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6 Major App Marketing Strategies that Work

6 Major App Marketing Strategies that Work

Monday July 29, 2019,

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App stores are now homes to millions of apps. An average of 6,140 applications is released every day. The hot question is, “how to get an app to stand out from all the others and rank high?”. There are various strategies to improve an app’s performance in the market, and here’s how mobile app marketing services fit the picture.

Smartphones have become an inseparable gadget that inhabits everyone’s pockets. The internet, smartphones, and apps together have succeeded in connected everyone and have also succeeded in shrinking the entire world into 5-7 inch screens. Features like push notifications, SMS alerts, and reminders are buzzing about in everyone’s phones sound like music to business owners’ ears. These nifty devices that have unlimited potential to perform various tasks also happen to be great mediums of marketing

Mobile applications have changed the way we live. It’s made our lives better by bestowing us with the benefit of more time. Advancements in technology continue to constantly fascinate us, and apps have become a huge success. The easy-to-use, quick and intuitive features of apps cater to the swipes and taps of a consumer base that comprises of people of all age groups. It is inconceivable to procure an on-demand service without the use of an app. Be it a taxi, retail, beauty, grocery or services of other kinds, the first thing that comes to one’s mind when it comes to availing those services is, to use a mobile application. 

The economy of various industries such as food, transportation, and retail industries have rapidly skyrocketed. The boost in their economies is largely attributed to the use of mobile applications. The ease of using an app to procure services with just a few taps has made availing services a quick and seamless process. Apps have become a must-have for businesses as they have become an indomitable indispensable feature that consumers have gotten highly accustomed to. In-app advertising and purchases have recorded enormous revenues in the past which have caught the attention of budding entrepreneurs. According to statista, in 2020, mobile apps are expected to generate a revenue of 188.9 billion U.S. dollars. Evidently, it is understood that the app industry is a great business arena to venture into.

To ensure that a newly launched app finds a residence in a well-reputed, highly downloaded and used space of an app store, a comprehensive mobile app marketing strategy should be devised. 

It is best left to a mobile app marketing company that is well-versed in the app industry and has a proficient team that is passionate about watching performance numbers spike up. 

Here are 6 major app marketing strategies that top marketing agencies recommend.

  1. Swipe and Tap
  2. Stay Relevant
  3. Promote, Don’t Over promote
  4. App Store Optimization
  5. One Platform at a Time
  6. Customer Support

Swipe and Tap

Mobile applications are designed for handheld devices. It takes just one finger to perform most of the functions in an app, that finger is the thumb. Choosing and browsing products/services on a mobile phone requires swipes and taps. It’s that simple and that’s what makes apps convenient to use in order to avail services. If an app requires additional inputs to the simple swipes and taps, it defeats the purpose of the simplicity that apps offer. A popular notion of mobile app An app needs to be user-friendly and the way it is to be used is a crucial part of improving its usability and therefore its prospects in the market.

Stay Relevant

New apps are constantly being released into the app store every day. With the plethora of apps available for akin services, users can quickly grow tired of using the same apps and go on to delete them. A well-performing app can quickly deteriorate if its services and features are not dynamic. It is essential to keep the target audience engaged by frequently updating the app’s content, introducing new services, offering users discount codes and sending them catchy notifications.

Promote, Don’t Over promote

It is beneficial to promote an app through a website. The notification will garner more app users with more website visits. At the same time, posting large banners of information compelling visitors to download the app can be repelling. An app provides the core features of a website which is easy to use on a handheld device, that aspect of the app must be communicated clearly to viewers of the website in subtle ways such as during sign-in, after purchases, etc.

App Store Optimization

Mobile applications have to adhere to a certain standard so that app stores can index them properly. Indexing betters the scope of the app to show up in search results. Mobile app marketing services tweak the following parameters for better app store optimization.

  • Keywords - Use relevant keywords of the app wherever possible.
  • App Picture - An attractive thumbnail of the app will attract more visitors.
  • Description - Write a clear concise description about what the app is and what it does.
  • Screenshots - Providing screenshots helps potential users get an idea of what they would get when they install the app. They would get an idea of what the app looks like, what features it has and more.
  • Reviews - Providing a review feature helps potential app users to be reassured of the quality of the app they are going to use.

One Platform at a Time

A common misconception is that the more platforms an app is available on, the better the prospects it will have. This might not always be true. It is wise to first release the app on a single platform and assess how it performs on there. Additionally, it can teach a lot about what should be tweaked and how customers should be addressed and more. This valuable information can be replicated for better prospects when releasing the app on another platform.

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Customer Support

Users will have concerns that they would like to express to a representative. These queries will go beyond FAQs. Having a feature in the app that allows users to chat with a representative through the app itself, or an SMS /call feature will help resolve any issues that users might have. Great customer support goes a long way in retaining customers.

Hiring a mobile app marketing company can make all the difference in an application’s performance in today’s extremely competitive app market. Various app marketing agencies have sprung up to meet the demands of apps that amount in thousands. Marketing apps before, during and after their launch is a crucial step that should not go unheeded.