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The Key Components of Digital Marketing

The Key Components of Digital Marketing to Make Your Business Success

The Key Components of Digital Marketing

Thursday November 15, 2018,

4 min Read

If you wish to fuel your business growth and stretch it to the next level. The key components of digital marketing will help you achieve the targets. In today’s technology-driven world, implementing digital marketing tactics and techniques to survive the cut-throat business competition is a must.

Digital marketing is also known as ‘internet marketing’, ‘online marketing’ or ‘web marketing’. Its reach is vast with no limitations, thus generates better business scopes within as well as outside the borders of one’s own country.

In this article, a thorough discussion on what digital marketing is all about; how it helps and what are the most instrumental digital marketing components will be made

Discussing Digital Marketing

Promoting and marketing products and services using advanced digital technology can be termed as Digital marketing. Digital marketing covers all the possible marketing efforts made using the digital technology. And delivered through digital channels like websites, search engines, email, social media, and mobile applications.

Importance of Digital Marketing

The importance and significance of digital marketing are well-established from the fact that these days every ambitious business person employs one of its components to maximize their audience base and drive sales. Digital marketing primarily involves connecting and marketing to the potential customers through suitable digital channels.

For those who are not yet convinced of its usefulness, need to go through the benefits and importance of digital marketing here:

  • Digital marketing is by far the most cost-effective marketing mode.
  • Around 75% of the population these days use smartphones, mobiles and as such wireless handheld devices to access information, do social networking and buy goods online. This makes digital marketing a better way to connect and engage with targeted customers.
  • An array of opportunities for framing publicity strategies can be made available with the help of this form of marketing. Digital marketing encompasses social media marketing, email marketing, e-commerce marketing etc.
  • Awareness and information spread online faster compared to paper-based advertising methods. If anyone wants a more efficient and quicker brand recognition, then digital marketing is the way to achieve.
  • Incorporation of diverse types of media into your marketing strategy is very much possible with digital marketing.

Key Components of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not just one thing but it incorporates a lot many marketing activities that aim at adding value to the marketing campaigns. The key components of digital marketing primarily encompass three things. Each and every one of them helps one reap the maximum benefits of digital marketing if utilized properly.


The website is one of the most significant components of digital marketing as without it nobody can conduct online business and will not have any online identity at all. A judiciously built and attractively designed website becomes the online store for e-merchants and a digital platform for those who wish to spread awareness for self-promotion or commercial reason.


In order to ensure that online buyers or information seekers actually engage with your content, make sure it’s of high quality. “Content is the King” and it is one of the key components of digital marketing. Popular search engines also favor sites with quality content. You can opt for copywriting for a better lead generation experience. This suggests writing content primarily for the purpose of advertising or marketing.

It is advisable to generate different types of content, such as social media posts, blogs, videos, photos etc. Sharing them on multiple digital platforms for spreading business awareness. This key component of digital marketing is instrumental in fueling traffic, gaining more customers and also helpful in establishing an online reputation.


This denotes the means through which the marketing efforts can be channelized for making the business a successful affair. The medium includes the following channels:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Recent trends

Digital marketing involves any marketing and advertising effort made online (digitally) to help multiply business scopes and profitability. Besides already popular digital marketing types, new concepts are emerging like for example Influencer marketing. In this form of digital marketing, a celebrity or role model advertises or advocates for a brand/product and through her/his influence & fan following, they try attracting potential leads. As per a reliable source, on Instagram the number of influencer posts doubled in 2017, counting over a total of 1.5m.

Your online business goals and requirements need to be understood and analyzed first. This will help you to play better with digital marketing tactics and techniques to witness impressive business growth and success.