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5 Tips by Murtaza Rangwala to Start a Successful Entertainment Website

5 Tips by Murtaza Rangwala to Start a Successful Entertainment Website

Friday May 15, 2020,

5 min Read

Murtaza Rangwala

The entertainment industry is not as easy as it may seem to look, yet it remains one of the most profitable ones throughout the world. Movies, especially in a Bollywood fanatic country like India, remain an inevitable part of the lives of the people. In this technology driven age, every reader has access to internet which makes it feasible to ensure that they stay hooked to a particular website.

However, there still remains immense competition nowadays when it comes to starting one’s own entertainment website with already big players establishing their names in and around the industry.

One such established name is Murtaza Rangwala, the owner of the famous and one of the largest entertainment websites known as Filmymantra.com. His website is solely responsible for making the gorgeous actresses Disha Patani and Priya Prakash Varrier an overnight celebrity and the heartthrob of the country.

He started his journey from scratch and excelled like no other with an immense reach within the entertainment industry.

So here are 5 important tips by him to start a successful entertainment website:

  • Create good content- Your vision to start a successful entertainment website needs to be absolutely clear and for that the most essential ingredient will remain the content that you produce. With the surge of entertainment websites, it will be very difficult to make a reader stay loyal to your website.

For that, you need to create content that is attractive for readers. You can decide your niche or can explore everything but you have to stay original and stand out in the enormous sea of other entertainment websites. It is essential to figure out the type of content that the readers are interested in.

Then, the next step will be to create good content on specifically those niches which are search engine friendly. You have to make sure that your website appears on top of a search engine and this can be done with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Also, the layout as well as design of the website plays an important role so as to give your readers a user-friendly experience.

  • Be original- Your aim should be to avoid replicating content from other entertainment websites. There remains a high probability that other websites will publish the same content, the same pictures, the same stories.

It is important that you stay ahead of time and publish your content much before others do and keep your work original. This will avoid issues with regard to search engines and duplicity.

Staying true to your content is the only way to ensure that readers stay hooked to your website instead of the other ones. Your content must be so good that they come back each time to your website for the scoop. Content planning remains an essential part of making your website successful.

The quality of the content on your website should surpass the others. Readers always prefer quality over quantity.

  • Promotion is the key- In this age where each and every person is active some way or the other on social media whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it is essential that you make your mark on every such social media platform. You need to devise ways of promoting your website in every way possible.

For that, you can either arrange for contests or rewards with a plethora of offers. You can provide links to your social media accounts on your website and vice versa for easy access. 

Nowadays, people find it much more feasible to access content on social media rather than clicking on some website. So you can make your social media profile attractive so that people like it instantly.

  • Reach out to various celebrities- Creating an entertainment website means writing about celebrities and their lives. This means that you should have friendly relations with a good number of celebrities who can give you scoop or update about their lives directly. Or through them you can confirm any rumour before posting about them. Staying in contact with either them or their handlers or agents will always prove to be helpful to your business.

Another essential tip is to follow these celebrities on various social media platforms. In this manner, you will be able to post content that will be directly in relation to their timeline. Therefore, it becomes absolutely essential to reach out to celebrities and stay in their good books.

  • Be trendy- From the content on your website to the layout and design, everything should be user-friendly and visually attractive. Customers tend to like websites which appeal to their eye.

Everything on your website, including the font size and colour should be perfect and alluring. You need to stay updated on all the trends that are being followed on social media and ensure that you do not lag behind at any cost.