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Top 10 Most Trusted Mobile App Development Companies in USA

In the blog, you will find a list of mobile app development companies, we have described on research-based that help you to choose the right company for your mobile apps project.

Top 10 Most Trusted Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Monday June 17, 2019,

9 min Read

Mobile app development has become the most growing business in the market. Certain times the companies deal with challenging situations and the most crucial thing is finding an app developer. Also, as your business starts growing you look for the companies who are expert in the mobile app development. But the question is how will you understand which company is compatible with your requirements?

Let us understand and read about the points you need to mark on the checklist.

Tips To Pick A Mobile App Development Company

Suppose, you have a small business and in the requirement of having an app. Now that you have initiated planning of creating an app the first resource you require is manpower. So you planned to select the best company who will assist to execute your planning. Here are the 3 factors which you must check before choosing a company.

  1. Kind of Company,
  2. Location of the firm,
  3. Personal link with the company.

These three factors will definitely help you to shop for the best company among so many. Do not think that marginalizing the budget will assist in adopting the best android development company.

Now after the important factors, you must have the knowledge about the types of the mobile app development company.

Categorize of Mobile App Development Companies

Mobile app development companies have earned huge recognition in the market across the globe. These mobile app organizations exist in several types.  Adding to them, there are two more categorized development companies.

  • Boutique app development company
  • Enterprise app development company

Are you new to the application industry? If yes, then you might hit a few questions like how do they function?  Here is a brief about them.

Boutique development companies are a small team of developers which offers a very personalized relationship with their client.

Enterprise development companies are usually large scale companies. They are rich in highly professional and skilled developers. These enterprise companies are very organized in terms of there work procedures and quite good at maintaining the relationship.

Well, after studying you might have a rough idea now that what company you will need for your project.

Are you confused about the type of application requirement for your project? If yes, here are the two majorly categorized apps you must know.

  • Hybrid Apps
  • Native Apps

A Hybrid app is a breed of mobile application which supports both the operating systems, Android and iOS. It provides design and functionality.

On the other hand, a Native app is a type of application which is specifically designed for either Android or iOS.

Can we assume now that you are ready to pick the right team of developers for your project?

Understanding Factors For the location of Company

When it comes to location as a factor then you have three options only.

  • Onshore
  • Nearshore
  • Offshore

Onshore companies are those companies which are located in the same countryside. It is better if you choose the onshore companies. The advantages of onshore companies are same timezones, culture, language, employee, and many more. The communication becomes easier and simpler. They might charge you more for the project, but they are the best options you can adopt.

Nearshore companies are the type of companies based close to your home company. There might be some possibilities of having similar time zones, but it offers work at the cheapest cost.

Offshore defines those companies which are seven oceans away from your home country. The US companies mostly employ developers based in India for the offshore work of their projects.

It is quite obvious that working with nearshore and offshore companies is difficult. You might be afraid to delegate the work to the people you have never met. However, proper and detailed research will let you know how authorized is the company. Not only that if we try then through better communication and collaboration work can gear up slowly and smoothly.

Now let us explore the list of companies and see the top 10 companies of mobile app development.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA

1. WillowTree

WillowTree is a core mobile app development company founded in 2008 by Mr. Tobias Dengel and his team. The company has launched over 500+ mobile applications, websites, and bots. The company WillowTree has the potential to deliver the best quality digital products with full-proof planning and team. It has won many awards and recognition till date for the performance and work culture. Also, WillowTree has a great way of communicating with their clients so the answering process is quite very satisfactory appreciated by clients.

Hourly Rate: $155-199 /hr

Employee Size: 250-999

Founded Year: 2008

2 . MyAppGurus

MyAppGurus was founded in 2018 by the CEO of this company, Mr. Harshal Shah. MyAppGurus has a base of a strong commitment to complete the work with patience, honesty, integrity, and high-quality products. The company has an excellent quality of engineers working in the mobile application domain. It has never lagged behind to fulfill the requirements of almost 250+ clients. This company has the empowerment of about 100+ projects on mobile apps which are highly innovative and creative. It is working on the latest technologies such as React Native and Flutter for Android platforms as well as iOS equally. MyAppGurus has collaborated with several industries that are banking and finance, healthcare, retail, entertainment, and sports.

Hourly Rate: $25/hr

Employee Size: 50-150

Founded Year: 2018

3. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft is a mobile development company of the boutique type. Intellect is a digital transformation consultancy founded by CEO of the company Mr. Michael Minkevisch and his team. The company rooted since 2007 and still continuously working for its clients by providing digital engineering solutions. It has over 10 years of working service with 35 fortune 500 clients. Also, it has almost 6 offices across the globe. The excellence of technology is just undeniable as it works wonderfully for technologies and mainly focused on application development. The best part is Intellectsoft is trying the integration of the technologies with IoT, Blockchain, XR, AI, and UX.

