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The How-To Guide: Tactics To Increase Your Valentine's Day Sales

Are you all set for the cupids to make these lovers go crazy over online shopping? Valentine’s Day is the only day in the initial quarter of the year where the sellers get a chance to boom their sales.

The How-To Guide: Tactics To Increase Your Valentine's Day Sales

Monday February 11, 2019,

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Well, you need to better be prepared for the 'day of love' sale and the best you can offer your buyers. They are all planned, have you read their minds already? If you haven't, here are some tactics to help you be in a better stance!

#1 Changed Target Audience

When it's said that your target audience is changed, doesn't mean that you start selling ladies' product instead of men's. The men's section will be visited more by women, whereas the women's section will be visited more by men. Obvious, isn’t it?

Now, think about your buyer, will they be knowledgeable enough to understand what they are planning to buy? Certain buyers would know about what they are looking for, but what about the others? They might be puzzled; with too many options on their table on what to buy, it would surely become difficult for them to get the perfect 'ting' for their lover. Here, content will work wonders!

Write blogs on the topics like "best things to buy this valentine's day" for both men and women, work on Valentine's Day marketing mailers, and make your customer informed about the trendy things that can be in their cart for the day.

#2 Product Category Selection

For all the eCommerce sellers who have their products listed on online marketplaces, there are certain categories that can be highlighted. Some of the most preferable categories are:

Jewelry - If you are selling jewelry, you probably have the day covered. Heart-shaped, his 'n her lockets, and rings are very much popular when it comes to this very category. The art of forecasting demand here can prove out to be phenomenal for jewelry sales.

Clothing - Fancy one-pieces, tops, and shirts are some of the most sold products online when its Valentine's Day. Clothing like lingerie also sell well, but other unexpected items like his 'n hers sweatshirts and caps are also preferred.

Footwear, Toys, Books, etc. - Men usually buy stuff in which they imagine their valentine to be the prettiest. High-heel shoes, knee-length boots, are some of the highly demanded products that fall under the category of footwear. It might sound weird, but Americans spend over $600 million on an average (since 2017) on crazy things like pet treats, pet toys, doggie hair clips, just to impress their valentine. When it comes to toys, the crazy list simply goes on...

#3 Valentine’s Day Product Optimization and Sale Participation

Being a seller, if you are selling your products on online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc., you must know how well the optimization of product descriptions can help you with the search engine friendliness.

More than 52% of the buyers are searching online with the query “best valentine’s day gift for him/her”. “Your partner will love this” and some more keywords like “gift”, “for her”, and “presents” in your listed products’ description might bring your product into notice.

Create a FOMO Atmosphere

When it is about Valentine's day sale, being a seller you must know how to participate and what all products to promote and advertise. "Fear of missing out" (FOMO) will always make your buyers to make their purchases in a hurry. Make sure that you try to keep the product counter ticking, always, to maintain the sense of a lightning sale.

Some of the widely used Valentine's day social media campaign lines for FOMO sale are "Roses going quick, hurry!" or "Only 20 caramel packages left, get yours now!"

#4 Suggest Product Bundles

Sellers can always boom their sales by either bundling more than one product together or invest a bit on the valentine's day advertisements. This will eventually make the potential buyers save more time and energy by not surfing across the entire marketplace and find what they are actually looking for.

If you are a retailer with your own eCommerce storefront, work on some landing pages that will separate the entire Valentine's day product listing from the normal ones. This will make the buyer focus only on the items that s(he) might be interested in for the 'day of love'.

With a good order management software, you can easily bundle the products that you wish to sell.

#5 Keep Ample Inventory for Crucial Products and Ship-On-Time

Inventory management for the products that you are putting up for Valentine's day sale should always stay in a good quantity. A perpetual count on the same is necessary to keep a continual updating of the inventory.

Also, be all set to deliver the products to the respective buyers before Valentine's day, ensuring that the break-up ratio never climbs up...

Your shipping strategies should involve things like the gift-wrapping, greeting card (optional, only for valentine's day), quick delivery.

#6 Anti-Valentine's Day Campaigns

We have discussed how to cater to the buyers who are on a hunt for gifts to charm their loved ones. Does it mean that we are really not trying to focus on the buyers who are not at all bothered about Valentine's day?

Send them a promotional offer asking them to join in the sale to simply enjoy the holiday if Valentine's day is something they are really not interested in. A separate landing page for such audience might do wonders for your business.

“Red hearts? Ugh. Candy? Gross. Roses? Lame! Come in and celebrate anything but Valentine’s Day.”

~Source: FiveStars.com