Top 3 Media colleges in Kolkata with best placement

Best Placement Support Media College In Kolkata

Top 3 Media colleges in Kolkata with best placement

Wednesday September 11, 2019,

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Media college in kolkata with best placement support

Has working in the media and journalism business always been your dream? Well, then you have come to the right place. The media sector is increasingly becoming the hub for people to pursue their dreams. It is the collective space for you to pursue any kind of dream which lies in the media or entertainment sector. Whether you want to be a journalist, film maker, photographer, digital marketing professional, editor or anything else; this is the right course for you.

There is absolutely no shortage of media colleges in Kolkata but you might not know which ones are the one to pursue. Let us help you with that. Here are the top 3 media colleges in Kolkata with solid placement support!

George Group of Colleges

George college

George College is among one of the most prestigious colleges in Kolkata when it comes to their reputation. Over decades they have maintained that placement is their highest priority by providing students with top notch job opportunities. Once you have studied from here, it is guaranteed that you will be given a chance to work among some of the top media houses and companies in the city.

In addition to the 100% placement support, another interesting feature is the level of its courses. It has one of the best journalism courses in Kolkata which you must take if you are an aspiring journalist or news professional. It has some of the best faculties in town and an immensely progressive course module.

SBIHMIT School of Management


The next college we shall be talking about is SBIHMIT which is actually a school of management but has a media science degree. Since, we are emphasizing on the placement capabilities, this institute promises some of the top placements in the city.

Studying here would mean that you are getting exposure among some of the top studios and media houses in Kolkata. And nevertheless, the educational facilities are uncompromised. The media science degree here is very well crafted and embodied with some very top notions of the modern industrial development. This institute thrives on its ability to provide modern day curriculum with contemporary study material to all media enthusiasts.

iLead- Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development


iLead College is another leading media college imparting knowledge in the field of media, journalism and all the various aspects of this sector. This college has tie ups with some of the top companies in the nation and helps you get jobs in them. The placement facilities of iLead are very well spoken of. You can check out their hiring partners on the website itself.

This institute has a wide range of courses for students to choose from in the field of media, entertainment, entrepreneurship and development.

Here were our picks for the top three media colleges based on their placement and educational facilities. Now it is upto you where you wish to study and builds your career. For more information, feel free to click here and we shall guide you further with any doubts and queries.