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Top 10 Android Apps for App Designers

Top 10 Android Apps for App Designers

Tuesday June 18, 2019,

7 min Read

Who doesn’t like to be creative? In fact, there is a small artistic talent in every individual. But it’s not necessary that your efforts will result in targeted outcomes. This is where android apps for mobile app designers come into the picture.

Top 10 Android apps for app designers (2019)

Top 10 Android apps for app designers (2019)

Be it graphic designers, artists, or art enthusiastic, each of us wants that their craft results in satisfactory outcomes. To satisfy this requirement, there are few android apps for app designers who can drive you through this process to get you to picture perfect images. There is a volcano of apps available on android made by app development company, here are some of the best technically better and more professional apps listed.

Check out these top 10 android apps for designing:

1. Adobe photoshop mix:

Adobe photoshop mix is a designer app which has a feature that can merge two images. Suppose there are two images A and B, Adobe photoshop mix app enables users to select one part from image A and another part from image B and hence merges both the images. The main function of Adobe Photoshop mix is to cut and merge multiple images and get desired out.

In Adobe photoshop mix application, Various filters and color combination can be tried. Also, quick and easy editing is enabled, yet the original pictured is not damaged. Easy to share your creation on social media through this app.

Price - Free to Download

Size - Varies with device

Installs - 10,000,000+

Requires Android - 5.0 and up

Developer - Adobe

Adobe photoshop mix application

Adobe photoshop Mix Application

2. Infinite design

Unlimited layers are something every designer would love to have on their app. Also if it features unlimited times of undo and redo, it will be a real cherry on the top.

Infinite design knows what your picture actual needs. It avails unlimited undo and redo, Infinite canvas, unlimited layers and also can create a 3D image. All these experiences are secure and user-friendly.

Price - Free to Download, In-app Purchase - ₹ 80.00 – ₹ 320.00 per item

Size - Varies with device

Installs - 1,000,000+

Requires Android - Varies with device

Developer - Infinite Studio Mobile

Infinite design App

Infinite Design App

3. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe creative cloud is a designing app with a different concept. It works on cloud feature which enables to keep your desired tools saved and accessible across devices.

Adobe Photoshop cloud app can save tools, themes, pallets or any desired feature on the cloud. Due to these new projects can be quickly started and completed as it saves time and energy.

Price - Free to Download

Size - 31M

Installs - 1,000,000+

Requires Android - 6.0 and up

Developer - Adobe

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud App

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4. Filmic Pro

It is assumed that to shoot a film or a video professional camera or editor is required. But this is not true, Filmic pro app can break this myth, as it can shoot in a   mode and can also replace DSLRs.

Filmic pro’s key feature is to balance exposure, provides white balance in individual parts and can also shoot with individual focus. Thus, Filmic pro app has become a filmmaker’s fav and a handy source of the shooting.

Price - ₹ 1,050.00 to Download and in app - ₹ 990.00 per item

Size - 48M

Installs - 50,000+

Requires Android - 5.0 and up

Developer - FiLMiC Pro

Filmic Pro App

Filmic Pro App

5. Canva

Since 2012 Canva was an online design tool, and now Canva has made its way from the internet to android as a designing app. It has everything to offer to graphic designer and satisfy their every want in the single app.

Canva app is enabled to mockup a picture, design logos, flyers, Blog designing, banner making, create wedding and birthday invite or simply edit the stuff. Thus this has helped editors and designers to reach out to the desired outcome.

Price - Free to download and in app - ₹ 59.00 - ₹ 2,449.00 per item

Size - 21M

Installs - 10,000,000+

Requires Android - 4.1 and up

Developer - Canva

Canva App

Canva App

6. Videoshop

Videoshop is a video-based designing app which can shoot high-quality video. The app has the capacity to shoot professionally without investing in a camera.

Videoshop App

Videoshop App

The videoshop app offers many video shooting features such as adding music to your video, cutting unnecessary part of the video, adding sound effects, slow-motion effect, subtitling, merging multiple files and many such features. The app directly shares prepared creation on social media channels. Thus Videoshop has the ability to work as a replacement for your DSLRs.

Price - Free to download and in app - ₹ 70.00 - ₹ 2,550.00 per item

Size - 42M

Installs - 10,000,000+

Requires Android - 4.3 and up

Developer - Videoshop

7. Sketchbook Pro

Imagination and creativity can come up anytime so Sketchbook Pro - the designing app, takes note of such a situation and provides a different feature. The app allows capturing images instantly.

Sketchbook Pro app has a facility to note down each creative thought as it emerges. The app also offers tools like pens, pencils, brushes of different sizes. Hence, the Sketchbook Pro app is a handy source of your creativity for all the designers.

Price - Free to download

Size - Varies with device

Installs - 10,000,000+

Requires Android - Varies with device

Developer - Sketchbook

Sketchbook Pro App

Sketchbook Pro App

8. Colors

Colors is a designing app which helps the designer to choose color combination and help improve their work.Thus by having such a feature, Colors app has kicked off the confusion of choosing the right combinations.

Colors app also has a vital feature to provide. It has an option known as a playback option. This option enables to playback your creation and allows you to make changes at any desired places to create a different angle. The app also has an online gallery to showcase and compare your work. So, Colors app is the right inspirational app for designers.

Price - Free to download and in-app - ₹ 314.24 per item

Size - 35M

Installs - 50,000+

Requires Android - 4.0 and up

Developer - Collecting Smiles

Colors App

Colors App

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9. Artflow

The Artflow designing app has replaced the physical sketchpad with digitized version. It is a user-friendly and simple app to create your creation.

Artflow app includes properties such as Canvases size up to 6144x6144 that also with 50 layers, 100+ brushes and tools, high-performance paint engine, stylus support and can also export PNG, JPG AND PSD. This app has made designers work easy and smart.

Price - Free to download and in-app - ₹ 149.00 - ₹ 299.00 per item

Size - 20M

Installs - 1,000,000+

Requires Android - 4.4 and up

Developer - Artflow studio

Artflow App

Artflow App

10. Color Reference

Designing an art requires a lot of colors and combination to make it attractive. It can ruin the product due to the limitation in colors. Thus, the Color Reference app has been made taking this concern into account.

Color Reference App

Color Reference App

Color Reference app helps a user to make their own color palette. It enables us to discover a new color and combination. A unique feature of this app is that it allows selecting the color from other images and pictures. Thus, this app has to be there in your creative apps list.

Price - Free to download

Size - Varies with device

Installs - 100,000+

Requires Android - Varies with device

Developer - Danielmena

Conclusion -  

To design is to create something unusual and beautiful. Thus these top 10 designing apps are surely going to help you in creating a masterpiece. Thus, try them out and get the desired art piece as a result.

If you want to create such an artistic app, Openxcell has a good team of the android app developer to guide you through.