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Top 10 Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, UAE - Ranking in Apr-19

I have created the list of the top leading mobile application development companies of Dubai which are high ranking in 2019.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, UAE - Ranking in Apr-19

Friday April 26, 2019,

7 min Read

Innovation, in addition to inspiration, is key for Dubai's past successes as well as future development. The rising culture of radical research as well as innovative mobile app development services ensures that Dubai isn't the only foremost destination for new initiatives, but also an international knowledge base. There are several mobile app development firms in Dubai, which offers outstanding support.  Since they understand the requirements of their clientele. Mobile program builders are changing how companies work these days.

To select the very best mobile program development company in Dubai isn't a simple undertaking, there are numerous factors that have to be attention wisely while opting a top mobile app development company.  The Smartphone users in Dubai is calculated 9.5 million as compared to globally, there is a huge boost in Smartphone utilization, because of this many finest mobile application development companies have been gaining popularity daily.

These top mobile application development companies offer comprehensive internet business solutions to help clients buy innovation and creation. Nowadays, these very best mobile app developers are providing professional services to clients and got a reputation.  

The list of top leading mobile app development service providers of Dubai, UAE.

1. 21Twelve Interactive:

21Twelve Interactive is the best mobile application development company in Dubai. Because we understand the requirements of our clients. Mobile applications change the way companies operate. Decision makers and IT managers from different companies now understand the importance of mobile applications in their business strategies. While most companies are developing their corporate mobile application, many of them are probably where to start.

Choosing the best mobile application development company in Dubai is a difficult task for all companies because there are currently too many established companies. 21Twelve Interactive is a fastest growing company focused on mobile technology and the development of custom mobile applications. They are committed to delivering the highest quality applications to the needs of users in a timely manner by modifying and updating the latest technologies associated with the constant growth of quality management systems and the commitment of committed employees of Your Clients.

The development of mobile applications has become an absolute necessity for all companies that take into account the final objective of staying in the constantly changing shopping center. If you are looking for a mobile application development company in Dubai.

Service Categories: Android App Development, Digital Marketing, eCommerce Development, iPhone App Development, Magento development, Mobile App Development, PHP development, QA & Maintenance, Web Development, WordPress development

Email: [email protected]

Pay: < $25/hr

Founded: 2016

Phone: +1 (347) 474-0020

2. Branex:

Branex is an industry leader in developing a plan that exactly matches the needs of a brand. It offers web design, mobile application development, and digital marketing services in Dubai. Our brand strategy is based on innovative mobile application development services with new tactics that allow us to create a unique approach for the companies we serve and paint, as well as a comprehensive picture of future needs.

Service Categories: Corporate Branding Services, Custom Logo Design, eCommerce Website Development, Mobile App Development, SEO Services, Web Design

Email: [email protected]

Pay: $25 - $49/hr

Founded: 2008

Phone: +97142417179

3. Advansoft:

Advansoft is the best mobile apps development company in Dubai, we understand the need for new, more effective and innovative mobile apps and solutions to be created in order to meet more specific needs. As such, we have built a team of best mobile apps developers and software experts to develop new technological products to meet the ever-growing need of our fast-paced world. Our professional team of software developers in Dubai delivers the best results and the most specialized solutions.

Service Categories: Content Management Systems, E-commerce, Mobile App Development, Web Design, Web Development

Email: [email protected]

Pay: $100 - $149/hr

Founded: 2010

Phone: +971 55 5222147


INGIC is a results-driven mobile app strategy, design, and development company focused on high conversion rate through custom development. The company comprises of the most talented, skilled and experienced professionals from the industry in UAE. We transform simple ideas into great products. Our team as well as the company is constantly evolving and ever-expanding, making sure that it offers the finest mobile applications, website designing, and website development services.

Service Categories: Android App Development, Cross Platform App Development, iOS App Development, Mobile App Development, Mobile Game Development, Website & CMS Development

Email: [email protected]

Pay: $25 - $49/hr

Founded: 2012

Phone: +971 4 586 4500

5. DeviceBee:

DeviceBee is a leading IT/Telecom software development company that is focused on empowering business with a cutting-edge technology solution, especially on mobile app development in Dubai. Since 2011, DeviceBee has provided technology solutions to organizations in the diversity of verticals, IT, Telecom and Healthcare sectors with full satisfaction to clients.

Service Categories: CMS and Portal Design/Development, E-commerce solutions, Mobile Apps Development, Mobile E-learning portals, Mobile Healthcare, Mobile Internet solutions

Email: [email protected]

Pay: $50 - $99/hr

Founded: 2012

Phone: +97143757732

6. Approxen:

Approxen is ranked as the best app company in Dubai, offering app development for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile Platforms. Approxen is a mobile app development company which is built on strong business ethics with an aim to provide customizable solutions which benefit the clients with significant growth in revenue. Moving with the ever-changing digital era, our focus is more on creating meaningful apps through which your target audience will acknowledge your business.

Service Categories: Android App Development, Application Development for Blackberry, Augmented Reality App Development, iOS App Development, Mobile App Development, Windows Application Development

Email: [email protected]

Pay: 2007

Founded: $25 - $49/hr

Phone: +971 56 111 8311

7. Traffic Digital:

Traffic Digital is the largest independent and fully integrated digital agency in the Middle East. Working from offices in Dubai with a team of over 100 full-time staff, he specializes in digital transformation for brands of all categories. we master the development of iPhone applications (iOS), Android, compatible with mobile devices and compatible with tablets. All of our applications have fast loading times, onscreen resolutions, and intuitive navigation – which we consider an integral part of our application development strategy.

Service Categories: Content Management, Digital Business Analysis, Mobile And Emerging, Product Development, Social Media, Web-Based Applications

Email: [email protected]

Pay: $25 - $49/hr

Founded: 2009

Phone: +971 04 454 2230

8. FuGenX Technologies:

FuGenX Technologies is the award-winning and world’s fastest growing Mobile Apps Development and Game Development Company that is pioneered in bringing the products and ideas into Mobile Space with high quality. We help clients in identifying risks and opportunities that address both short-term challenges as well as long-term value creation. FuGenX has delivered 400+ Web Apps with 500+ Apps and Games in iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows 8 etc.

Service Categories: Cloud Application Development & Maintenance, Custom Software Development, Enterprise Mobility Development, Mobile App Development, Mobile Game Development, Web Application Development

Email: [email protected]

Pay: $25 - $49/hr

Founded: 2008

Phone: +1 (213) 995-8091

9. App Experts:

App Experts is a mobile apps development company in Dubai that transforms your ideas into innovative mobile apps that turn eyeballs. Serving Dubai, App Experts, works professionally with you to get mobile applications done at the right time at affordable price with instant communication (24/7 all channels open).

Service Categories: Android Apps Development, iOS Apps Development, Mobile App Development

Email: [email protected]

Pay: $50 - $99/hr

Founded: NA

Phone: +971 52 188 3881

10. Apphitect:

Apphitect is a Dubai based digital transformations company driving innovations in Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) technologies. The company is counted as a top contender amidst the best mobile app development companies in Dubai.

Service Categories: Android & iOS App Development, Chat App Development, IoT Development, Mobile App Development, Mobile Commerce Development, Wearable App Development

Email: [email protected]

Pay: < $25/hr

Founded: 2008

Phone: +1 718 717 2229

I updated the best companies based on their profiles and reviews. Hope this information is helpful to you and how easily you can find the best mobile app development company in Dubai.