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The Ultimate Guide on How To be Cool in 2019

The Ultimate Guide on How To be Cool in 2019

Wednesday December 26, 2018,

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In the 21st century, who doesn’t want to be cool, right?

Some people go in the wrong direction while trying their best to be cool and in trend so I thought I’ll list down the things to make it easier.

Stop with the sexist jokes

No, saying no offence or I’m just kidding doesn’t cut it. Boys can cry, wear pink, like flowers or have a great dressing sense without being gay. Girls can be good at sports, have hair on their body as they wish and wear clothes that they like.

In fact, be it, boys or girls, anybody can wear what they want to. If someone’s choice of outfit makes you judgemental, there’s a fault in you and not them.

Wearing a skirt or shorts don’t reduce a girl’s *manners*.  Coming home late from work or a party doesn’t mean she’s *spoilt*. Boys can be great at cooking if they love it, one’s manliness doesn’t fade away in the kitchen or by doing the laundry. Everyone is *just joking” when they make such comments, so I guess you get it that being serious or being funny, both of them are equally lame and offensive.

Learn to appreciate 

This probably is the number one reason why on some days I twirl down in my thoughts thinking where did I go wrong.

When someone succeeds in something that they really worked hard for, be happy for them. Genuinely. Saying things like Oh, he/she got it the easy way, he/she had contacts, is rich etc is pointless.

Everybody is putting in their blood and swear in their field of work. If it’s different from yours, it doesn’t mean it is easier. By feeling jealous or holding grudges you’re harming yourself more than the other person.

I’ve been freelancing as a Photographer from over 2 years now and what I’m about to say might offend a lot of people. There have been countless times when friends and even acquaintances who are not-so-friendly have asked me for a free shoot saying Aree we’re friends na!

Idk about you, but if one of my friends had a venture or their own business, I would be the first one to pay and try out their services. Appreciate them for their work, spread a word around. Kindness doesn’t cost you a penny and the returns are something you can’t buy with millions.

Save before you spend

I felt richer when I saved around Rs. 2,000 in my college days compared to now when I’m earning a decent amount through my freelancing errands.

The more money I earned, the more I learned how much efforts go in for each penny. You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. God forbid if there’s a medical emergency, won’t you feel more secure if you had money saved up?

Having a family that supports you financially is a great thing to have but do not take that for granted. Buy new clothes only to replace an old one that you don’t wear anymore. Choose the things you need over the things you want. 

What I do to save the money is think this before buying any item online or offline,

“Am I going to use it every day? Will it make my daily chores easier or is it just a once-in-an-year item? Am I missing out on things because I don’t have this?”

If the answer is No, then I don’t buy it. I wrote a post a few weeks back that had creative ways how to save money, you can read that here.

Racism thrives because we let it

Racism is quite a debatable topic. People are ready to speak in support of it in an instant, even if they slyly promote it in their day-to-day lives. Every time that you call someone Nepali or Chinese because of the shape of their eye, you’re promoting racism.

Every time that you call someone who came from a small village to try and make it big in a city Bihari, you’re promoting racism.

Every time that you call someone who thinks about saving money more than you do Baniya, you’re promoting racism.

I can keep on listing comments like the ones I mentioned above. The point is, if you have done either of these things and you speak up about how angry you’re at racism, you’re lying to yourself.

The society is backwards in terms of their mindset? Who makes up the society? We do.

We clearly hate when racism makes us lose a job opportunity because the HR and the applicant were of the same caste/village. So, why don’t we think twice before making any racist comments or jokes? Also, be brave enough to point out someone who makes such comments in front of you.

Don’t take your health for granted

Consider me guilty for this one. Only when your nose gets blocked by cold will you realize how much you miss breathing freely and not sneezing every other minute.

If we can spend thousands on things like clothes and smartphones, we can spare a bit of money for regular check-ups with the doctor too. It is no surprise that the food we eat is far from being nutritious, thanks to the chemicals being injected in almost everything because what looks good would sell in the market.

Regulate your diet habits. Do not eat outside more than once in a week. I know we should love our bodies as it is, all sizes are beautiful. But all sizes aren’t healthy. I’m not telling you to shed weight to fit into the society’s beauty standards.

I’m telling you to watch what you eat for your good. You are your most precious investment.

Embrace the LGBTQ Community

You don’t have to make-a-face when you see a lesbian/gay/bi person. They are as human as you are. Imagine being confused about your own being and then being judged by people on top of it. Don’t make it harder for them, okay?

Support them no matter what their sexual preference is. Did you know that if straight men are friends with gay men that don’t make the straight men gay? It is not a disease that spreads so it is time that we stop treating it like one.

I watched a movie named Love Simonrecently, loved it, If you’re in the mood to know how hard it is to understand one’s orientation and making it public, I suggest this movie to you.

There’s plenty of things going wrong around the world, let your perspective be not one of them.