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Healthiest Disposable Diapers Available In India

Bdiapers is India's only hybrid cloth diapers that support chemical free disposable inserts

Healthiest Disposable Diapers Available In India

Monday January 16, 2017,

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Bdiapers was conceived to fulfill the need for a healthy and rash free diaper, that did not break the bank..

I went through the ordeal every new mother goes through. To find a diaper brand that was easy on the pocket, and that would not cause a rash or be harmful for my baby and to the environment. Choosing the right brand for the scorching Indian summer was hard. And cloth diapering was a hassle with all the other work that came along with a small baby.

I was determined to cloth diaper my baby ( who was very prone to rashes ) and was always looking for a solution that would give me the convenience of a disposable and the health of cloth without the hassle of constant washing, airing , drying etc.

From there on was born the idea of a diaper that was healthier, affordable and complete. Bdiapers brings a unique twist to diapering. It is both a disposable and reusable diaper and is paired with a cute T-shirt that will not ride up every time you pick up the baby. The cover itself comes with a detachable waterproof pouch that is made from soft materials and doesn't 'crack' like a plastic , even after 100s of washes. The diaper pad is made from chemical free and fragrance free bamboo fiber. The diaper pad is disposable and can be replaced within the pouch. These pads use plant based materials for absorbency hence they do not cause rashes. The cotton cover ensures passage of air to prevent any growth of bacteria.The same cover can be used throughout the day with a simple change of pad

Bdiapers incorporates modern comforts in traditional products that promise to improve the health of your baby and the world they will grow up in. We believe in the wisdom of the past generations in raising healthy, happy babies. We also believe babies need to look cute and stylish and be comfortable and healthy - all at the same time.

Bdiaper Hybrid Cloth Diaper Cover with Chemical Free Disposable Insert , LoveBugs

Bdiaper Hybrid Cloth Diaper with Chemical Free Disposable Inserts, LoveBugs

These inserts being chemical free are good for the environment versus the other disposable diapers which take 500 years to decompose! Buy yours at the Bdiapers Website

Smart Alec Diaper Cover and  T Shirt Set 
Smart Alec Diaper Cover and  T Shirt Set 

Bdiapers also has several unique accessories like the diaper balm, diaper rash spray as a diaper wipe solution, organic muslin newborn nappies with silicone diaper pins and other health diapering solutions to complete your diapering journey

What is included in a pack?

A smart cover in cute designs. It does not require pants or any waterproof layer.An ultra-soft nylon pouch which is waterproof that holds the nappy pad. This attaches inside the cover . A pack of disposable inserts made to fit in the Bdiapers pouch. These are nontoxic wood pulp based and anti-bacterial. They are disposable . Available separately is a 120ml soft polyester reusable nappy pad. The fabric is 'stay dry' so your baby doesn't feel the wetness or get rashes.

Key features of the Bdiapers Set:

High quality t-shirts with custom extra length so that they don’t ride up every time the baby is picked up.

Soft nylon pouch with soft border that's easy on the baby's sensitive skin while being waterproof at the same time.

Soft velcro to provide a better fit to prevent leaks

Ultra soft cotton pants made from superior fabric that is meant to last through several washes.

Disposable inserts made of bamboo fiber which reduce nappy rash. These are wood pulp based and use non-toxic materials for absorbency that do not cause damage to the baby’s sensitive skin. They are chemical free hence better for the environment.


Elsie BDiaper Cover + Tshirt set
Elsie BDiaper Cover + Tshirt set

BDiapers matching Tshirts are made from soft 100% cotton fabric which is specifically selected for babies. The Tshirt has a wide neck for easy wearing and removing .With custom length so that it doesn't ride up every time a baby is carried, this is a perfect accessory to complete your BDiaper look.

Newborn Organic Muslin  Nappies with silicone Diaper Fasteners
Newborn Organic Muslin  Nappies with silicone Diaper Fasteners

Bdiapers Newborn Nappies are also great for the delicate skin of newborn babies. These diapers are made from 100% organic unbleached muslin fabric that is soft against the baby’s delicate skin. These diapers are specifically for newborn babies upto 3 months of age. They have an umbilical cord snap down for the first week of baby’s life till the stump falls off. These diapers are pure cotton hence would require waterproof covers, however we recommend not using covers as that would allow air to pass. Without any waterproof covers these diapers will hold (wet only) for upto 1.5 hours

These diapers come with a pair of non-metal silicone SafetyB pins to hold them in place and adjust the tightness according to the baby’s weight. These pins are specifically designed to hold the muslin diapers without posing any poking dangers to the baby. They also help provide a snug fit for the baby hence help in containing any leaks

These pins should be stored away from the baby as they are small and pose a choking hazard.

Each pack contains 3 newborn muslin diapers and 2 silicone pins.

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