grow up to the next level. And here are few of them.

  • You can reach up to your potential customers by releasing useful webinars on helpful topics. Connect with them easily, educate them through knowledge sharing sessions and spread about your brand.

  • Get connect with experts and add more value to your business. It may not be possible to meet personally due to busy schedule, but you can easily connect with experts on a short webinar session that will help to get him/her interviewed and spread more value towards the growth of your business.

  • The best part of webinars is that you can connect with thousands of people by sitting at a single location and it saves a huge time & effort. You can educate your prospective customers directly and help them to understand your business or product. This will increase the chance of more selling without putting extra effort of promotion.

  • Webinars are the best way to give your customers the trust they are expecting from your business. They can reach to your support anytime, get necessary assistance and get their issues resolved from any part of the world. This will also increase the chance of spreading your business.

  • Cost is another point that you can save by conducting webinars and connect with your customers to provide value support.


Things You Must Know Before Implementing Webinar Culture


If implementing the webinar culture is a tiny hurdle crossed, choosing a platform for the best experience is the big one. As the seminar cannot be given in an improper environment, webinars also cannot be conducted using the average platforms.


Here are few key points you should consider to make a webinar successful.

  • Not a long, but has enough length is the key to make webinars successful. Make sure you are creating webinars with an avg length of 30-40 minutes, this is good enough for viewers to stick to that subject without getting bored.

  • Mostly people prefer to attend webinars or such sessions on their starting of the day. So  morning time is the best time to schedule such webinars.

  • End the webinar with a Q&A session which will help the participants to get engage and undrestand the concept of the webinar topic practically.

 Best Webinar Software Platforms (That Work in 2019)




Zoom is a single communication suite for both webinars and collaborative chats. Up to 100 participants can join the webinar at a time.

It offers HD video and audio casting to all the participants and it can adjust the quality according to the bandwidth available. Run down through the features of zoom as detailed below:


Features of Zoom:


  • HD video interaction
  • HD dynamic voice detection
  • Both full screen and gallery display
  • Dual stream for dual screen
  • Feature-rich iOS and Android applications
  • Zoom rooms for privacy
  • Can join as a view-only attendee
  • Can join by H.233/SIP room systems
  • Can join via dial-in process


Special features for disabled:


  • Closed captions – Capture every word said with closed captioning.
  • Automatic transcriptions – Auto-generated transcriptions.
  • Keyboard accessibility – Features easy keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation.
  • Screen reader support – Accessible to all type of screens.

2. Demio


The hidden core purpose of the webinar is to market. Web seminars act as informative marketing platforms for businesses.

Demio concentrates on making it a marketing platform for better conversions.

Features of Demio:


  • Higher attendance rate increasing architecture
  • Custom brand logo in the webinar room; for branding
  • Live and automated webinars
  • Registration pages for aspiring attendees
  • Webinar replays for offline watching
  • No need to user manual
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Flexible infrastructure with international data servers, backup features and quick 5-minute support response time.
  • Automatic recordings
  • Interactive experience on web browser
  • Can integrate with most common email marketing apps


3. WebEx


WebEx is the webinar platform created by CISCO systems. Meetings made easy with this network hardware giant company.

WebEx can be custom configured by the user based on the requirements. For some it might be small online meeting or screen sharing and for some it is training and technical support, CISCO covers it all.


Features of CISCO WebEx:


  • Both for simple and complex usage
  • Flexible feature plan
  • Customizable feature configuration
  • Events for groups of 100 to 3000
  • High quality audio for multiple presenters
  • File sharing
  • Chat and brainstorming tools
  • Call back


 4. ClickMeeting


ClickMeeting is a custom branded webinar platform focused on converting the audience. With over 147,498 satisfied customers in 219 countries, ClickMeeting have 17,567,803 attendees to all webinars and meetings.


Features of ClickMeeting:


  • Paid webinars with pro features
  • Automated webinars
  • Support for add-on installations
  • Webinar timeline
  • Sub-accounts access
  • Multi-user support
  • Custom branding on live webinars
  • Address book
  • Customized invitation to the registrants
  • Registration page
  • Profile page for individual users
  • Waiting room with agenda


5. WebinarsOnAir


WebinarsOnAir has the simplest webinar UI that anyone with no tech skills can create a webinar in three simple steps under 60 seconds.

The premium features of this platform can be unlocked within less price only.


Features of WebinarsOnAir:


  • Simple UI and easy to setup process
  • Economical pricing for premium features
  • Professional monetization features with upfront charging ability
  • Intelligent tracking pixels
  • Automated webinars
  • One-click webinar registration
  • Recurring webinars
  • Interactive session UI
  • Full control over the meeting rooms
  • Ability to embed the registration form
  • Ability to integrate multiple email marketing platforms




Designed optimally for product demo webinars, Livestorm is a wonderful platform for great presentations, lead qualifications and 1-on-1 meetings to accelerate sales.

It is a powerful tool for online classes and can be used as MOOC software.

Livestorm organizes the classes and material in a webinar room for flexible interactions.


Features of Livestorm:


  • Keep the same landing page for multiple sessions
  • Pre-record webinars for non-live presentation
  • Autopilot webinars 24/7
  • Embed YouTube live stream in place of Livestorm stream
  • Unlimited HD webinars
  • Entire screen share ability
  • Web based dashboard for meetings
  • Share pre-recorded screen-cast or any other video during the webinar




AnyMeeting is another webinar platform that supports up to 1000 attendees for their meetings.

Intermedia, the company developing this platform promises a worry-free experience while in webinars.


Features of AnyMeeting:


  • Webinar attendees up to 1000
  • Live HD video broadcast access to 6 presenters
  • VOIP/PSTN audio calling
  • Screen & application sharing
  • Uploading and storage access to PPT, PDF and MP4 files
  • Public and private chat facility
  • Recording and hosting of the webinar
  • Live polls and Q&A to audience in the middle of session
  • Live emoji reactions
  • Custom registrations pages and forms
  • Email reminders to audience
  • Attendee reports
  • Green room for presenters to collaborate in before the webinar
  • Waiting room for audience
  • Meeting pro functionality for smaller collaborative meetings




Like the other webinar platform that we had discussed about previously, WebinarNinja also offers simpler and straightforward interface that shows to main options ‘host a meeting’ and ‘join a meeting’ on the first screen.


Upon starting the meeting, presenters are allowed to use the customized options, including a personalized URL for their meeting, customized background and an avatar.

It offers once-click screen option to make it easy for presentations.


Features of WebinarNinja:

  • Create a webinar in 10 seconds
  • Built-in marketing tool to drive more attendees
  • Upload PPT slides and docs right on the platform
  • Live webinars
  • Automated webinars
  • Hybrid webinars
  • Live series and summits
  • One-click to make a webinar premium



Since it was observed that the webinars are the best way to engage potential customers in either business to customer or business to business perspective, the developers have started to create sophisticated platforms to make more conversions through online meetings and seminar presentations.


Which webinar platform really caught your attention?

Want to know my favourite webinar platform? Ask me in the comments below.