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Tips for content writers to outsmart stress

Being a content writer is no more daunting and stressful!

Tips for content writers to outsmart stress

Friday March 13, 2020,

6 min Read

Stress can be dealt with positivity

Would you like to term stress as your best friend or the most bitter foe, especially when you belong to a profession demanding every ounce of your energy, mindfulness, concentration and focus? It is going to take more than what you already possess when you are getting into this la-la land of content writing! In the life of a content writer, stress would always remain as an intruder. Yet, you can get the best out of it with a positive mindset and an optimistic approach towards life.

Should stress demotivate you always? No!

There are a number of well researched articles pointing out that stress can motivate you bigger than any other force. An article on Inc states that it would make you more alert, drives you to find the right solution, lets you self-realise your priority level and enjoy those stress-free days leisurely. If you have proper awareness on how you need to manage stress, you can stay more productive than ever.

The bittersweet relationship between stress and the writer

A writer gets to hone up his/her skill set through constant practice. You should not leave way for any negative energy within you. Your focus should be on maintaining an optimistic position even at the most toughest times for writers such as facing the writer's block at the brink of deadlines. I get it. It is easier said than done.

Those tight, stiff deadlines, clients who can drive you nuts with constant follow-ups, your inability to fight when you are going to deal with any sorts of distractions- These are not-so-pleasant stuffs a writer deals with on a regular basis. This digital world constantly shelves you with anything and everything it can. It is not going to be smoothie ride for any content writer, be it a noob or a maverick, in 2020. You have higher probability of facing the front of stress and burnout if you are not taking proper steps to protect yourself from it.

How can we stop stress from wreaking havoc in our life? These top 5 tips meant for unfriending stress from our life could help:

1. Practice yoga and meditation

Practice yoga

Meditate regularly

In an article on The New York Times, Dr.Rangan Chaterjee speaks about how a stressed-out patient complained about low sugar levels. At the end, meditation and yoga acted out as his saviour after he started regularly practising it for the next 6 months. As a writer, your should always remain calm and composed. Forget about the deadlines! Forget about the unedited draft! Whenever you feel stressed out, breathe in, breathe out. You would feel the magic of meditation after these 15-minutes!

If it matches your routine, you can enrol yourself in any Yoga classes to master it. It is also inevitable that you practice a healthy lifestyle and start consuming more nutritious food items. This is to make sure that you always stay mentally fit. This would, for sure, provide you with the right emotional balance you need to keep writing.

2. Approach your problems with humour

Stay humorous

Stay humorous

Even though many psychologists portrayed humour as a sign of vulgarity, superiority as well as defence mechanism for hiding your emotional mask in public-front in the past, it is always good to look into everything with a humorous perspective. Humour is indeed the best way to deal with stress. People love people who take ownership of their tragedy and without turning it into a tragedy, turn it into a sort of dark comedy. Do you have any client who would not accept your blog even after a number of reworks? Bring out your inner Buddha, laugh at the situation within yourself, talk to the client in a jovial manner, understand his PoV and close the deal in a pragmatic manner.

3. Time management should be handled like a wise

Manage your time

Manage your time wisely

You should be time conscious when you have a number of deadlines at your doorstep. Pomodoro technique is the best way to focus on what task you have at present in your hand. All you need to do is set a timer for 25 minutes exactly. Work now. At the end of the 25 minutes, don't forget to take a short break of 5-minutes. Start your work again. When every four 25 minute time-slot ends, ensure that you take a long break of about 20-30 minutes. This is going to refresh your brain. You can recharge all your brain cells. This is going to give a fresh perspective while you are jotting down your content.

4. Practice self-love before passion

Self-love is the best love

Love yourself!

Following the pathway of your dreams and passion is fine, but it should come at the cost of your mental health. Whenever you are feeling stressed out, try to take a stroll in your garden or nearby park. If you feel so stressed about your deadlines, have a conversation with your best friend. You need not compromise anything when it comes to your emotional well being. You should always remember that self-love is the best magic potion when you want to remain successful throughout your life. Do not overload yourself with tasks that you cannot handle. If the workload is extremely overwhelming, your clients should know that. You have all the rights to inform them.

5. Never, ever procrastinate

Do not procrastinate

Don't procrastinate!

Been there, done that. You might find it extremely tempting when you can complete your little tasks the next day, or any other day. But procrastination has the capability to leave you feeling guilty rather than hustled-up. It can lead you to the path of demotivation and self-questioning your abilities. The feeling you get when you finish your tasks on time is a blessing in disguise!

To sum it up on a positive note

Working as a content writer, in this digital world, is adventurous, satisfying, and all about chasing your passion and dreams. You should prioritize on staying organized. It is always fine to say no to all those low-priority tasks. Try to focus on one thing at a time rather than multitasking. Try observing and reading more than writing. You should relish each and every word when you are set to write. Ensure that you complete your task on-time and relax like a king or a queen!

If you can strike a chord between your writing skills and stress management, you can create a spotlight for yourself in this world of content writing!

Wishing you a happy writing day, everyday!