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Top 10 Content Writing Services Every Website Requires

Matter's not an E commerce platform, or a corporate website, there are content writing services requirements at every point. Have a look at the top 10.

Top 10 Content Writing Services Every Website Requires

Friday August 30, 2019,

3 min Read

With Amazon listing its name among st the richest in the world, now everyone has realized the importance of online business. If you wish to rule the market, now you need to have a strong online presence. For this, the first thought that would come to your mind is to have a website built on the latest technology with an App that is full of features and offers. But is this sufficient? Well, the answer is a big no. There's no point of building a palace in the mid of an ocean with no roads to reach there.

You need to have ways for your visitors to reach to your website and for you require promotion, which in turn is directly dependent on content. Let's have a look at top 10 content writing services you require for your website to get visibility in the eyes of search engines and your prospective customers too.

#1 Web Content Writing: You require web content that conveys what exactly you wish to say. For instance, your About Us should say all about your achievements, infrastructure, team etc. Similarly the services page must contain detailed information about your services.

#2 SEO Content: Web Content alone is not sufficient. To rank your website, you need to make use of SEO content. For instance, along with web content, you should write meta title, meta description and must included keywords in your content. This form of content is known as SEO content since it covers all aspects of search engine optimization.

#3 Press Release Writing: It is yet another kind of writing service, wherein you need to know how to write content in the form of news. Usually, you can have a separate media section on your website, or you need to write and submit on press release directories for passing on any relevant news or information.

#4 Product Description writing: As stated above also since e Commerce websites are now getting popular, the need for product description has increased manifolds. Unlike web content, where you are free to write content of any length, here you need to write precise and to the point content.

#5 Landing Page Content: Just like descriptions are different from web content, similarly, a landing page is entirely different from the rest of the pages. Here you need content with call for action needs.

#6 Blog Content: Blog content writing includes writing keeping in mind the information being displayed on the web pages. Generally, bloggers writes to promote the web page or product or service.

#7 Legal Content: There are pages like disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and conditions that require good knowledge of legal terms. Legal content writers offer this service to avoid legal actions arising due to one reason or the other.

#8 Technical Content writing : Technical content is sought when the website is related to gadgets or any kind of technology.

#9 Medical Content: Just like technical content writing services are required for technology websites, medical content is required for websites related to pharmacy or medicines or any treatment option.

#10 Ghost writing: Finally, ghost writing services are required when fiction, story or poem is written without disclosing the name of the writer.

Above are the top 10 content writing services you require at one point or the other if you wish to enter into online business.