Hourly Rate: $50-199 /hr

Employee Size: 250-999

Founded Year: 2008

4. Dogtown Media

DownDog Media is a mobile app development company founded by Mr. March Ficsher, Mr. Rob Pope, and the team in 2011. It has excellence in designing and development services. The DogTown team has launched over 200 apps and still counting. The team of Dogtown has expertise coders of famous application technologies. Apparently, the company has started working into various other technical domains of AI, augmented reality, IoT, geo-location, mobile-app analytics, multimedia publishing, mobile-photo, and video-technology, and financial services.

Hourly Rate: $100-149 /hr

Employee Size: 10-49

Founded Year: 2011

5. ChopDowg.com

ChopDowg.com  is a software development company owned by Mr. Joshua H. Davidson and his team since 2009. The team has worked from mobile to web applications. Currently integrating their apps with modern technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. ChopDawg has launched 300+ digital products till 2019 and they are planning even more. This team is always ready to take challenges. How? It has collaborated with several companies beginning from startups to Fortune 500.

Hourly Rate: $100-149 /hr

Employee Size: 10-49

Founded Year: 2009

6. Majestyk

Majestyk is an innovative company delivering creative and modern digital solutions. Majestyk was formed in 2011 by Mr. Donald Coolidge (Founder & CEO) and Mr. Sean O’Shea (President). The bonus for this company is they have international partners collaborating with them to think and implement new mobile app development technologies integrating into various latest technology areas. The highly talented team of Majestyk has also won IBM Mobile Developers Watson Challenge and many more.

Hourly Rate: $100-149 /hr

Employee Size: 10-49

Founded Year: 2011

7. itCraft

IT Craft is a software development company founded in the year 2001 by the CEO, Mr. Aleksey Andreychenko and his team. The team is having a specialized working area in Mobile and Web development. IT Craft team comprises of software developers, UX/UI designers and project managers. The growing company has excelled in the latest technologies and completed near about 2,250 projects and still counting to take more challenges. The special domains of IT Craft are mobile and web development along with enhanced working environment for nearshoring as well as it is working upon augmented reality, IoT, Indoor navigation database design. This company works for several clients especially for Healthcare, eCommerce, E-Learning, webshops and many more.

Hourly Rate: $25-49 /hr

Employee Size: 201 - 500

Founded Year: 2001

8. AndPlus

AndPlus is a great company of about 250+ workers situated in Southborough, MA. The company established in the year 2009 by Mr. Sean Mahoney (CEO), Mr. Craig Gosselin (CBO), and the team. The passionate and enthusiastic team of AndPlus is successful as it stands out with the latest technologies for a mobile app as well as web development. The team is working on native and hybrid apps with the integration of new features. AndPlus has specialties in IoT platforms, machine learning, computer vision, Tensor flow, Keras, Core ML, blockchain and augmented reality.

Hourly Rate: $150-199 /hr

Employee Size: 50 - 249

Founded Year: 2009

9. Mercury Development, LLC

Mercury Development, LLC is a high-tech software company with the presence of 20 years of experience in the business and founded in 1999. Mr. Joshua Greenman is the CEO of Mercury Development and his team has the excellence of working in 400+ android and iOS apps. And the proud team has a takeover of about 40 million users of their applications. The team has focused domains on iOS, OS X, Android, and Windows platforms. Also, Mercury Development, LLC  has tie-ups with more than 15 international brands.

Hourly Rate: $50-99 /hr

Employee Size: 50- 214

Founded Year: 1999

10. Cheesecake Labs

Cheesecake Labs was founded by a group of four friends  Mr. Marcello Garcetti (CEO), Marcello Salloum dos Santos (Co-founder), Dyfocus, Alexandre, Marcelo and, Casio in the year 2013. The incredible team of Cheesecake Labs works on mobile and web development. The company doesn’t work as contractors rather believe in partnership with their client. The specialized services which Cheesecake Labs offers easily are mobile and web app development, full-stack engineering, UI/UX design, and decision support.

Hourly Rate: $50-99 /hr

Employee Size: 50- 249

Founded Year: 2013

Here is the end of the checklist, now let us summarise the whole blog.

Grabbing The Best From the List..!

So far we have discussed top 10 and trusted companies with different ideologies and innovative ideas. Discovering these organizations have undoubtedly cleared all the concerns related to mobile development companies. Have you initiated your project for any app? If yes! Then pick the right one from these and begin designing your app soon and earn the popularity of your business in the market.