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Top 10 Custom Billing Softwares for Enterprises

Top 10 Custom Billing Softwares for Enterprises

Monday August 05, 2019,

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In this software era, every company wants to have its own website as the finest medium to reach the intended target and stay in touch with clients, potential clients, and the like. So, enterprise billing software mustn’t be underplayed.

Electronic invoicing software solutions are regarded as the finest medium that businesses use to save their time, money, and last but not the least the Earth.

The technology paid its own contribution to make electronic invoicing software, and developers took part in the race of developing the complexities, speed, and working capacities of these software systems much better.

Nowadays, from a startup to a large-sized company, every company is dependent on such invoice software to take its business to the next level. In simple words, it has become an integral part of the digital-powered era. 

Billing software systems can automate the entire accounting process. Companies can automate upwards of 50% of all manual financial protocols.

From the processing and sending bills, keeping a record of payments taken and to be given, and balancing the financial books and the like are possible with the enterprise billing software.

Business can make and get payments faster, thus they can reinvest more quickly and respond faster to the market in which they are running their business.

Customers and clients can be well-taken care of, as delays caused by payment errors are almost none, and non-compliant payers are kept in check.

The credit of vendors’ happiness and the utmost satisfaction goes to the faster processing of purchase orders.

It has become very easy to forecast the growth of a business, and businessmen and board members can decide anything related to their business with the information they can receive and analyze.

Here is the List of 10 Best  Enterprise billing software :

1. Invoicera

Enterprise Billing software

Invoicera is a renowned online billing software system known for generating custom business invoices. It makes possible for users to monitor, dispatch, and receive invoices in one web service.

Having signed up for the service, the user is given a personal subdomain to make their own invoice configuration. With this, users can add clients’ data to the service by means of uploading a Microsoft Excel file.

The best thing about this enterprise billing software is that it can be compatible with any size business like freelancers, small companies, and large businesses.

Invoicera is compatible with Basecamp, a famous project management tool, means that Invoicera can upload data from Basecamp. This custom invoice software system can interface with above 30 payment mediums.

Invoicera supports repeated invoices and subscriptions and makes possible for clients to schedule late fees when payments are not given on time.

This enterprise billing software utilizes a freemium model, allowing users to dispatch unlimited invoices to three clients at most.

What sets Invoicera apart from others is its customization. This custom invoicing software can be very easily integrated with your ERP and CRM. 

This custom billing software has the capability to be adapted according to your workplace environment. There are lots of business processes and activities which run smoothly and fast with Invoicera like faster payments with more than 30 payment gateways, financial reports management, invoice approval processes, and profit and loss statement.

Many clients have their own country tax rules and law (legacy system), this custom billing software can be customized as per this need. Moreover, there are also specific needs of many clients, and Invoicera with API can be integrated with the existing systems of the clients. 

Pricing Plan Starts at $15 for the basic plan. In order to get an invoice software customized from Invoicera, you can get in touch with them through Invoicera.

You can easily contact Invoicera for further information or getting a cloud based invoice software system developed.

2. Freshbooks

custom billing software

Freshbooks turns out as one of the most desirable invoicing billing software with nearly 5 million companies are benefiting from its working capabilities.

This enterprise invoice software is ideal for a small business willing to take huge and more complex billing tasks. Those freelancers who want to have a business look more professional will also make their dream come true with the enterprise invoicing software system Freshbooks.

You can automate and personalize your invoices to avoid missing a payment with Freshbooks, and this business invoicing software can integrate with your business very easily.

Apart from that, you can improve communications between your vendors and teams via collaboration. It removes the chances of errors that can be very costly for your business. 

It becomes an integral part of your business by automating invoicing alerts. It is also able to strategize your quarterly and yearly projections with Freshbooks reporting capabilities.

This business invoicing software is also available on the mobile to allow you to stay active and close to your invoicing.

Those who want all easy, robust, and easily usable, then Freshbooks is the ideal enterprise billing software that they must go for.

Freshbooks’ most popular plan starts at $25 and is completely suitable for small businesses. 

3. Xero

custom business invoices

You can make your invoicing more beautiful with Xero, as it allows you to be more creative. You can create your automated invoices from the beginning, or if you think that there is something missing, then you can pick from templates that are provided by Xero, the cloud billing software, and activate fields you want to utilize.

Xero is cloud-based, therefore onsite installation and software compatibility are not a headache.

You can work on the cloud on any device and receive payments instantly so that you don’t need to wait. Financial managers don’t need to carry weighty ledgers. 

All they have to do is to log in, and all will be available to allow them to work faster. Balancing your books will become automatic, so you don’t need to be preoccupied with payments and funds that can be missed.

The safety of Xero makes it the perfect cloud invoicing software. A great deal of effort has been invested in making it a safe enterprise invoicing software, which eases your tension of data loss.

