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Top 10+ Android Application Development Trends to Watch in 2019 and 2020

Top 10+ Android Application Development Trends to Watch in 2019 and 2020

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

8 min Read

Android App Development 2019
Android App Development 2019

Google Play has an app for just everything. Interestingly, the number of Android-powered devices and published apps are exponentially increasing worldwide. It is, therefore, necessary for the Android app developers to integrate the futuristic technologies in the app. Apart from providing a competitive edge to the enterprises, such apps can strengthen the developer’s position in the thriving Android app market.

As per a survey, youngsters between 18 to 24 years of age approximately spend around 80 hours a month, which is close to about 3 hours a day. We are sure that this is going to increase in the year 2019 and beyond. Android apps with a user-friendly interface and a seamless functionality will contribute in increasing the average time spent. Here are a few top trends that will help Android app development company come up with such innovative apps:

Top Trends that will Shape Up the Future of Android App Development

1.Artificial Intelligence in Apps

Gartner has predicted that eighty five percent of customer interactions will be managed by AI by the year 2020. Enterprises have already started embracing AI and ML (Machine Learning) in their systems. Today, AI has evolved beyond Google Assistant and soon, we will have Android apps that will enhance the user experience by understanding their behavior and repsonding accordingly.

It is fair to mention that Android apps without AI will take a backseat in the near future. Use of advanced analytics, machine learning techniques and the advent of chatbots in apps will become the reality of the year 2019 and beyond. Prisma, Google Now, and other apps have opened the doors for AI in Android app development.

2.Search Feature in Apps

Android is backed by the search engine giant Google. Therefore, it is not surprising that the in-app search feature will be a part of futuristic Android apps. This feature will enable the app users to search within the app itsels therby removing the need of getting out of the app. Google Search app is an example of such app.

Gmail, YouTube, and Spotify are apps that have already added in-app search feature. Users can readily find out what they want with this feature. In future, we can expect that most apps will have this feature and users will like it.   

3.Cloud Technology Integration

Memory always remains an issue when it comes to smartphones. Even with a higher RAM (internal memory), the users want that their apps occupy as less space as possible. There, the concept  of cloud technology can lend a helping hand. Today, from techies to smartphone users, everyone knows about this technology and its benefits.

Android apps integrated with the cloud can serve many purposes. A few of them are they need less space and offer a secure storage. The trend of developing cloud-based Android apps is here to stay and Android app development companies will develop more and more such apps. It is expected that the cloud-integrated apps will drive around 90 percent of total mobile data traffic by 2019.

4.AR and VR Integration

Pokemon Go has created a history, but the AR and VR have evolved to offer enterprise-friendly features in the business apps. Today, Augmented Reality and VIrtual Reality are all set to facilitate entrepreneurs in arranging training sessions and enable employees to understand the business operations.

AR and VR technologies can give an immersive experience to the users. Companies can offer a pleasant experience to the consumers with the help of AR and VR. It is fair to mention that in coming years, both these technologies will grow and Android apps will get a new dimension.

5.Advent of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has many scopes and advantages. In the recent years, we have seen the impact of cryptocurrency in the world’s economy. Apart from it, the BFSI sector sees many possibilities in this futuristic technology. Blockchain can make the transaction secure while offering a full control over it.

Money transfers, transactions, and trading can be made safer through using Blockchain technology, and therefore, blockchain is among top five Android app development trends of the future. Many mobile app developers have either included or wish to include blockchain app development in the array of services.

6.Rise of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Google has given a special focus on AMP. A few months back, Google has announced that it is planning to make a separate search index for mobile web. Google’s this move can change the mobile app development trends. Though AMP is for developing web apps, the mobile app development companies will embrace it in the year 2019 and beyond. The reason is simple: The AMP-supported apps can load faster as compared to other apps and offer a high ad visibility. Such apps can get a higher ranking in mobile searches as compared to the apps that are not based on AMP.

It is interesting to see how mobile application development companies will make AMP development a part of their services.

7.Kotlin Gains Ground

It all started from early 2016 when Kotlin, a new and innovative language was introduced. As a convenient and concise language, Kotlin enables developers to develop expressive Android apps. Kotlin has a lot of potential and we can expect that developers will explore it as the language is going through an evolution.

Kotlin has a lean syntax and many developers have started to utilize it in the development process. Its growing popularity will give us many apps based on Kotlin in coming years.

8.Go Apps- Get Set Go

Google Go, YouTube Go, Gmail Go- Go apps are there since the advent of Android Oreo (Go edition). These apps are specially made for entry-level phones and occupy a little space. In 2019, we can expect that more such apps will come to woo the new users who have smartphones with limited space.

Such apps not only save the space but also conserve the battery. Even high-performing devices can also utilize these apps to save memory and storage space along with battery. In such a scenario, we can see the increase in the number of such apps in 2019.

9.Wearable App Development will grow

There is a steady rise in the shipment of wearable devices worldwide. As per an IDC survey, around 213.6 million units are expected to ship in 2020. Even if we remove a share of Apple Watch, a lot of Android-powered wearable devices will be used worldwide.

Apart from health and fitness, the wearable devices are getting ready to play a bigger role in the user’s life. There, we can see a huge scope for wearable app development in the coming time. Be it a smart watch or any wearable device, the apps can work wonders.

10.IoT Apps can get a boost

As per a report, there will be over 30 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020. As the biggest platfrom from a marketshare perspective, Android will remain the preferred choice for IoT-related apps. People tend to control IoT devices on the move using customized apps and the Android app development can enable them to do so.

This year, we have witnessed the rise in the number of IoT mobile apps, and the next year this trend will get a boost as more companies will integrate IoT technology in their workspace. The app developers will also leverage the benefits of IoT concept to attract more users. What’s more, IoT compatibility will become a norm for high-end customized Android apps.  

11.App Security is in Focus

Google has addressed the app security and permission issues with the introduction of a new and updated feature in Android 6.0. As Google comes up with an Android update every year, we can remain assure that the company will keep the focus on security every time amid growing incidences of data breach and the compromise of personal data.

Apart from integrating the permission module in the app, Android app developers may need to add other security-related functionality in the year 2019 and afterward. When it comes to developing an enterprise-grade app, the developers would also keep other data safety-related aspects as well.

Conclusive Remarks

These major Android app development trends can change the face of development process in the coming years. When it comes to thrive in the ever-increasing competition across all the industry sectors, an Android app with desired features can work wonders. All you need to have a team of experienced developers who can integrated the technological advancements in your tailored business app.

As a renowned mobile application development company, we build enterprise-grade Android apps for addressing complex and diverse needs of the modern business. Get the advantage of technological advancements in the domain of Android with a feature-rich and flawlessly performing app. We offer customized app solutions in a cost-effective way to assist startups and SMEs to the next level.