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The Man Behind Evolution of Advanced Reproductive Health Services in India

The Man Behind Evolution of Advanced Reproductive Health Services in India

Monday September 23, 2019,

6 min Read

Mumbai based Dr Gautam Allahbadia, a noteworthy Consultant Reproductive Endocrinology Dubai & IVF, has made a significant contribution to the field of Assisted Reproduction through his practice and research. He has been one of the pioneers in extending fertility services in India, with expertise in a wide array of reproductive treatments and services.

Providing comprehensive, compassionate and individualised care in assisted reproduction, his accomplishments are often cited as a benchmark by top gynaecologists, both in India and abroad.

Dr Gautam Allahbadia                                                     


Dr Gautam was interested in pursuing gynaecology and reproductive healthcare right when he was in school. From the very start, he was driven by intense curiosity and was prolific in clinical research. He is credited with an MBBS degree from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, and an FNAMS from the National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and had already published over 120 peer-reviewed national and international papers by the time he finished college. 

It was during the days when Dr Allahbadia was studying medicine that he developed a deep interest in gynaecology, as his father was an already established professional in the field. His passion for reproductive medical studies and peer support led him to pursue assisted reproduction as a full-time profession.

Dr Allahbadia’s stint as a professor at renowned Medical Institutes

After completing his M.D., Dr Gautam Allahbadia from Mumbai joined as a lecturer at LTMMC and LTMGH, followed by a 12-year tenure at the University of Mumbai affiliated Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, before turning towards private practice full time. He was also bestowed a visiting faculty status at the University of Tel Aviv, Sacker School of Medicine at the Sheba Medical center from 2003-2011.  He is now visiting Faculty at the University of Oldenburg at their IVF Centre in Germany.

The journey from research to clinical care

When he was erring around his way to pursue clinical practice along with continuing his research work, Dr Allahbadia was appointed as the youngest president in the history of Mumbai Obstetric & Gynecological Society (MOGS) in 2009-2010. Recalling the struggle he faced before establishing himself in the field, Dr Gautam Allahbadia says:

"We had to struggle a lot for the first three years, as there were not many patients. However, I continued writing papers and books in that period. Fortunately, I got some more awards in the West, and that made me popular, and we started getting patients. I also had the privilege of being elected as the youngest president of the MOGS."


His highly successful third party reproduction program at Rotunda-The Center For Human Reproduction now run by his wife made it possible to achieve successful pregnancies in patients from across 40 countries. Dr Allahbadia from Mumbai has not only been a strong advocate of Assisted Reproduction but has also helped in training gynaecologists in 17 private Rotunda franchisee IVF centers across India between 2000-2012. He has also been instrumental in training IVF Consultants outside the country in Ghana, Nigeria and Malaysia.

Dr Gautam Allahbadia has been associated with multiple renowned fertility clinics such as the Millennium Medical Center, Al Thanyah, Dubai; Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai; Orchid Fertility & Andrology, DHCC Dubai; Dr Amal Elias IVF Center, SZ Road; Bourn Hall Clinic, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. He was previously the Medical Director at the Aster IVF & Women IVF Clinic, Al Mankhool, Dubai, Medcare IVF Center, Jumeira, Dubai and the IVF Consultant & Head at the Fertility & Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic, Dubai London Specialist Hospital, Jumeira, Dubai.

His set of 'Firsts' were nothing less than breakthroughs in Fertility practices


Dr Gautam Allahbadia was responsible for India's first trans-ethnic surrogate pregnancy involving a Chinese couple's baby delivered by an unrelated Indian surrogate mother. He also holds the success of first same-sex-couple pregnancy to his credit.

Dr Allahbadia made it to headlines in most National newspapers for his services in helping an Israeli same-sex couple become parents to a healthy baby. 

He believes in reinventing his existing medical practices to best suit the need of his patients. Being instrumental in advocating new fertility-enhancing protocols, Dr Allahbadia was also the first to coin the term "IVF Lite”. He says:

"IVF Lite's thrust is minimal stimulation; in conventional treatments, couples are given quantitative doses of fertility injections, aimed at making multiple eggs. We have fine-tuned a method wherein a minimal amount of medicines (10 tablets for ten days, and about three injections) are given with results as good as conventional IVF. The main difference in IVF Lite is that for all the patients, we freeze the embryos in the months they are removed from the woman's body, and once we have the requisite number of embryos in the next months, the uterus is primed, making it more susceptible to receiving the embryos. That increases the pregnancy rates to 70-80%.

We are proud to be able to offer this program, also having the most experience and research with it. Women who were previously told that they couldn't conceive their own genetic children, also have a chance at getting pregnant now."


Awards and Felicitations


During his expansive career in reproductive sciences, Dr Gautam Allahbadia has been felicitated with several awards and accreditations. He was granted the prestigious Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst fellowship for the year 1996 to train in Assisted Reproductive Techniques in Germany.

He was also awarded the AOFOG-Young Gynaecologist Award for the year 1998.

Dr Allahbadia has been honoured with the most prestigious FOGSI-CORION National Research award for best original research work in Infertility at the 42nd All India Obstetric & Gynaecological Congress held in Hyderabad on December 1999.He was entitled with the national prize of Dr Kumud Tamaskar Award for his original research work in Infertility in 1991. 


With a lot of misconceptions circling around Infertility today, patients often feel alienated and distressed. However, Dr Gautam Allahbadia's services and consultation has, for years, proven to be a compelling anecdote. 

He has been dedicated to guiding patients and help them build their families by providing the best fertility services. Dr Allahbadia also makes time to attend events and conferences for promoting better reproductive health and create awareness around prevailing infertility issues.