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Why Virtual Reality is getting popular day by day?

Why Virtual Reality is getting popular day by day?

Monday July 01, 2019,

4 min Read

While watching science fictions you would have seen the power of virtual reality but now you can experience it by yourself through VR headsets.

Walking in someone else’s shoe is actually possible through Virtual Reality as it lets you experience this in real.

Let’s talk about some of the interesting details related to Virtual Reality through this article -

How about forgetting your daily routine and getting submerged in a world you have always dreamt of? Don’t bite your nails off as you can easily experience it through this technological advancement.

Even if you know, that the world is not real, you want to escape from your own world with just a click. This is all about Virtual Reality (VR), we know it’s virtual but it feels like real.

Virtual reality takes you into a world where everything is possible. It lets you feel the surrounding of the content that you watch. It won’t be wrong to say that you dream with your eyes open in Virtual reality world.

VR headsets –

The first VR headset was launched on 1st of August 2012, since then we have been enjoying the virtual reality through VR headsets in every aspect of our life. Whether in games or movies we want VR headset to get the best possible experience for us.

The best thing about VR headset is that they are not harsh on your budget and you can enjoy YouTube 360 degree videos, games, movies, etc in VR by spending a few bucks.

What are the major reasons for this immense rise in Virtual Reality?

VR is extremely popular these days and there are a number of reasons for that, let’s talk about them one by one

• We are living in an era where the life of a majority of population revolves around smartphones, this is the primary reason why people love to watch video contents more than any other format. VR headsets let you experience these video contents in a much better way, hence they are being used very often by users. Google cardboard is an entry level device but plays a major role in the popularity of VR by enhancing video contents experience of users.

• The Internet is flooded with contents but do we have enough time to watch that? Certainly, Not. People are really short of their time. VR helps to resolve this issue and businesses get benefited from this as they help in increasing the long-lasting interaction of time-poor customers.

• Brands are now publishing their messages that are specially optimized for VR headsets. For example, Jaguar launched its 360-degree video that was about its Wimbledon sponsorship. It got a lot of attention. Another example is of Mountain Dew’s add which helped it to get around 22% higher click-through rates. Since VR messages are getting a lot of attractions, brands are focusing more on creating such messages.

• Organizations these days are using VR to help their customers enjoy their video contents in the best way. Commerce sector knows that until and unless customer enjoys their content they can’t expect healthy conversions and this is the biggest reason behind increased usage of VR in the commerce sector.

• When we talk about the rise of VR, we can’t forget gaming. Gaming has been one of the biggest reasons behind the rise of VR. VR helps the gamer to get the ultimate experience of the games and it kind of puts them into that gaming world.

What’s more?

After learning about the rise of virtual reality the next big question that strikes our mind is what’s more? Is it done? Let us find that out.

It is certain that the craze of Virtual reality is going to last for a longer period of time and we will definitely see an improved version of it in the future. People are going to love it more and more as time passes. Bigger brands like Google, Sony, Microsoft and so on are working to enhance the experience from a VR headset.

The day is not far when we will see people enjoying their video contents in VR headsets only.

Final words -

Virtual Reality is a great gift of technology to every one of us. It provides us with a totally different experience which is though virtual but feels like real. Virtual Reality is going to dominate in the future and those who are still not using it must give it a try and they will love it.  

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