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Top 10 Mobile App for Book Fanatics

Top 10 Mobile App for Book Fanatics

Friday January 04, 2019,

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At Concetto Labs, we create applications that can help our client to reach their targeted audience with minimum efforts. The reason is, nowadays a mobile app development business are changing users through the process by connecting it with every field. One of the major changes in app development hasn’t been noticed that user’s reading habit increased in comparison with past time where we used to visit a library or bookstore to read our favorite books.

It’s true, people are very much influenced by this new reading experience. Let us go in details and check top 10 book apps with some user experience that guaranteed to become a new compulsion for all book lovers.

1. Goodreads – The Best social Mobile Applications for book readers

This Goodreads application is one of the favorite book apps in the market. It has almost 1.1 billion books to read and review. Also, the best thing is that it has a social feed where you can check what other users are currently enjoying. It has a large community of users with whom you can interact. We can say, it’s like joining a huge book club. It is entirely free for both iOS and Android.

2. We Read Too – The Best book resource App

If you want to be on top for the young adults and children’s book then this would be the best alternative for you. You can not read books in this application. We Read Too is the finest book resource app that includes hundreds of books belongs to top known authors. allow you to share the titles with your friends and give your suggestion to their list and they would be doing the same thing for you. It is free for only iOS users.

3. Poetry – The Best app for poetry lovers

Poetry is an amazing app for poets and poetry lovers. If you are the one here you go! This application has a troupe of thousands of classic and contemporary poems which you will love to explore. It allows you to reread all the poems and share the new one to social media. Even you can download mobile poetry of William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Heather McHugh and many more. You won’t believe but this application is totally free for iOS and Android users.

4. Google Play Books: The Best app for offline readers with the awesome cloud storage

Google Play Books store offers one of the largest collection of a new release, classic, best seller and many more. You got the thousands of titles to choose from and read. Also, it offers inexhaustible storage space in Google cloud to store your reads. You can even read books without being online. So, you just have to download the book when you are connected to the internet and then you don’t need to use your precious data when you wanted to read it. This application has no charge for iOS and Android users.

5. Scribd – The Best app for audio-book and comics bookworms

Initiated in San Francisco gives you limitless access on millions of books which comprise audio-book and comics, containing 60 million documents with downloads. Scribd is one of the best buys in terms of return on investment. It automatically syncs the device and read selected titles offline. The only thing is you need to pay a subscription fee for iOS and Android.

6. Amazon Kindle – The best app for ebook readers

The Amazon Kindle is the ultimate ebook reader in existence. It has numerous reading tools which include highlighting, customization of font, dictionary definitions and more. Also, you can sync your app with multiple devices. However, you can not share your purchased books with other devices which can be your drawback. Though It is completely free for iOS and Android, you can take it as your advantage!

7. Epic! – The Best app for kids learning

Epic! is the foremost digital library for kids, where kids under the age of 12 can explore and their interest and learn quickly. However, this application is not free. There is a subscription plan after a month. So you can use application free for a month and then after purchasing a subscription plan you can continue enjoying. It allows four profiles per account so that all the kids from the same house can use it.

8. Pocket – The Best app for “save and read it later”

The Pocket is well known ‘save it for later’ app. It has an archiving tool to save articles, blogs, videos and pages you want to read later. You can view all those items offline after saving it once. The application is free for iOS and Android users.

9. Wattpad – The Best app for readers communication

Wattpad gives you the functionality to interact with other readers through this application. Also, you can read your favorite page offline and even contact with writers of the books. It provides 20 million stories to choose from. It is perfectly created for those who love to discuss what they’ve read. Go, Install Best Apps cost-free and use it.

10. OverDrive – The Best library app

OneDrive is the leading library app in the market. It contains among 30, 000 libraries from all over the world. This application connects you with your local library’s digital collection. You just need to have a library card and internet to purchase the books, videos, and audiobook for free. You can use this application without wasting a penny on what you like the most.

Next application might belongs to you if you want to create it. Feel free to contact us at Concetto labs to create your own one.

Originally Published at Concetto Labs > Top 10 Mobile Applications for Book Fanatics