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Thoughts on lessons learned as a tech Entrepreneur

Thoughts on lessons learned as a tech Entrepreneur

Monday May 13, 2019,

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Obsession and Passion of Technology

If you aspire to be tech entrepreneur make sure that you are obsessed & passionate about Technology & Engineering as well do not give excuses that you don't understand Technology and you will hire some tech guy to solve your problems you should know the foundation of each and every tech out there it's dynamics as well as tech keeps changing everyday.

Technology is difficult

Be prepared to eat glass, Technology is difficult new Innovations disrupt old at light speed when I started there was just the web now we have mobile web,smartphone apps,VR-AR,cryto,blockchain,AI and the list goes on.

Hiring your team

Hire more Intelligent,passionate and even more obsessed tech people than yourself even if it comes at a great cost, this is very Important even if you waste a lot of time in Interview process make sure to hire the best. 

Hire people who are hungry for knowledge , experience and not for money because knowledge is perpetual and the other thing just transitory. Such people are very rare to find and sometimes things don't go as you planned if you put them on field, because its a war zone out there to exceute and get things done so if expectations are not met then fire them fast and if expectations are met or exceeded then nurture them for life.

Technological progress is a big experiment

Experiment more things as soon as possible,the more tech experiments you do asap , mistakes will help you learn asap and do not repeat your mistakes.

Technology Product market fit

Make sure your Tech product or service fits the market it should not be in far-future or far-past. users should have a demand or need which you are fulfilling Remember Tech Business IDEA's are like garbage,Trilions of them but execution and achieving product market fit is really a tough game.

Somethings work in tech some don't

Stick to what works and double down on it attack switch on your aggressive mode eliminate and destroy , if something doesn't works for too long leave it to attack in future.

Do not overspend

Be a saver, look for less-expensive options but make sure that it doesn't compromise quality of your product or service.

Focus on your vision

Stay focussed on your vision & goals Initially, there are lots of other options which lure you from your original vision but in the early days of a startup its very Important to stay focussed on one single thing until it works properly once it's stable you can go for diversification.

Patience & Perseverance

Its Unfortunate that they don't teach you these 2 things (Patience & Perseverance) at school, for me life taught me these things "Life is the best teacher you will ever have".

The rabbit hole goes much deeper

Do not assume things and be overconfident be prepared to rewire your brain and accept that you could be wrong ...... In this universe there is always a probability of wrong or right hence I always follow the socrates paradox 

("I know that I know nothing", "The only thing I know is that I know nothing" )

Please note ...but that should not refrain you from making a choice.

The above mentioned key points are just some of the basic ones which I faced there are tons of more things like marketing,product management, process,branding and a hell lot other things.

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