All is stored and saved in the cloud and backed up with secure servers, thus tracking your financial books can be easily retrievable.

Xero offers it’s starter plan at $25/per month wherein you can send 5 invoices and 5 estimate in the same. 

4. Quickbooks

custom invoicing software

QuickBooks is a complete accounting platform developed for high-level companies. It provides end-to-end services that deal with financial management. 

The thing that makes it unique is that it provides users with business-specific features, which makes it much easier to handle your processes as per industry regulations.

Apart from the functionalities told above, QuickBooks also has strong sales and customer management module. 

With this enterprise billing software, you can handle your invoices from creating custom templates to schedule when to send them. It also has a batch invoicing feature that is very useful if you are required to send invoices to multiple clients in one go.

Besides, this platform has the Collections Centre that is helpful for identifying due invoices and send customers email notifications, and for that, they don’t have to exit the software.

One of the best seller Quickbooks plans is offered at $35 and allows as much as 5 users.

5. Tipalti 

cloud based billing software

It is a Saas end-to-end billing solution. It is not only versed in payment and invoicing automation but is also tax compliance processing too.

It is a KPMG-certified app, which collects US tax forms automatically. It also generates the 1099 forms at each year’s end. It can also identify and protect against illegal financial processes done money launderers and other dangerous entities, thus it keeps you almost safe.

Tipalti can automate and smoothen the generation of tax reporting. It allows your team to pay attention to other important tasks and not to waste own precious time and effort into tax reporting. That is not only necessary but also government mandate.

Above all, Tipalti has a very robust reporting tool that allows your financial teams to prepare a report in detail. This process is related to the taxation compliance capabilities of the SaaS application rendering your financial management a task not infamous for being tedious and taking too much time.

Tipalti Express platform fee starts at $599 per month.

6. Intacct

custom invoice software

It is a robust invoicing tool for all company sizes. Intacct needs minimal manual calculation and automates everything else.

This application automates your payment receival and invoice creation right from the start in order to rectify any human errors caused due to encoding and manual manipulation

It can integrate into Salesforce so that you don’t need to look for a different solution that is more compatible. If it is used once, you can hit the ground running with Intacct Subscription and Billing to save your time in having things done.

Sage Intacct provides custom pricing plans depending upon the needs of the clients. 

7. Zoho Invoice 

cloud based billing system

Zoho is a well-known name in the realm of business applications and services. It has an outstanding invoicing offering in Zoho Invoice. Zoho Invoice is ideal for small and medium-size businesses requiring a robust invoicing solution for their financial monitoring and processing requirements.

Zoho Invoices can be beneficial for freelancers, photographers, and one man business outfits to ease their invoicing processes and give birth to a more commercial feel.

It’s a very simple process to create an invoice with Zoho. You can either choose from the given templates or simply make your own. It tracks your transactions and assist in online payments.

Zoho Invoice can transact worldwide and online with its capability of managing different languages and currencies.

Zoho provides its top notch quality services at an affordable price for you. 

8. Invoice2go

cloud based invoice software

Invoice2go is one of the highly-reputed cloud based billing software systems, which is easily available. You will be able to track and create accurate invoices by this cloud based billing system. Moreover, this software sends a reminder to clients to remind them of due payments, thus allowing you to receive payments on time, or sometimes earlier.

 This custom billing software process the transfer of credit and debit cards. Moreover, this custom billing software also process Apple pay and KashFlow payments. Using this billing software, you can easily record and track total expenses. 

You can try this app for free to familiarize yourself with it to decide whether you will use it or not in the future. 

9. KashFlow

cloud invoice software

KashFlow has built its reputation in the world of e-commerce as an ideal business billing software tool, as it is developed to assist its users and companies to pay and receive payments without sharing financial information. Its bank-level technology sets it apart from others by providing advanced security to transactions that take place between service providers and customers.

Furthermore, it becomes very simple to pay overseas service providers by means of this cloud based invoicing software. This enterprise billing software provides its users with templates and customization options. 

Its starter plan comes at $9.77 per month, and you can have its trial free. 

10. Invoicely 

Custom Billing Software

Invoicely turns out to be one of the most famous Cloud based billing systems. It pleases its users by giving their well-placed UI buttons for invoices, dashboard, reports, and the like. 

Apart from that, Invoicely gives its users the ability to handle inventory like changing item details: pricing, name, or quantity in real time. This cloud based billing software tool allows you to check your improvement by giving you feedback in the form of analytics and reports. 

Try this cloud invoice software free to know it better, and its basic plan comes at $9.99 per month. 


In this blog, we have mentioned top 10 enterprise billing softwares. Choosing the most beneficial custom invoicing software is upto your own business understandings and requirements. Keep in mind the multi faceted nature of online invoicing and select the software which suits you the most.